Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

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  1. RavenheartN1Anime

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    Halfway through. It's one of those "I have time, lets watch this"-Anime. It turns out this, for me, is a contender for the best Anime of the season.
    Don't tag me on how you disagree.
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  2. BurntJelly

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    No comment.
    Well... that was drop-tier boring.
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  3. birdlandmemories

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    Episode 8
    Pros: I did not leave a review for episode 7 since it was essentially filler, and episode 8 gets us back on track to the main story. Adel is finally revealed as a traitor, and that peace between the 2 kingdoms is totaled. We now look forward to what should be an upcoming battle between the 2 kingdoms, and how that will impact the growing interaction between the Queen of Light and the Prince of Darkness. I assume now the remaining episodes will focus on the main story as well.

    Con: Well, the 2 previous episodes as stated were pointless. I feel bad for the small group of people shipping Adel and Cima together after the last episode. So much for that. When you factor in the filler episodes it does make Adel's betrayal seem very out of place. As for the episode itself, it was an improvement I guess. There has been one thing that annoys me about this point of the story though, and it annoyed me in the gacha version as well. Faios is distrustful of the Kingdom of Light after Adel's betrayal. Alright, that makes sense. But why does he berate the Prince who prevented an assassination attempt against the queen? Shouldn't he be thankful to the prince for preventing something that would've thrown the "balance" into even more catastrophe?
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  4. MrLolo

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    Iris and the prince of darkness alone...then nine months later

    ...Little Nicky was born


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  5. birdlandmemories

    birdlandmemories Active Member

    Even though I left my overall review already, I'll still finish the series and review each individual episode.

    Episode 9
    Pros: This was the best episode in a while, and it's no surprise that it coincided with the half and half format returning. That was one of the strengths of the first 4 episodes. We also see that the main antagonist will be the King of Darkness himself, and this episode sets the stage for the upcoming battle.

    Cons: The dialogue one again was awkward, and it's arguably getting worse with each episode. The Kingdom of Light's half was quite boring, and a lot of scenes, especially the ones with Cima seem to have been thrown out there with no purpose.
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  6. birdlandmemories

    birdlandmemories Active Member

    Episode 10
    . This review will be lacking in quality.

    Pros: The love subplot between the Prince of Darkness and Groza reached its conclusion. The Kingdom of Light's half was a bit all over the place with some unexplained subplots (The Faios and Alantia scene was a bit out of nowhere), but it was for once better than the Kingdom of Darkness's half.

    Cons: This anime really drags thing out. The Kingdom of Darkness's half featured the first 3 minutes just repeating what we already saw in the previous episode. The battles themselves. The battles against the chaotic neutral monsters were uninteresting.
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  7. RavenheartN1Anime

    RavenheartN1Anime Well-Known Member

    Damn, it was all a prequel to the game.
    I... I quite enjoyed it. Solid 4.5/10. Really wish it was 24 episodes long.
    Please let there be a season 2. Please?
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  8. birdlandmemories

    birdlandmemories Active Member

    Episode 12
    (I forgot to do a review for episode 11, but to summarize it was mediocre with none of the fights being any good.

    Pros for Episode 12: It followed the source material. That's it.

    Cons: Wow was the ending rushed. That pacing was awful. Second, there were many comparisons to Romeo and Juliet after the first episode, and those comparisons were spot on. We got to see essentially none of the King of Darkness, we got no conclusion to Vallus's and Faios's fight, which I guess doesn't matter since the whole series ended with one self destruct, and the dialogue was as bad as ever. Oh, and that cheesy power up the Prince of Darkness got out of nowhere turned out to be insignificant.

    Overall: I gave this series a 3/10 in my overall review, and even that might be generous. This was forgettable, boring, and a huge letdown. The music is the only thing this series has going for it. It has no rewatchability, and I would not recommend it to anyone.
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  9. Aerythrin

    Aerythrin Active Member

    This anime is the okayest okay to ever okay. Know what I mean? It's inoffensive, and I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't go insane and claw their eyes out if they had to watch it under duress.
    But that was about all of its redeeming factors for me. It needed more love, it needed more episodes. Things happened, but I didn't really care. The ending was clearly supposed to be sad (then poignant) but I really didn't care because 12 episodes in the way they were spent weren't enough to make me invested in the characters, nor the story.
    Let's talk about Adel. Leaving him on my love list for now because his betrayal seemed so out of place. I knew it was probably coming because someone in Funimation comments section seemed surprised that he was on the protagonist's side, honestly thought they'd just revamped his place in the narrative because he seemed so friendly, he was starting to crush on Sheama, he participated in the wild greens why? There wasn't even any foreshadowing. He was just nice, then he wasn't.
    But that's a general problem with this anime I think. Characters do stuff because the story says so, whether it makes sense or not.
    I didn't have majorly high hopes for this apart from as a time killer, but somehow it still managed to come beneath them.
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  10. xovpkxo

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    Season 2 please!
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  11. ZeroHour2099

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    Sorry for saying this, but the show was a massive disappointment!
    For one thing, the Prince of Darkness didn't even have an actual name.
    Second, the whole Romeo and Juliet vibe is so overdone.
    And lastly, the ending was just straight up terrible. I mean, both the lands of light and dark as well as all the people in them perished is just a lazy terrible ending!
  12. JordanJas

    JordanJas Database Moderator Bronze Supporter

    Watched this for an EDS and ABC groupwatch.

    Here is another stop on the Jordan can't choose good groupwatches tour. I had to force myself to watch this show. The only episode I liked is when they were sharing the food of the two kingdoms, but may just be because I am a foodie.

    Every other aspect was lackluster. The story was boring and the Ending sucked. 100% not worth the watch.
  13. Beth0410

    Beth0410 Well-Known Member

    Here for EDS groupwatch

    Seeing them get along was the only fun part about it. I also didn't care for the rush ending.

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