Seven Senses of the Re'Union

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, May 24, 2018.

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    Posted by Zed60K on May 24, 2018
    What a spooky premise, I could almost smell Brynhildr in the Darkness in it, except it might be even more uninspired.
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  3. Shikiya

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    Of course, where would anime industry be at without a bad LN anime per season?
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  4. ZetsubouKaiji

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    More like three or four bad LN adaptations every season. They're multiplying like cancer.
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  5. Toy

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    Posted by Toy on Jul 5, 2018
    I have no strong opinions about this so far, the CG was bad, but the overall production, while plain, was kinda cute. I also find the premise interesting on the idea of a roguelike MMO by itself. Reminds me of the short time I played Wizardry online, which unfortunately has long since been shut down. The story could be fairly interesting, and the characters could end up being a compelling cast. Unfortunately I doubt the show's action will be, so if you're looking for that, or an anime deeply exploring the MMO genre, this isn't that. (Although, that could change, and I do find the ideas for this fictitious MMO interesting so far, just in a "how would this play out as a game" sort of way.)

    Edit: Oh shit, I forgot to mention, I'm really curious to see what the backstory of the game itself is. There seems to be some weird corporate backing behind this game, and something about this game can measure some sort of business aptitude? That particularly seems interesting, especially given how casually it was just dropped. Then later mentioned by some throw away characters.
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  6. q66

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    Posted by q66 on Jul 5, 2018
    episode 1:

    super dumb, also too bland to be a shitwatch, so basically i already forgot everything about this and won't bother any further
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  7. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jul 5, 2018
    I found it kind of bland, tbh. I’m left not really caring too much about

    why the dead girl/character is in the chest.

    I feel like time was wasted in the beginning telling me how awesome the Subaru group was that could have been more time actually spent with them and maybe try harder to get me to care about them.

    I don’t really see a good reason to come back.
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  8. Muckman

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    Posted by Muckman on Jul 5, 2018
    It's Sword Anohana Online, and it's absolutely terrible. I've never hated a show as much as I do this one by the end of its first episode. I hate it so much I couldn't even keep it to myself like I normally would, I *literally* cannot contain my hatred for it. Don't watch it.
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  9. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 5, 2018
    Episode 1

    I have no idea what I'm watching.
    Seriously, no fucking clue.

    I'm not kidding, I don't know what this shit-tier looking shit is. With shit lookin dragon, shit-looking characters, shit-generic named quest, Lightning Guild instead of xXx_Dank Weed 360 Gam3rz_xXx

    No shit Leader does that shit.

    Wait, is this Mon- Dragon Quest? That made is using a whip.

    A dream... what?
    The fuck is this OP ass shit.

    Those PKs are fucking dumb as shit.

    This had better not go back in time to how he formed his party and shit.
    And look at this guy, using a regular length sword like his is swinging low.

    Seven... Senses of the Reunion?
    What the literal fuck is this?


    Her saying Clive made me crack a smile.

    Whose this mage chick? Ha-cha-cha!

    I swear, if this fuckweed acts like some virgin cuck who never talked romance to a girl who is so crushing on his bones- oh, right. It's that kind of show.

    Blondie is in Denmark. Respect for playing in Japan time. I play some online games and some people I play with are on the other side of the world, like one of them European Countries or South-East Asia.

    I feel like that missing a minute here or there means I don't miss anything.

    Dis ho gon break the bond and shit of the group.

    I can't read lips but I think she confessed or something. You had your chance with the hot mage dumbfuck.

    Preparation is half the battle.

    So, Blue likes Future Gal and Mage likes MC, but MC and Future are being too chummy.

    Ok, I read the synopsis somewhat and Future Gal is the one that died. I mean, even a blind man could see that. She's chummy with MC.

    This is some predictable ass shit.

    OHKO, but she's a mage type, and he's the tank of the group, or tankiest. Let him tank it.

    It's easier to blame one guy.

