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Discussion in 'Anime Recommendations' started by MythTheOtaku, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Alright so I am in a huge dilemma I have NO clue what I want to watch like the only things I can think of is I don't want to watch a romance right now and I don't watch ongoing shows and I like to watch shows with either 12-26 episodes because I sometimes can't stay attached to a show longer than that (some exceptions ofc but not in the mood for a super long series right now) if you are wondering if I have any standards I love shows with good openings because it makes me pumped for the show but I don't exactly need it just want a good watch I am very easy to please but I am not a big fan of "plot" anime where story doesn't matter at all please shower me with suggestions so I can watch something T.T
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    You seem to have watched some of my fave! Try these:

    B: The Beginning: Action/mystery/sci-fi genre. It's only 12 episodes, but it's really interesting... you have to find out who is the real villian at the end (similar to Erased, Terror in Resonance..etc). The animation is great too.

    The Legends of Legendary Heroes: Action/magic. The animation is great, amazing dub, & interesting story. It has 26 episodes, undertone romance (not the focus at all).
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    my recs: - action-packed, glorious bloody battles, shitty, more-or-less absent animation, riveting story - fantasy, adventure - isekai where an adventuring party starts from zero, and (very) slowly learns to work as a team and take down foes stronger than lvl 1 goblins. lots of drama, a real tearjerker - get a look at how a military genius outwits his opponents on various battlefields. some political intrigue also, i believe. also some romance but i don't think it was the focus... - hilarious isekai parody

    with non-specific requests such as this, it's always best to just conduct a search though, with the appropriate filters. please check out the link below too...
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    Yeah I know but I am very weird I like to hear what others think esp. when an anime kills me from watching more for awhile which is why I asked here and the problem is I have a bunch of stuff I want to watch but I have so much to watch Idk what to watch first
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    Very insightful. Thank you @RogueLynx

    The context for that statement is that it strikes me as disingenuous for someone to request for assistance when he's seen over 150 anime series by this point, (I've only seen 180) been a member for nearly two years, and has bewildering/paradoxical ratings system, and already has most--if not all--the recommendations in this thread on his PTW. Even if he's specifically addressed this latter issue; he's still had to have come across every one of these recommendations at some point and added it to his profile.

    If we're allowed to help, I'm assuming we're also allowed to politely scrutinize.
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    @blitzburns4 You're being too aggressive. These threads are for making recommendations and explaining why someone might want to watch certain shows. We're not here to call anyone out for how they rate anime. Please refrain from comments like these and stay on topic. Thanks.
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    Posted by sothis on Aug 14, 2019
    It's also a Code of Conduct violation in several ways. @blitzburns4 please familiarize yourself with the full doc:
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