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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Zed, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Jan 8, 2022
    Probably all the promotional art featuring bare feet:
  2. interregnum

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  3. Qplayer

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    I feel like I got added to an FBI watchlist just for looking at these.
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  4. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    There's being an obsessed hobbyist, then there's being so obsessed you miss your daughter being born and then try to name her after a fish. That poor girl has it rough.
  5. Madoka

    Madoka Silver Supporter

    Episode 2 - the good stuff~
    So true, i laughed at this part but man, not attending your daughters birth and being 5 hours late and then trying to name your kid after a fish, dudes got some issues.

    That being said, i kind of liked the guy (Koi's dad), he is simple and a basic joke but added in well enough to the scene.
    I love the chemistry between them, Kaharu being herself and Koi's buried insecurity of worrying if she is "good enough" to be Hiyori's friend combined with Hiyori's smile, they all just go together so well.

    I really like this show so far, it's weirdly close to feeling like that Backwater show and Yurucamp in a pleasant kind of merging. I dunno, i just love the chill vibes.
  6. Qplayer

    Qplayer Well-Known Member

    We have uncensored sibling handholding. How can Funimation get away with this?

    But seriously this is shaping up to be just as good as my other favorite iyashikei like Girl's Last Tour, Aria, and Laid Back Camp. Best fishing tutorial ever.
  7. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:
    Skips on his daughter being born and shows up hours later and names her after the fish he just caught? That's a really hilarious yet tragic backstory for Koi. That fang though. I'm quite partial to characters with fangs.
  8. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    I dunno if I'm pleased or displeased by the arrival of Koi, but...I'd be lying if I said I didn't really enjoy her insecurity at the arrival of Koharu.

    Two eps in and still having a good time.
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  9. evilneko

    evilneko Silver Supporter

    Koi-chan is adorable and I love her and definitely ship her with Yamahi.
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  10. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 3:
    Man, fishing and feels... I love how this show balances comfy and cuteness with slightly heavy stuff like dealing with loss. I was caught off guard when Koharu started talking about her little brother. Really elevates the show for me. Also, that bit where Hiyori was thinking if her dad would still recognize her got to me too. Good stuff.
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  11. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 3.
    The feels were had.
    I've been in this exact situation, minus the deceased family members. A fishing trip with the new step-parent for a little bonding. So I related here. Got me right where I live.
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  12. Anzion

    Anzion Gold Supporter

    Didn't catch shit because of rain? I mostly only fish when it rains, it's easier to get the fish to bite then, in my experience.
  13. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Easiest post ever, this one, because... was already done for me.

    Plus: in true me fashion, Koi--whom I sort of rejected, last week--might turn out to be my favorite character.

    She's an archetype I tend not to enjoy (the snarky, aloof friend), but I like that she's already got a lot more going on with her character than just being an archetype. (Even if her hot-and-cold relationship with her dad shtick is already wearing thin.)
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  14. Balthasaurus

    Balthasaurus Well-Known Member

    Aw, heck, I reckon I must've become a sucker for shows like this. It's all Yuru Camp's fault for being so damn comfy.

    I watched the first three episodes of this show today. I like it! It's pretty good. Of the three main characters, Koi is my favourite so far, but the other two are still pretty good, and I'm sure they'll grow on me some more as the show goes on. The jokes are pretty good, I'm laughing at least once an episode, and the emotional beats are hitting pretty well, too. I'm gonna keep on watching this one.

    So, yeah, I guess you could say that it's hooked me. Hehe.
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  15. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

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  16. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Right, so...this episode totally snuck up on me, in the end, because I was not having a good time, at first. I just wasn't diggin' the whole first section with the friction between Hiyori and Koharu (though I didn't mind the chat she had with Koi (and her "mrrrrrr" face amused me greatly)) and the cooking and stuff. And, more to the point, I didn't like that, with the resolution during the cooking section, it felt so much like a chapter in the manga (which it undoubtedly was)--by which I mean it felt very much its own mini-story, rather than part of a full episode.

    Meanwhile, everything after it that initially focused on Koi (and her mom and her birthday) and then swept into Hiyori and Koharu getting jobs to make money for an eventual tuna fishing trip was great and flowed together pretty darn seamlessly, making the first part seem even more cut off from the rest of the episode and leaving me wishing they'd just skipped that section and gone straight into Koi meeting with her mom to start the episode.
    Of course, in hindsight, the connecting tissue for the whole episode was the notion that girls aren't typically into fishing, so it's special that Koharu wants to put so much effort into it, regardless of whether it's about the fishing or spending time with Hiyori. But, nice though a coherent theme may be, I don't think that quite makes up for the standalone tone of that section.

    At least, not for my money.
    I mean, Koi's story gave us "The Bunny Prince Goes to Montana," which is just...brilliant.

    Having said all that, the second and third (or second, third, and fourth, depending on whether or not you consider the mom date/birthday party sections to be separate or the same) parts were thoroughly enjoyable, so this is still a solid pick for the season. Which is a pleasant surprise, to be sure.
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  17. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 4:
    Koi's dad ain't perfect but I'm glad he actually cares for his family and there's more to him than being a fishing maniac. I still think he could be a better father though.

    Tanned onee-san seems like an interesting addition to the cast.

    Also, last week we had Koharu comparing roasting fish to burning people at the stake and now she's comparing the head of a tuna to severed head trophies. Like what the fuck, Koharu. Morbid much?
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  18. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    That's a great catch. (No pun intended.) It'll be interesting to see if this pattern continues--and, if it does, if it's representative of a deeper pain underlying the cheery exterior of our boisterous fishing greenhorn.
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  19. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 4.
    Clearly these girls just need to visit the south. Plenty of girls who like fishing down here.

    Also, Koi's mom is a certified MILF.
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  20. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 5:

    Poor Futaba. This is kinda... ugh. Typical Japanese conformity. Stand out a little and you'll be a target for life. But fudge them. At least she got Hiyori as her friend now and I hope hanging out with her and Koharu will make her more confident about her hobbies.

    I really appreciate how this show is blending serious feels with the CGDCT aspects.

    Also, Namero we meet again! I just watched Takeshi Takeshima's Kiwami meshi's Namero Gyoza video last night and now this show is also featuring it but in its regular and proper form.

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