    So disappointed that she's dead.

    Where is this, Korea?

    Look at this little Glasses-wearing shitbird. Man, fuck this bitch.

    Moping, and this shit has more hardware than my sitty laptop.

    Dude is starting from the bottom? This is some shit-tier shit for returning players.
    And that is some WOW armour.

    Now it's interesting, game is hardcore roguelike.

    This guy is such a wet blanket.

    Yeaaaaaaah, dat cleavage bounce!

    These pussies are backliners, they shouldn't fear.

    I take that back, these pussies are straight n00bs.

    It's the thief's ability to open shit.
    How is a fighter a thief in opening shit?

    Her being in the chest is pretty interesting.

    Why is if it's fantasy and shit, the MC is some OP ass mofo?

    And I would so PK noobs.

    That's about it, but those people are young as shit.
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  10. Scalpelexis

    Scalpelexis Database Moderator

    Episode 1

    Oh, no, shit, here we go. I know it already: I am going to hate this so much. I hate SAO and this is even more boring and blander than SAO! The only saving grace would be a mystery/investigation why the girl is alive in the game, but I do not expect anything too miraculous. People call it Anohana, which I do understand and which one I didn't like either. Yeah, the loterry is coming for me this time.

    The thing is: I would love to write about it more, but there is simply nothing else to say!

    @GenSan !!!!! You are going to pay for this!!

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  11. OneCraftyLady

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    Episode 1

    I don't appreciate that ugly AF dragon being the first thing we see.

    I hate to say it but the more they show this CG dragon the more I feel like it's not the WORST thing I've ever seen but I've also seen way better.

    But man, an isekai anime about people playing an MMO? This is so original and not over played. Plus the addition that once you die in the game you're character is gone for good, so original, so ground breaking, never seen anything like it before. *drips with sarcasm until she becomes nothing but a furiously quivering puddle* So original....never seen

    *coughs and pulls self together as if nothing happened*
    Artistically, so far, the CG is CG and ehhhh it's not the WORST but I'm really into the way the're doing the characters eyes and I'm not even sure I can point out exactly WHY I like it as much as I do, but I'm digging it.

    *drips more sarcasm allover the floor* Oh noooo their friend's character died in the game and then she died in REAL LIFE?! How crazy and unexpected! Truly a ground breaking never thought of before concept, I hope that later she doesn't turn up inside the game as a spirit or something that'd be so weird and unheard offfff.


    Why can't he make his own damned eggs? He seems like an able bodied young man, why's this person who looks younger than him making him eggs, make your own damned eggs.

    He didn't even fucking eat them.

    Pleroma sounds like a disease.


    How predictable. I don't know why I signed up for this stupid Lottery Game, I don't want to watch all these isekei! *weeps*

    It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen but it was predictable as shit and underwhelming. Complete with Sword Gai-esque CG graphics. Here's hoping I won't be this bored through the rest of it and that it's only 12 episodes long.
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  12. TurkeyGami

    TurkeyGami Well-Known Member

    i sorta think it looks good. doesnt surprise me based on the studio. i mean world building and writing wise yeah it doesnt look good at all but id be lying if i said it didnt look prettier than most generic SAO ripoff stuff. In fact I'd say these chars look better than SAO's. :/

    That dragon... not a terrible cgi dragon the more you look at it, it's cartoony enough to look like it belongs in a video game style thing. Saw a clip of it.

    Still, don't want another SAO clone. Not even lerche's prettiness can fix the inherent genericness of video game isekai.

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  13. Cherstal

    Cherstal Well-Known Member

    This show's gonna be a real pain. It isn't good enough to enjoy normally, but it isn't bad enough to enjoy as something to rip on for kicks. Subaru's in that large swath of generic, barely adequate shows.

    Right off the bat we got that CGI dragon. Were we supposed to think that dragon was a tough boss? Because it hardly looked like it. The thing barely moved and made almost no attempt to attack the players. And when it died it just kinda.... fell over? I think? The angle was really bad so I couldn't tell.

