She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man.

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Hoozuki, May 26, 2020.

  1. redoverthebed

    redoverthebed New Member

    I also kinda liked the silent montage vibe at the end.

    The rest of the episode was pretty brutally bad though. I don't understand who sat down and thought this would make a good first episode. I don't know where the story is going completely, but I had hoped to see some "trust me guys I'm really him" comedy and a vague semblance of the stakes for the series being established...
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  2. Aetherloutz

    Aetherloutz Active Member

    i saw the first ep on some places classified as "special preview" and it was online for some time that might explain why its so weird.

    Now i wonder if it was a mistake on the sites i saw it, or something is already going worng on the anime schedule and they lunched it as first ep.
  3. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Yeah, 2 episodes is enough. This show sucks. Redneck out.

    1 out of 5.
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  4. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:

    This is certainly better than the first episode but this still sucks sweaty donkey balls. It's a slog. Boring characters, didn't even properly explain the isekai shit and the god-awful CG. And what's worse we're going to see a lot of this CG stuff because the MC is a summoner.

    I usually have a high tolerance for these kinds of shows but this one is a real stinker. Can't even last three eps.

  5. Shimejii

    Shimejii New Member

    They straight up Butchered this. Whomever greenlit the CG in this needs to Never be allowed to work in Anime again and should go back to working on Playstation 2 indie games. STOP USING THIS KIND OF CG ITS AWFUL AND DOES NOT HELP.

    The story is just way more cringe then in the manga, i suppose if this was okayed by the author this is what they meant to do it but holy fuck is it terrible.

    Also still doing the really stupid "Wind Cutter magic" wind cannot cut stuff like that, please stop doing it. Its not a pressurized blast nor is it sharp, please stop doing this awful and dumb trope.

    Would highly reccomend a skip, dont ever bother it will not be getting a 2nd season.
  6. evilneko

    evilneko Silver Supporter

    I'll give it one more ep. Maybe.
  7. KrypticAeon

    KrypticAeon New Member

    This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. The first episode is a bad CG fest, followed by the last third of it having zero dialogue. Then skipping all the way to her meeting the king at the start of the next episode. By the time I was done watching episode one, it was really difficult to believe that this show wasn't satire. It's not. Go read the manga instead. If you already have, don't let this show ruin the series for you. Save yourself and respect your time, do not watch.
  8. Shortylynnchaos

    Shortylynnchaos New Member

    Started watching eps 1 and got about 15-20 mins in where I just decided, Hey I'm done and straight up dropped it
    The transitions between scenes are clunky and terrible, they arent smooth so you feel like your getting jolted around and constantly fed information that is only confusing since the world isnt fully explained, though enough to kind of understand what is happening.
    I get that they tried to explain the world with what little time they had but honestly that fight scene with the old man and SHITE CG is what did me in. I like my CG in anime, I also enjoy RWBY obviously, as my PFP shows which is fully CGI. But when its literally showing every little movement in a robotic format, I cant see it seriously. Its a MAJOR turn off for an anime for me personally. And then reading through these comments I see the last 5 mins is literally no voice acting at all.... Why, you talked SO MUCH at the beginning??? I am only confused.
    I never met the main protagonist either. Just wow this is a bad anime, I'd be surprised if it gets a second season at this rate
  9. Qplayer

    Qplayer Well-Known Member

    I'm done with this show. I have a review all written up but I'll have to wait until I can post a site review. There's really no excuse for an anime this bad to be made. If the product that you create is this bad then it shouldn't have been made at all. This is an insult to the source material and animation as a medium. 1/10 would not recommend.
  10. featherstone

    featherstone Well-Known Member

    Remove the gender bender trope (it's seldomly used here), and you'll receive another generic mmo anime. Watched 4 eps and it's not totally bad, but it has nothing to hold me with. I'm a bit sad since I thought it will get better at some point
  11. Kindanoob1664

    Kindanoob1664 New Member

    I wish they didn’t screw up the anime so bad. I get it’s another isekai anime, but this was a series that I was really looking forward to being animated, then they throw out this shit.
  12. Energyzer

    Energyzer New Member

    this show is missing the overpowered main char tag
  13. RavenheartN1Anime

    RavenheartN1Anime Well-Known Member

    Should change the title to "I Changed My Sex, But Everyone Else Remained Incompetent"
    It's almost on Shitphone levels of boring....
  14. Wellker

    Wellker New Member

    i feel like yalls discussion hate train over-hated a bit, it aint too bad. the CGI aint even the worst ive seen, its just mid. also anyone who basically comes into an isekai anime to say "Uhm actually, that isn't realistic :crying:" i have the obligation to clown on

    Edit: i do agree the pilot episode (episode 1) is pretty dog shit tho
  15. nicksaur

    nicksaur New Member

    even thow it was a slow show it was cute for what it was .
    they made it look like when the main character changed genders and took on as one of the characters say was a innocent form that was a missed opportunity to get to know this worlds religious groups as they find out this powerful and innocent mage apears .
    could have been a set up for a funny episode or 2 of them running away from fanatics or finding out she has a few of those people worship her to make that part of the show more then just a random set up but over all it was a nice show and seemed to be building up to something .
    i hope theres a season 2 to see where the demon army build up runs too and if they make that fancy cup
  16. Xnub

    Xnub Active Member

    Posted by Xnub on May 9, 2022
    CGI animation and fights were bad. No notable characters beside the MC. Pacing was not great and the montage at the start really cut over a lot of wasted opportunities lol.

    Had a few cute moments and the summoner thing is neat so maybe a bit higher rating, but i am probably being generous on this one.

    2.5-3/5 Its probably on the lower end
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