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    All true manly men know that you have to make the bear square up before you take your shot to make sure you're facing your enemy honestly and to make it extra dangerous. It's also the reason everyone aims for the tiniest and hardest to hit target possible.

    I think the real problem with John is he enjoys he murderin' a bit too much.
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    The fact that some of these dogs have collars leads me to leave there are bereaved owners in nearby neighborhoods. I guess they all up and decided to form a pack and hunt larger animals again, effectively undoing the result of 1000s of years of evolution in the procsss.
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    Yep, I love shows like this so I was really excited that I was able to join ya'll ^_^

    I feel like no one ever tells Daisuke's mom what he's up to and his dad seems to do whatever the grandpa goes with. I enjoy that the grandpa went from like, super badass bear hunter to passing the torch to Daisuke and TOTALLY passing over Daisuke's dad. Unless maybe he's not the old man's son and instead married the old man's daughter. Hmmmm. I can't recall if we've been given clues to those relationship dynamics or not.

    If someone told me that my son was going around, stealing bows from the town doctor, shooting bears, trading in his snowmobile for a bow, I'd be pissed and shut that down likes, yesterday. Also I'm not ENTIRELY sure the guy in that show actually AGREED to trade Daisuke that bow. That entire scene looked a whole lot like stealing to me XD
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    Episode 6:

    Bows are cooler than riffles anyway.

    I'm kind of glad this is shifting focus to the animals because they're much more interesting than the human characters. Even if they act nothing like animals at this point. Akakabuto is now even building an army of lieutenants to protect his territory.

    The humans do seem like they need to doggos to raise up and protect them from the rising bear menace. There are like three different bears out there infamous enough to have names and humanity just has shitty hunting rifles that can't penetrate shit. A wild rag tag pack of dogs under the influence of a charismatic leader is really the only hope. They can even pick a bear down to its bare bones in less than a day.

    Gramps really needs to just stay his ass in the hospital. He can't just keep dramatically showing up places and immediately dramatically fainting. It's probably bad for his heart or something.

    I think what I love most is how seriously this show takes itself despite how stupid most of it is. It's the right kind of dumb over the top.
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    Episode 6
    What Jaws did for sharks, this show must have done for bears. It's really painting them as evil killing machines, not big fraidy cats that you can make go away by waving a broom against them. Or speaking politely, if you're Canadian.

    It looks like the humans are just bit players caught up in the great wild dogs vs. mountain bears conflict. It's like they're the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. It's bonkers, and I love it. Suddenly, Akakabuto is, at least by bear standards, a strategic mastermind.

    "Gin felt the strong blick at himself". Yeah, someone forgot to translate that Swedish word into "look". Sadly, the domain shown in the opening credits seems defunct now. Skogsmulle, is of course, basically a mascot character designed to make kids appreciate nature.
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    Episode 7:


    Nonsense. Owls flight is silent. lol

    FKN John can teleport XD That animation tho.

    You gotta love that updraft that's apparently strong enough to make a young akita fly, this show is gold.

    Man ya'll don't know how badly I want to skip ahead and watch episode 8 XD It's getting so good and that's totally Rikki.

    But I'll wait......I'll try really hard to wait lol.
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    So this seems to be the direction the series wants to stick with. Sure, I guess. I'll miss the humans but it's worth a shot. Gin and John really do take after their masters since they seem to have pretty much the exact same voice.
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    Posted by Gens on Feb 11, 2019


    Pretty sure the subbers are really just fucking with us. ARE YOU GODDAMN SERIOUS. Man, I still like this show but fuck these meme subs, it really isn't funny. Just annoying.
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    Episode 7:

    Are you even a real male, bruh? If you're a real male you'd do something suicidal, stupid and impossible to prove yourself.

    Dogs are disappointingly anachronistic and human in their social norms.

    The episode is more dumb fun. However, it still sucks for one simple reason. I refuse to imagine John speaking in anything but a hoity toity British accent.
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    I mean......that sounds about right lol
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    Episode 8:

    The recap not being translated into English had me worried lol but it looks like it's fine.

    Woot indeed.

    WTF is this? XD there was a whole section before this that wasn't translated and now this.


    It seems Riki has no memory of Gin? But his ear flicked when someone said his name the first time so maybe he's testing him. I guess we'll see, I don't remember.

    I love how every 3rd or 4th sentence isn't translated at all.

    I flat out refuse to believe that was the actual line XD


    I think this translator should have spent more time translating lines and less time trying to be sassy. Wtf indeed lol


    So Riki lost his memories. That's pretty believable since he took such a fall. Looks like there are dogs in the pack that want to overthrow the leader. I'm ready to see where their adventure will take them from here. Poor Daisuke isn't going to know where he dog went and I'm sure he won't take it well. It was probably good that Gin didn't tell him mom about Riki.

    I hope the subs get better from here lol
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    Judging by that evil-as-fuck looking dog's intentions, we're in for an Lion King-esque insurrection eventually, or at least an attempt at that. A shame that John had to bow out. All he wants is to fuck up some bears, and nothing to do with all this "running around looking for allies" shit. Nah the only ally he seems to need is his master's sniper. Though it would have been cool to have a confidant to tag along with as he gets used to the pack.

