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    Posted by chii on Sep 22, 2016
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    This is going to be an interesting show. You don't normally see relationships like this.

    I know it's taboo to do this but I'm hoping for a specific ending and holding my breath that it's a good show.

    At first, I thought the echii/fan service cliche of a show would be there. The girl is actually in love with her brother. The boy is actually in love with his sister. They use each other. The scenes are graphic and its the male that's the one doing all the stuff, using and abusing the girl. Or it's just pure raunchy crap to sit and watch for 12 ep.

    But we get something different.

    We have Hanabi who is in love with her brother. A brother who is actually from a diff family but close enough to be considered one. THAT is very rare in this type of show. Then you have Mugi. Same position, however we don't know how the relationship is just yet. It's assumed it's the same as Hanabi.

    The issue they have, the love is one-sided. Sadly, their love interests like each other. This leads us to find out that the two form a "non-sexual" pact. Friends with benefits without the sex. Again, something you don't normally see in this type of anime.

    Well, at first I thought it was going to be a raunchy show. There would be a nipple here, moaning there, blurred out nudity. But I was slapped in the face with something much more amazing.

    At one point you are presented with what should be the start to something hot and heavy.

    But what you get is something much more.

    For me, HOPE!!!!

    In this one episode, I was drawn in, made uncomfortable, chose sides, cheered and locked my couples theories. I was committed and ready for more. The animation, soundtrack, and the storyline had me hooked. Not to mention the nice addition of comedy. Not too much. Just right.

    After the first episode, I wanted to know more. I wanted to see these two struggle, identify their feelings, and, in the very end, eventually see their false feelings turn into real love.

    So, with one down, I'm locking in my vote for these two to get together in the very end after a long and hard journey.

    Here's to praying for a strong season and a potential true couple. Let the dark, heart string cutting journey begin.

    And now for my theories.

    What the hell does this mean?
    Could this be another girl that could be the third wheel and ruin things? Could she also like Hanabi's brother?
    Or does this mean he will also be the "support" for that girl as well and have to decide on one in the end?
    And those XXXX? WTF?
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    Posted by Gens on Jan 11, 2017
    I have basically 0 interest in this title at all. From what I've heard about it, it just sounds like it's going to be pretty edgy, and melodramatic. The fanservice-y aspect also sounds pretty horrible, so that's pretty much more than enough for me to give it a pass.
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    From what I've been reading in other forums, it appears this is going to be a rather dark anime that aims to mess you up at the end. Still something that I like to watch. I've got the popcorn and Asahi beer ready to go.
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    Episode 1

    Yup, there's no better show to watch during a break than this one [/s]

    Things went from 0 to 100 real fast, and I didn't expect them to almost bang by the end of the episode


    That aside it was an ok episode. It was fairly slow-paced and the narrative style reminded me a lot of Makoto Shinkai films. I'll keep watching it to see where it goes (inb4 the main girl goes full yandere on her neighbour).
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    EP 2

    So she likes him as well? Childhood friend turns princess cause she overheard a grownup say that. Hmm, I can see where this is going.

    Oh look. Friend asking for love advice.

    Aww, sleepover. Girlt talk and.....and.....huh? Wait....wha.....HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That ending escilated so fast. I honestly didn't expect that to happen. Yes, I knew she had a crush on her but damn.

    At first I was like

    But then I was like

    Did those flashbacks indicate that he already had sex with her? Does this mean he's holding out that bit of info from her? WTF is going on?
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    Episode 2

    At first I was dreading the inclusing of that annoying "princess" girl, until I saw Hanabi put her in her place twice. That was cool.
    The best part was the end of the episode though. Even if we could see from miles away that Ecchan was gay for Hanabi, no one would have thought it'd escalate so quickly. After all, what could go wrong if you go to a sleepover at your crush's house? (I hope you took notes from this KyoAni).

    Man, this looks like it's going to end in a trainwreck and I can't wait to see it.

    Given the kind of show Scum's Wish is, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually happened.
  8. Teophan

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    EP 3

    This episode made me feel so much. The transitions were all over the place. At first, I though the somewhat high-level sexual content was going to be in the way, but it worked so well. So much to type from this episode alone.....

    I really don't need to explain much on this episode as I'm going to spend more time on what I think will happen...I mean come on. It's what I do.


    The fact that in just 3 episodes you see that she actually develops feelings for Mugi to the point that she feels comfortable around him in THAT manner. That she thinks about him. That she actually wants to love him.

    Until Hanabi finds the cold hard truth, twice, that he's not there....hopefully yet. That he only sees her as a replacement.Unlike her, he thinks only of his first love. But she has developed a second.

