Show me your kitties! *The A-P Pet Thread*

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NarkyOtic, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Claptrap

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    His name is Milton. It's 1. kind of an obscure reference - Talos Principle reference to a nihilistic AI with a bitter view on humanity, but also I just think it's 2. a cute old man name that suits a cat tbqh. so it doubles!

    apparently the little guy was living in a greenhouse. he's got a bit of brown hair up top, but I think he might be slightly rusty (i learnt that black cats can rust with too much sun recently and it's really interesting to me haha). his mom is a feral cat who is being spayed and rereleased

    info on that black cat rusting, if curious

    he purrs even when he hears someone's voice, so he's quite a sweet boy
  2. Starletka

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    Loved me the Talos Principle, and the name is a great choice :)
  3. Claptrap

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    i'm actually really happy to see someone does get the reference haha. and thank you!
  4. Franconator

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    Does anyone have any tips for properly bathing a cat?

    My dad recently took in a stray kitten and we've started to raise her like our own. She's a lot healthier now than she was before and she claws her way up everything and tries to sneak up on us when she thinks we're not looking and we love her for it, but she screams when you so much as wet her with something. Like, really screams, you'd think we were trying to maim her or something when we really just want her clean.

    We've tried dipping her gently in a tub of lukewarm water, but she still tries to claw her way out of our hands when she sees what we're trying to do to her. She's a smart kitty. She knows what kind of pick me ups we do to her, if it's a pick me up to play or if it's a pick me up to go take a bath. So when she knows we're trying to do the latter, she makes herself heavier on purpose or else tries to run away. Is there a gentler way we can show her that the water isn't out to kill her and that it's okay to get a little wet sometimes?
  5. renorxukuth

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  6. LangForest

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    i’m not sure if the picture will post, but i recently got a kitten! we’re not sure what breed he is because the father was a neighborhood cat, but he has extra toes :) his name is Juju and he’s about 8 weeks old
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    Since he's a feisty little fellow, you can call him good Juju when he's good, and bad Juju when he's bad- this was a brilliant naming strategy.

    Ohhhh, so cute! Omg, it's adorable! I love little stripey gray/brown tabbies the best. Looks like there may be a long-haired parent in the mix.

    You can use imgur to upload photos, but this worked fine.
  9. azratun002

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    I don't have one...not a dog, not a nothing :crying:
  10. Starletka

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    Look at that adorable kitten! ♥
  11. UniversalParanoia1

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    ADORABLE! I wish I could have a cat but my mom is allergic :crying:
  12. Jet

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Your cat is too photogenic! This made my day.

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