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Discuss anything pertaining to multiple series, or anime as a whole, here. Things like series comparisons, industry news and other assorted discussions regarding anime all go in this section. Any discussion that pertains to one certain anime goes in Specific Anime Discussion.

Recommendation Threads
Do not post recommendation threads; the Anime Recommendation Database (AniRec) on this site exists to answer these questions. If you can't find a certain anime, let us know and we'll work on getting it added. Otherwise, please use the AniRec to find what you're looking for.

Also, do not respond to any such threads by offering recommendations. These posts will be edited or deleted when the thread is locked. Posts explaining ways the anirec may be used to find what is being asked for (i.e. useful tags, etc.) are perfectly fine.

If you've looked up recommendations but can't decide which of a few series you should watch first, you can ask that.

Anime Acquiring or Downloads
Discussing where to download anime or where you can watch it online is not allowed.

You must mark anything that might be considered a spoiler with a spoiler tag. In order to add a tag, just type:

Stuff here

Everyone has their own opinions; respect them, and they'll respect you. Debating and constructive criticism is fine, flaming is not.
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