    What does she do? How does she handle this? Does she sulk? Does she mourn the loss of something that could have been? FUCK NO!!! She grabs that challenge by the balls and kicks it. She goes straight to Akane and confronts her out of anger and, what I think is jealousy for Mugi not giving her and form of love.

    But Mugi's love interest turns out to be something that I kinda had a feeling about when I saw this.

    The first thing I thought was

    Until I saw this.....
    I mean, only a few things could happen. She could reveal her true self, threaten her, blackmail her, or beat the crap out of her. OR, Hanabi could try and do the same. Either way, her meeting Akane isn't the real issue.

    Let's not forget that you can hear a lot of the music room from next door. That means that Hanabi might try to get Mugi and/or Narumi in there to show Akane's true colors. This could lead us into a crap ton of paths.

    One, Narumi sees how Mugi reacts, finds out he loves her, and that turns into something else.

    Hanabi leads only Narumi into the back room to show him how she really is, hoping he would ignore Agane and go to her instead. That or it backfires and he closes his heart to everyone.

    Hanabi leads Mugi in to show him how she really is so he could focus on her, he takes it bad and it goes downhill from there. Or he gets angry at her for showing him this, etc.

    My head is a mess trying to stop with all the predictions. But damn...what a show.
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    Episode 3

    I'm glad they animated a bit of the sleepover (which btw, it ended up being the most awkward sleepover I've ever seen in anime) as well as giving a bit of backstory to Ecchan. I especially liked how they showed how Ecchan was having a harder time holding her impulses until Hanabi asked her about her crush and she couldn't hold it anymore. It actually gave more weight to the ending of the previous episode, which otherwise would have been brushed off as gratitous yuri fanservice.
    It seems the girl we saw in the previous episode was a former classmate of Mugi and not the teacher. I actually prefer this since it makes more sense, and also gives us more info about Mugi. Though this makes me wonder why would he try to make a purely physical relationship with another girl after getting burnt becuase his feelings got in the way. He should have learnt his lesson and move on instead of doing it again but this time with Hanabi.
    Talking about Hanabi, I'm surprised it took 3 episodes for her to develop feeling for Mugi since most shows take their sweet time to do so. Sadly for her Mugi is fixated on his teacher to the point of tricking himself into believing his teacher was talking to a former student of her last night (either that or he's just blind).
    The best part was the ending though. When Hanabi said "this is hatred" and confronted Akane I knew shit is getting real. Akane is definitely hiding something nasty and this is definitely going to end bad in one way or another.

    By the way, I swear I'll fangasm if Chopin starts playing during the "meeting" in the music room.

    It's a pity there are no more regulars watching this show. There's a lot to discuss about it and the thread feels kinda lonely with just two people posting.
  10. Teophan

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    Damn. I knew having that break for a month or two would kick me out of the running to be considered a regular....:crying:

    ain't nothing wrong with that.

    I totally agree. However, I feel that the blonde girl broke Mugi. She was the straw that broke the camels back and set Mugi on the path to only like Akane. By having that secret "friends with benefits" relationship that turned out to be nothing more than an"I'm going to use you and toss you away", he killed off his emotions to only one woman. When he saw Hanabi and the way she was, he reacted by doing to Hanabe what blondie did to him. It's just that Mugi still doesn't understand that he is probably experiencing emotions not towards Akane but to Hanabi and refuses to believe that. This is making him becom somewhat delusional and confusing his true feelings. This also means that only something traumatic will snap him out of it. Even if that means losing Hanabi in whatever way possible.

    I'm glad you noticed/felt that way as well. Three episodes is insane. As for the rest of your comment, see above.

    See previous post.

    Hmm, I think it should be something more.....umm....emotional. Like Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata.

    Better yet,Mozart - Lacrimosa as everything unfolds and Mugi and the other guy find out how crazy Akane is. Maybe throw in Hanabi's hidden confession that everyone but Mugi gets and we spend the rest of the show seeing Hanabi trying to show Mugi the truth of his feelings by getting hurt each time. Eventually giving up when Mugi finally day too late......I need to make a manga.
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    To be fair, I consider a regular any active user who has been around for at least a month. Anyway I don't know why I said "regular" when I actually meant users. I guess I shouldn't post at midnight while being sleepy

    I know, but the deeper it is the better =P

    That made me think of a possible prediction (which may or may not be influenced by Brother, Dear Brother).

    Hanabi and Akane meet in the teacher room, Hanabi asks Akane for the truth and some explanation, Akane plays fool and makes Hanabi angrier, the argument seems to no end and Akane makes up an excuse to leave the music room, Hanabi loses it and pushes Akane downstairs. Then either Mugi, Ecchan, or Onii-chan (I don't remember his name) appear and see what Hanabi has done.

