Should I Continue "World Trigger" with the Manga? (Would be my first!)

Discussion in 'Manga Recommendations' started by Mentat1231, Jun 9, 2021.

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    So, I watched the first 73 episodes of World Trigger and then it went on hiatus. I have never read a manga in my life, and I keep looking for the best one to get started with. Do you think continuing World Trigger through the manga would be a good way to get into reading manga? Should I start it over from the beginning or just pick up where the anime left off? Or should I start a totally different series (please suggest some!) and wait for World Trigger's anime to continue?
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    My dude, there is a second season

    Also I dont see why not jump into manga with World Trigger. Seems fine to me. Jumping in where the anime left or from the start should not mater. Manga often has details moved around so it might be a bit confusing jumping into the middle, but not much.
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    Posted by apoc9 on Jun 10, 2021
    There is the second season already, but you can pickup manga at the point where it ends. I've watched both seasons and read the manga up the latest JP release. The manga is mostly same, except in the first season there is a filler arc, which isn't in the manga. If you already like the anime it's unlikely to be disappointed in the manga version or you can try something completely different. Even some manga which has not been adapted into anime yet. Here it depends on what kind of stories you like (action, comedy, romance, isekai, ecchi, etc.)

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