    The real story of this episode though was the subtitles, I can live with some meme subs (though I'd really prefer not to), but outright not translating relevant pieces of dialog into English for an English subtitling project is the most frustrating part.
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    Well whatever story was behind the meme subs of episode 8 is now behind us since we're back to business as usual. All the way down to the font.

    Normally I'd question the decision to abandon a trio of puppies in a dangerous, but considering how they were vicious enough to maul a snake to death back when they still ought to have been drinking their mother's milk, they're odds weren't too badly stacked against them. I also wouldn't want such monsters in my house.

    Ben really did a damn good job of displaying the importance of strong neck muscles. Those demon dogs seem to like strangling to kill, and he just fucking tanked for the longest time like nothing. Those aren't just for show.
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    So much sexist doggo discrimination SMFH. Seems like some doggos needs to get off their self-righteous high dogs, calling Cross just a bitch. I WON'T STAND FOR DIS.

    Also, Ben really is the best. What is he even made out of? Titanium?

    The subs are back to normal, and I can breathe a sigh of relief too.
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    Episode 8:

    I can say I certainly wasn't expecting this show to turn into Game of Thrones with dogs.

    I too wish John had stuck around for a bit longer to provide some balance to Gin getting lost in this weird kingdom of runaway dogs. Although I suppose John would have gotten into to many fights because he'd not have any part of this hierarchy among dogs bullshit. He'll never accept anyone, but doc as his master. I do like that before he left he had a bit of a bonding moment with Gin.
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    Episode 7
    Damn talking dogs, telling Gin to scamper back home. And damn John, trying to assert his dominance, but ending up looking like a remora. I thought you were cooler than this, what with your knot tying and understanding of commands in English. The roaming pack are just a bunch of posturing macho bros with bad unit cohesion and narrow views of masculinity. What a bunch of assholes.

    It's almost like this is a story about humans in animal form now. I actually liked it better when they had humans to contrast with. It was a reverse Transformers situation (Transformers notoriously gets shittier the more human interaction there is).

    Of course, the real cool characters are the bears. They possess cunning beyond animal ken, but they're still vicious murder machines that just want to rip everything to pieces.

    The wind jump was seriously wussy. Gin was just lucky there was a gust of wind to carry him over. Meh.

    Platoons and shit? I rest my case. These are just a bunch of sexists in doggy fur.

    Episode 8
    At first, I saw that the recap was subtitled in Finnish and was rightfully psyched for not being able to understand anything, but alas, it was mostly a mix of shitty memes and almost English after that. It was pretty easy to understand the context when the Finnish subs plopped back in every now and then.

    Damn family reunion this episode. BUT WILL SILVER FANG'S LINEAGE BE RECOGNISED? "He should recognise me because he saw me for 1 second before he fell down to his apparent death!". Get over yourself, kid.

    This is some French Foreign Legion outfit, about leaving your past behind and just serving the cause for whatever reason.

    John doesn't need other dogs, because his master has a rifle! Unlike those other weak masters without guns! I give him a life expectancy of nine more episodes.
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    Having already seen this, even though I've forgotten A LOT of what happens, I do remember some things so it's going to be fun re-learning how exactly things play out and watching you all react to them along with me.

    Episode 9:

    At least this episode was properly translated lol

    Gin's terrible training sure came in handy. I'm glad they got the 3 devil dogs on their side and are on their way to meet this Moss doggo.

    I've always been curious about something though. The 3 devil dogs are obviously tiger stripes and in the beginning of the show Daisuke goes OH AND ON about how gin is a tiger stripe and that means he'll be a good bear dog with no fear etc. but Gin's tiger stripes disappear quite early on and now he's all silver which goes along with his name, sure, but I 'd always wondered why it seemed they gave up on him having the tiger stripes. I wonder if it was because he's the main character so he's stand out better? He is the only dog with his exact coloration we've seen thus far. Maybe the tiger stripes would have made him blend in more....who knows lol.

    Our little gin is growing into and even better and better fighter too. That other dog could barely keep up with all his jumping around.
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    Kaiji is right, this is some real game of thrones shizniz, game of thrones between doggos. DEATH AND BETRAYAL, DOUBLE CROSSES AND TRAPS AT EVERY CORNER.

    Such drama. That devious shitfuck sniper setting Ben up. I hope he gets fucking mauled to death by a bear and gets his just deserts.

    I'm loving the hell out of this.
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    Sniper may be a total asswipe but, ngl that flying paw strike of death was pretty dope. I guess since he's here he was probably tailing Ben's team for a while. I do hope Gin will have wisened up should they exchange bites again, so he emasculate can that piece of shit of a commander.

    And Ben getting buried is a tough price for a dumb misunderstanding, oh and some mob dogs were killed too I guess.
  20. OneCraftyLady

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    Watching this every morning is like, my favorite part of my day now.

    Episode 10:

    MAN, they're losing dogs faster than they are recruiting them.

    I hope Ben isn't really dead but it's hard to survive boulders.

    Fuck Sniper and Hyena D:<

    I was also very amused by Snipers glowing paw kick that can apparently kill with one boop to the head lol

    I liked Ben, I don't want ben to be dead. T_T

    Besides Gin, I think Cross is my favorite of the dogs. I've always been fond of characters like her, a strong female who hangs out with the guys as if she was one.

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