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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mariopepper, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. QueenSkull

    QueenSkull Well-Known Member

    I am in university now and I am considering dropping out.
    I hate the word dropping out when referred to me, but I guess that is what it is. I just don't think studying in the UK was the right choice for me. It's either that or my luck has run out. I think it's both.
    Previous school experiences has been quite mixed, but I only remember the good stuff now when I think of it. When I think of it in depth, that's when the worse stuff comes to mind.
    Rn I am in quite a horrible mental space that doesn't suit my surroundings, I feel. I am not in the right head space, and I just want to go back to my country. But at the same time, I don't want to go back because I don't know waht I would do. So there is a lot I need to sort out before I can make the final call.
    It's all stressing me very much out. Worst case scenario, I'll try and complete this year. I think I want to try and go bakc home after the first term so that the cost of the school doesn't get that much. (Hopefully)
    All of this just makes me wanna disappear. I have never ever not had an idea of what to do. I have always had a plan, or a form of one.
    I don't like where I am headed and I feel like a complete failure.
    I want to keep living in the UK cus I want to be able to say that I lived there for 3 years, and I am also looking for houses with my friends and it just breaks my heart the thought of not being able to experience that.
  2. kellyon

    kellyon Active Member

    My parents were immigrants and really valued an education, or so they thought. What they actually pushed, however, was grades. And from a young age I was obsessed with the number to such a degree that when opportunities to take bigger challenges presented themselves, I passed on them because nothing scarred me more than making mistakes and receiving worse grades
  3. Gingers

    Gingers New Member

    It was cake, I had no real responsibilities, and a lot of freedom. Would do it again. I'm planning to apply to college this year. I have found info about Best college cities. Hope I'll become a student in one of them in the near future.
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  4. Piersfraser

    Piersfraser New Member

    In different periods at school I was changing and becoming another person. At the beginning I was studying well and I never had problems at school. Then I moved to a private school and I had a very good experience with new friends and amazing teachers. When I was I high school, I was kind of bad boy and always against the system, a nightmare for teachers and dream for girls lol. Now I am studying arts at the university and I have a huge art scholarship which I found on, so I have a lot of money and no complains.
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  5. Echovald

    Echovald New Member

    School for me was smooth overall academically, never needed to study and did well. On the social side, I was, unfortunately, redistricted a bunch, and would lose all my friends every 2 or 3 years until I got to high school. Unfortunately, everyone in high school knew my mother as their substitute teacher in middle school, so I became "that teacher's son" before I even met anyone. Compared to the rest of my school time, I hated high school. I'd consider myself 'popular' in middle school, but high school was full of pricks and I had to work hard against my presupposed label. Toward the last years of high school, I made an acceptable group of buds, but I grew to strongly dislike the majority of my other classmates.

    I suppose now, being back in university, that university counts as school as well. I tend not to associate with the majority of the college types, and just get through my classes while holding my breath.
  6. yellowcup

    yellowcup New Member

    Would you like me to share my experience of going to university? School years were my favorite period. I studied well and thought that there should be no problems with entering the university, I prepared all the documents, but I was not accepted because of a bad personal statement. I was so upset, but decided to try to enter another university and already ordered a personal application from the specialists Professionals quickly and efficiently made a personal statement for me that won the admissions committee. And now I am a student.
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  7. Jet

