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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. chii

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    Posted by chii on Nov 6, 2017
  2. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jan 6, 2018
    I didn't know what this was when I started watching. At first I thought it was an interestingly animated fantasy show about Cinnamon Roll Empires or something. Turns out it's just yaoi bait. And I'm not into that...I-it's not like I like Felix Argyle and Astolfo or anything...baka.
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  3. randomredneck

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    Episode 1.
    Boy, his granny is nicer than mine. I talked that way to my granny once. She made me walk over to her so she could slap me.

    Anyway, this dude is a putz. Nothing wrong with liking adorable stuff.
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  4. Starra

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    Posted by Starra on Jan 7, 2018
    This is art.

    Also, Mizuno Yuu is cute.
  5. Iwareddo

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    I... don't know what to think. To be honest, after seeing how he yelled at his grandma, I was expecting something like that - hello regret my old friend.
    I did not expect I would actually cry, though.
    I believe it's because I went through the same stuff when I was younger and I know what he's feeling, but... crying... man, I am so weak.

    I will probably watch it, just out of curiosity.

    I am, however, disappointed. Very disappointed. No one has Keroppi as their favourite, I feel betrayed.
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  6. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for a Retsuko myself.
  7. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    This guy whines too much. I'm out.

    1 out of 5.
  8. Good show about men learning how to get in touch with their feelings so far. There needs to be more stuff like this.

    Also, My Melo and Kitty are the best <3
  9. Starra

    Starra Database Moderator

    Posted by Starra on Jan 18, 2018
    This is certainly a lot gayer than I expected it to be. Hell yes.

    Mizuno Yuu is a good boy and I love him a lot. Kouta's whatever and I'm unsure about the others (although I love the dynamic between Yuu and Shunsuke lol) but we'll see. This is a lot better than I anticipated. I'm all about shows that encourage the breaking of social norms as well.
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  10. YES, it's so much gayer than I thought. Maybe not as much as I hoped, but I'm not sure Sanrio would sign off on that...

    Yuu is so good, and honestly, I feel so bad for him considering how much of a jerk his sister is. Plus, anybody that loves MyMelo is good in my book.

    And yeah, it's pretty uncommon for anime to embrace young men breaking out of societal expectations, at least in this capacity. I had a hard time growing up being a guy into Sanrio and pink stuff, and it's honestly a sort-of emotional experience seeing a show tell young men that it's okay to be like that. I wish I'd had this show growing up!
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  11. Rin27

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    Posted by Rin27 on Jan 25, 2018
    Honestly, I thought it would be an upbeat happy-go-lucky anime about the daily lives of high schoolers who like Sanrio but instead it's a drama that tackles family issues and the expectations of growing up in this society. All this sudden angst. Not that I'm complaining, I mean it's good. I also lowkey wish for Kouta to have filled his room to the brim with Pompompurin merch at the end of the show but we'll see. ;)
  12. Starra

    Starra Database Moderator

    Episode 6:
    I'm glad Ryou stopped being a whiny bitch but honestly I don't like him at all. Don't care about Seiichirou much either, but that's just his character type more than anything specific lol.

    Yuu continues to be best boy. Character of the season potentially, too.
  13. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    I just wanted some 'cute boys doing cute things' show, but all I got was a ham-fisted teen drama. They are cute, but damn.. that angst was unexpected.
  14. YukiDream

    YukiDream New Member

    I wonder who the guy with the piercings is that appeared in the last episode. They focused a bit on him but I don't recognize him at all! Does anyone know?
  15. XPrincessJellyfishX

    XPrincessJellyfishX New Member

    My guess is that if they do a second season he would be a boy that likes Kuromi. But this is just my guess.
  16. ariannakoala

    ariannakoala New Member

    The official Twitter account announced this character in April of last year; his name is Subaru and he's for Badtz-Maru. Not much more about him or the sensei yet, though.

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