    I guess that depends on how we are perceiving the upcoming confrontation. To me it's going to be a really heated argument that will end bad in one way or another instead of something more calculated like dragging Mugi or the teacher close to the music room, and I picked something from Chopin mostly because Akane is a pianist. On second thoughts, Lacrimosa (or this other piece from Chopin) could fit better than the one I mentioned.
  12. LinkSword


    After the first episode, in that guy from Futurama's words, ''I have no strong feelings one way or the other''. All I know is that so far the production itself is top notch, but I feel as though it'll take a while to determine whether this show has been worth watching or not. That's because the main characters themselves are hard to like in any way but also evoke some empathy, so it's a zero sum in that regard. To me it all depends on how they choose to approach the subject and how they flesh out the themes branching off of it within the ten or so remaining episodes.
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    Might pick this up if you're feeling more positive about it after a couple of episodes.
  14. Teophan

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    EP 4

    I don't even know if I have anything to write down after this ep.
    It's like the show is more about her now. Mugi wasn't even in it. The relationship that she pretty much killed by sleeping with her friend....didn't see that coming. As for the music room and who Akane really was, didn't see that one as well.

    What really threw me off was how Akane suggested she was just like her. And what does she do after Akane makes that assumption? Sleeps with her best friend to use her. Scum to the max. This gets more and more deeper and messed up with each ep.

    I wonder how Mugi is going to deal with all this. I'm sure Akane is going to use him to damage her even more. Dear god I hope Mugi snaps out of it soon.
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    Posted by Fumze on Feb 3, 2017
    Randomly stopping by.....

    I thought it was made pretty clear in episode 3 what kind of woman Akane is (a bitch) and now they just showed a little bit about her past.

    Anyhow, liking this show. I'm kind of sucker for stuff like this so yeah...
    Probably my favorite this season so far.
  16. Nicknames

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    Episode 4

    Whoa, Akane's level of bitchiness is on another level. One thing would be to sleep with different men out of necessity/just because you love sex that much, but to do it becuase you love seeing the girls interested on your "target" suffer is plain douchebaggery (and losing interest quickly once there's no one else interested on the guy just makes her even worse). Btw I wonder if I'm the only one who got reminded of Hisoka from HxH during the backstory, because I couldn't help but think of him at times.

    I kinda feel bad for Narumi though. He's just an innocent dude who ended up falling for the shittiest member of the cast just because she reminded him of his late mother. It's as if they grabbed the MC of a shoujo manga and tossed him into this mess.

    I was kinda bothered Hanabi didn't ring Mugi's bell. I mean, I can understand her reasoning but Mugi needs to open his eyes and know the kind of person Akane is and the pact they have is the perfect excuse to do so.

    The scene with Ecchan gave me a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand it was quite intense (This was pretty much me during that scene) while on the other it was really unconfortable with how Ecchan forced herself into Hanabi while she was vulnerable (and Hanabi's passiveness didn't help). I had to remind myself that Hanabi and Mugi aren't in a relationship to avoid feeling like I'm watching a NTR anime. Anyway you can say Ecchan fucked up (pun intended) her friendship with Hanabi.

    Last but not least, I like Hanabi's conscience.

    PS: This made me lol

    Well yeah, but one wouldn't have guessed her motivations would be so shitty.
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  17. Teophan

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    But didn't know the extent of said bitch.
    FYI, that ain't no bitch. That's straight up nasty. So she deliberately goes after other women's happiness via stealing their men as a form of pleasure? Damn. The part that shocked me was how she pretty much said Hanabi is just like her. And what does Hanabi do? The same thing. Use someone else to gain pleasure.

    What I want to know is how long till Hanabi embraces this full on or fights it to try and/or save her and Mugi.
  18. Nicknames

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    To be precise, what Hanabi was seeking was emotional comfort, not pleasure. She initially went to Mugi's house since, as harsh as it sounds, that's what he's for, but at the last minute she decides to not do it to avoid wrecking his feelings. Then Ecchan appeared, threw herself at Hanabi, and Hanabi just rolled with it since she still needed support. Very little would have changed if it was Mugi instead of Ecchan like she has always been doing (aside of not making the viewers feel like shit of course)

    I doubt Hanabi would go full-on bitch like Akane since she despises unwanted attention unlike Akane who pretty much lives for it. What I do expect her to do is to fight back so hard she'd not be aware of how many people she has been accidentally hurting in the process.

    On another note, I forgot to mention this screenshot is great.
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    Posted by chii on Feb 3, 2017
    finally caught up with this

    don't have much to add to the discussion here but loving this show.
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    Posted by Jehowi on Feb 3, 2017
    This show deserves more love and attention.

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