    Jet Active Member

    Posted by Jet on Sep 13, 2020
    School was awesome. The best part of my life, really. Was young and felt like the world belonged to me. Could use that adventurous spirit and limitless imagination nowadays. So many memories.
    I wasn't a good student. Tended to slack off and skipped homework all the time. Was a bit of a hooligan as well. Would lift some gals skirt, brawl with a fella, tell jokes in the mid of a class. School was a place to have fun for me. Hang out with mates all the time, chilled and played all kinds of games. Would go play Quake after classes sometimes. Or soccer, snowballs, war with toy guns and plastic bullets, etc. I remember, all my birthdays were epic events with 20-50kids in attendance. And that's what I had strived for on every day basis as well lol. Guess, I was trouble, but not of an unruly sort, coz was brought up stricter than you'd think. Basically, teachers and almost any adults were figures of absolute authority to me. Could run on some roofs or occasionally vandalise stuff, but couldn't ignore adults. So I was often in line too.
    Was bullied extensively in the latter part of mid school. Beat up some guy, who started it first (I fought A LOT as a kid, as in many times a day). So he gathered some tougher than him fellas and ganged up on me later on. Since I was considered a brawny one at the time, they felt exhilarated apparently, so did it a couple more times. That guy paid at start, but got out of hand, with everyone having fun. So over a dozen of big lads started trampling over me on regular basis. Fought back at the start. Caught the original ringleader and messed him up pretty badly a couple of times. He'd just get angrier and more determined to make my life hell every time. I could manage him 1on1 any time, but it's not like I was the best fighter around. There were 2-3guys I lost to usually as well. Not that they joined up into this (was below them thankfully). Just saying that my never absinfluence was never absolute. Well, over a year of constant humiliation passed and I lost all dignity and will to resist in the end. Like would literally crawl under someone's feet to be spared a couple of times. It ended pretty suddenly too. We just grew up and stopped fighting altogether somewhere in junior high. My bully apologized profusely later on, but I didn't forgive to his great displeasure at the time. What can I say? It was my right.
    But yeah, school could be rough and could be fun. Was life in miniature. I managed to break some classmates nose in the first grade. Someone hit me on the head so hard, that I had a concussion couple of years afterwards. Lots of horseplay went on all the time. Some guy went part blind in the eye due to our war games. Lots of guys were present, he took it like a champ, complained to no one, but ended up in a hospital for few months... Childhood could be scary, but was so invigorating all the same.
    Uni offered absurd freedom. With postgraduate studies providing EVEN MORE freedom. Was great too, lots of partying, dancing, getting drunk, discussing philosophy, but it wasn't the same. Adulthood with all the responsibilities and dismal routine was catching up hard. Everything was becoming trite too. And I've always been that type, who wishes to be younger regardless of the age. Like I remember envying kids in the early kindergarten group, when I was about to go school soon.
  8. Pinksaddy

    Pinksaddy New Member

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  9. yellowcup

    yellowcup New Member

    I have so many pleasant memories associated with school. School is the most carefree and enjoyable time for the entire period of study in my life. In the college, a blockage began in writing essays. I don't like it the most and always buy them at assignment help uk And even get good marks for it. And it was good at school - friends, physical education and a lot of rest.
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  10. TheNuisance1

    TheNuisance1 Member

    Hated secondary school and not really keen on college lol
  11. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Some of my choices in middle school weren't exactly smart ones. Plus I'd only open up to a few specific people during my first two years of high school. But moving back to New York did wonders for my last two years of high school. I think college is a different story though.
  12. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Database Moderator

    School experiences are a mixed bag for me. I had some fun times and others not so much.
    Now, since everyone is sharing both past and current experiences. It's time to drop my problems on the table, shall we?
    Regarding my current studies, I just feel insecure about everything. I constantly feel that I don't measure up, or that I don't have the qualifications that they ask of me. I have had thoughts like dropping out but, then I fear the disappointment that I will bring for doing that.
    I made a choice based on what was best in my country, and since I didn't have any sort of upstanding talent I couldn't chase a dream like other people. I guess it's kind of sad.
    Welp that's enough of my sad life, so I'll stop there :sweat:
  13. AsheyBoi

    AsheyBoi Member

    I'm not out of middle school yet but I can't stand going through five more years with these people. Half of the "popular" girls are two-faced b-words, the "popular" guys watch porn already, it's fricken middle school, also getting told by them " Your Gay" . Like boy the correct term is pansexual. Then you have the teachers who don't accept late homework even if you weren't there to get it because you had the flu. Not to mention the kid who personally makes it his job to make my life even more miserable, and the people who I thought were my "friends" but twisted my words to make my other real friends hate me. Not only that but Anxiety is making me feel like I can't trust any of my friends, and the homework is just piling up every day. And NOT to mention the fact that I live in an area of judmental, homophobic, and transphobic people, and NOW I have a different gender Identity so, I just can't WAIT to be treated like a piece of garbage for that. 90% of the other kids there are untrustworthy jerks, who think its funny to moan in the middle of class. I have no idea what is wrong with half the kids in my school, but whatever it is, it's not good. Not to mention those pushy parents trying to get me to apply for scholorships already, I know they love me but I'm just a kid and that much pressure is way to much. Not only that but the ONE AMAZING art school in my area sent me an email wanting me to apply, but of course parents are divorced in the worst situation and I can't go because my dad lives in an entirely different state. So no doing what I pour my heart and soul into. If middle school is this bad I'm terrified for highschool.
    Anyways how was your day?
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  14. MisaTyan

