Seasonal challenges FAQ: how will 'ongoing' series count when it ends?

Discussion in 'Challenge Discussion' started by sothis, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Mar 17, 2018
    This is a work in progress still, and we will continue to refine this process as more challenges end, and based on feedback/experience.

    The Winter challenge will end soon - what credit will you get when it's over? What about ongoing series? See the FAQ below. This same process will apply to all challenges (yearly, seasonal, etc), though by the time the yearly challenges end we will probably have refined this process further.

    How is my score calculated when a challenge ends?

    At midnight on the challenge end date, we will snapshot your list, and the "current episode" count of all titles in the challenge. If your count matches the current episode count, it will show up as "completed". The same will be true for manga - we will compare vols or chapters with your values. We aren't sure yet if we will apply this logic for yearly challenges.

    After the snapshot is completed, your challenge data will not change. Meaning if you update the episode count, change status, etc, after the challenge is over, your final challenge page will still show the score you had when we snapshotted.

    The challenge ends in PST timezone. Pay attention to the "hours left" time on the challenge page if you aren't sure how it aligns with your timezone.

    Do I get credit for ongoing series when the challenge ends?

    Yes, if your episode count matches the current episode count for the ongoing anime or manga when the challenge ends (or vols/chs for manga).

    I'll always be 1 episode behind because I am not a CR premium member. I assume I won't get credit for the challenge?

    You will! Because this will be a common problem with seasonal titles, we will count a series as "completed" if even you are 1 episode behind, but only one episode behind.

    I watch simuldubs but they are 3-4 weeks delayed, will those count?

    We do not support this scenario at this time. Allowing an extra month to finish seasonal challenges basically means a third of the next challenge can be used for the previous challenge, which isn't ideal. But we will continue to investigate if there's anything we can do to make this problem better.

    The only way around this currently is to update your episode count to the total available, and then change it back after the challenge snapshot is taken. If you plan on keeping up with the simuldubs and will be done in a few weeks, there's no harm in showing that you 'completed' them in the spirit of the challenge :)

    Is there a way to see how many series I'll have as "completed" before the challenge ends?

    We don't currently have a way for you to see your total score with the "-1 episode" calculation applied. We are looking at designing a new 'score' area for seasonal challenges that will help with this, before the summer season starts (as the current dango levels aren't helpful for seasonal challenges anyways)
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    Thanks, this helped a bunch
  3. OdysseusSupreme

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  4. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Dec 24, 2018
    Moved this into challenge discussion and pinned, since the subject comes up each time we near the end of a challenge.
  5. cbsgoju

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    Posted by cbsgoju on Jan 1, 2019
    So I guess it was decided that yearly challenges don't have ongoing counted? I see that it counted for the anime, but not the manga.
  6. sothis

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  7. Apolline

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    Please link to this FAQ in every challenge. I didn't understand how the Winter challenge worked because I didn't know how you counted ongoing series -- reading made me understand the point of +Ep :/ -- let alone the very existence of a more defined set of rules and this FAQ.
  8. MichelleSedai

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    Very helpful, thanks for this. Also, I'm a simuldub watcher and totally understand when it doesn't count towards a seasonal challenge, but I'm oddly happy just to see it acknowledged here, so at least I must not be the only dub fan if that makes the FAQ. ;)
  9. enb

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    Posted by enb on Sep 27, 2019
    Thanks a million. This summer anime challenge is the first one I've taken seriously and I've had just this question. With only 3 days left, It's been worrying me a little bit.
  10. MangaBliss

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    Thank you so much. It’s my first time joining a seasonal challenge and this answered all my questions.
  11. kris10xy

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    Damn wish I got back on earlier so I could've joined the challenge. guessing its too late now.
  12. Grizz

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    Posted by Grizz on Mar 30, 2020
    Theres a challenge every anime season and one every year for both anime and manga, so there should always be one to join.
  13. CrimsonKiss

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    What will happen now to spring 2020 challenge, that many series were delayed?
  14. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Nothing should change - if a series is delayed, the season will be changed as well, so that series won't have counted for the challenge anyways
  15. TearDrop408

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    So if all the series someone is currently watching for the spring challenge get delayed because of covid-19 you'll get 0 anime credits? Or will days be added to the timeline for the challenge to be able to get to more anime available?
  16. Nicknames

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    You'll still get points for those shows if you're up to date with them.
  17. Kuba88

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    Posted by Kuba88 on Sep 7, 2020
    Bro sorry for this method
    Please send me web when i can see anime on English online))
  18. MangaBliss

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    How does this work for a Netflix original series such as "Great Pretender"? Netflix only has 14 episodes listed but there are a total of 23.
  19. Grizz

    Grizz Database Moderator

    Its not currently fesiable for us to make exceptions to all the irregular cases that exist sadly.

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