    Also, iF YOU DIE IN THE GAME, YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE!!! HOW INTERESTING!!! I really hope they explain why she actually died when the game isn't supposed to kill people (just saying "she had a heart attack" is not enough).

    Not really expecting much on the plot side of things. They've already set up the "you killed her!!" drama and the potential love square BS, and honestly neither seemed all that interesting.

    The only thing I was actually curious about was the idea that only certain people who have "sense" (ugh, what a pun) can play the game. Like, I wonder what exactly constitutes having sense (besides not watching this anime). Also I liked that one blonde kid. He's cliche but the "snarky kid" archetype is one of my favorites, and his power was somewhat unique.
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  14. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    Edge is where you least expect it... -Shikiya, before he clawed his throat out after watching this shit

    ep 1

    CG dragon from the very beginning was an ill omen, and by golly, it was accurate.

    First few minutes, it went through every cliche of mmorpg by introducing the jobs of the legendary party. It was an action scene, but they did a wonderful job of making it boring.

    Then, I saw the oozing drama and friendship of the party, and just as I was contemplating it being better off as an edgefest where each of members turn against and fight each other, battle royale style, THAT happened, which was of course a total ripoff of end of SAO arc 1.
    It was neither overly edgy nor shocking, but i did make me wonder where this is going.

    'The Sense.' What a name.
    The extra members were probably meant to be a foil for the protagonist, and while they pissed me off quite a bit, the protagonist remained the same kiriro-ripoff in my mind as before.
    And the girl in the box. What a surprise.

    Now, while I can't disagree that it has similar settings as anohana, I buy Anohana quite highly for their pathos impact. And so far, rpg + pathos feels like eating sugary mint gum and bitter dark chocolate ice cream at the same time. Plebs might consider that a treat, but I certainly dislike it so far.

    This time around, lottery is tossing me around like a sack of fish.
  15. LinkSword


    I could barely watch the whole PV. My heart goes out to Shikiya and the rest of valiant warriors subjecting themselves to this.
  16. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 1:

    No, just no.

    The episode lulled me a bit at the start. The first half wasn't anything remarkable, but it was a fine set up for an MMO type of anime. Then the chick dies and the episode takes a nose dive into stupid drama and even dumber world building.

    The chick dying in the real world right after dying in the game was hilarious enough, then everyone blaming the main character was the shit cherry on top of the shit sundae. Of course him finding her alive in the game at the end probably means the company running the game kidnapped her for some fuckery or something, but that's even dumber.

    Just what the fuck is this game? Now it can only be played by people with special powers and it's used by some mega corporation to pick its future executives. That is fuckin ridiclous. It's like this is taking place in some weird retarded dystopian future.

    The powers characters have is all over the map and it would be impossible to balance such a stupid system.

    Usually it's @Tents that gets the worst of the lottery picks, but this was by far worse than both Demon Lord and Island.
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  17. Dinomoto

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    I may get slaughtered for saying this, but I'm getting Anohana vibes from this.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Jul 7, 2018
    No one slaughtered the other folks who said it so you’re probably safe.
  19. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    I would have expected a bit better from Lerche, but still not bad.
    I figured gun-loli would be trapped in-game. I guess that keeps it interesting enough.

    This appears to be something of a SAO clone.
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  20. pudzianchan

    pudzianchan Active Member

    Oh God, this fucking show.
    I don't normally watch trainwrecks, but this one I might. At least a for little more.

    Judging from other posts I'm in minority, but first episode was beautifully bad.
    So much generic bullshit I can't keep a track of it and then something happens – on of the party members dies in a game.
    Now at this point I got bit exited. Unlike anything up to this point, this wasn't generic at all. This might be interesting. Imagine group wanting to both keep playing together but being unable to do so. I want to see what they do next. So many possibilities…

    Nope, she ded. Skip 6 years and go back into the game only special people can play.

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