    MisaTyan New Member

    At school, I was a diligent student and studied at excellent grades. After that, I decided to enter a medical university and write a personal statement for admission. This statement turned out to be an overwhelming task for me, and I turned to for help. These guys did an excellent job in short days. I think that I will continue to work with this service.
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  15. bwoop

    bwoop Active Member

    Posted by bwoop on Dec 11, 2020
    For me, being in middle school while taking highschool and college classes is really tough. I somehow manage to keep my grades 95% and above but I really struggle to keep my mental health in check because of it.
  16. AnarchistKaos

    AnarchistKaos New Member

    I moved a lot (Like almost once per year) so I was always the new kid, I was also pretty shy and quiet and while not diagnosed at the time suffering from a severe mental illness that I'd rather not disclose, add to that other things like being a huge nerd that aced every subject, being the shortest kid in all the school even when I was like in 3rd semester of High School and that I was very sexually ambiguous and it was basically a complete disaster, I was constantly bullied, I had no friends because by the time I had severe trust issues since I had some really bad experiences with "friends" that made me really weary.

    The combination of all those factors ended up on me having a horrifying mental breakdown in the middle of a class during 3rd Semester of High School and I ended up only going back to school for two weeks and then never going back since I became horribly self-conscious and paranoid over what people thought of me, especially once they started saying I was crazy and was going to murder all of them one day, which was really hurtful and made me feel really bad, so I started working and moved out of my parents house shortly after, I guess I probably should finish High School but I'm just very depressed and have no motivation at all.
  17. illuminatibg

    illuminatibg Member

    I think I had pretty normal school experience:

    Study: Well, I almost always had high grades, but not on everything. Certain subjects (like math, biology, chemistry) were interesting, some were utter waste of time (literature), some would have been good if not for the teachers. My high school was specialized, so we had a lot more of the subjects I liked (analogue and digital electronics for example). I hated homework, though. My school time is my school time, and my free time is my free time, doing school things in free time is terrible.

    Social: I wasn't particularly social and especially in my high school we had social groups in class - there were a group that sold drugs, a racist groups, the girls (only 4 of them in the whole class) was in separate group, there were three groups whose interests I could not determine. Those groups formed naturally by people's interests. I just happen to be in one of those social groups, we were not the bottom, nor the top of the class (average), nor we had anything in particular, just going with buddies drinking alcohol (sometimes between classes) and general partying, but never did something borderline criminal, unlike some other groups from our class.

    Overall it is not bad. If I had to do it again, I would prefer not to, but I will not find it hell or something. Well, of course 90s Eastern Europe school is one of a lifetime experience, if you attend school in my home country now, it would feel far more normal somehow. People are less tolerant to students selling drugs, or having sex in the school toilets, or attend classes tipsy or drunk. Not that you had to do this things back in my days, only certain social groups did them, not all of them. Perhaps if you search deep enough you might find some deep Russian province with schools like that maybe.
  18. Maddiemouse

    Maddiemouse Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t say my high school experience was amazing, but it also wasn’t bad either. I was able to meet some incredible friends that have made my life 100000x better, most of the teachers were good and genuinely cared about their jobs, and the classes prepared me for a lot of what I was learning in college. However, I did not enjoy going to school back then.
  19. kellyon

    kellyon Active Member

    In college I combined work and study but it was great time. I met so many friends and found the way how to overcome all obstacles. I'm glad that I found cheap custom writing service that helped me with all paper work and saved my time. Thanks to these guys I god good grades in English.
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