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    Posted by Feinraf on Apr 1, 2021

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    I liked it a little more than I expected eventhough it still wasnt my cup of tea, there were many random sexual scenes and the background music was quite terrible aswell. In contrast the main meaning of the anime wasnt really that bad "Young and ambitious men making a threat to the established elder figures, and shaking their influence and control."
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    Posted by Sabure on Apr 1, 2021
    For the EDS Group Watch.

    I didn't expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did, but outside of the various flaws it was a pretty entertaining movie. Interesting concept that the two friends decided to take different paths to turn Japan into their own sanctuary - one went the political route and cleaned out the "swamp" that infected the DIET, while the other became a yakuza boss. The sex scenes were a little too intense, but I do agree that the soundtrack was lackluster. But what did you expect from a movie in the late 90's. I ended up giving the movie a 3/5.
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    I'm here for the group watch, and I have to say, I kind of liked this anime. While it's not great, it was still pretty interesting and kept me entertained.
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    I watched it because of a groupwatch of ABC-Bingo/EDS. This anime was quite average, even though that there wer 2 main characters who led different lives, the anime was more about the MC who became a gangaster and less about the other MC who became a politician. There was quite of sexual content which was quite normal for such a kind of anime. Generally, it was not bad but many things were missing from what the manga has and the story was quite a mess. So... meeh.
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    Posted by Max4444 on Apr 4, 2021
    Here for the EDS groupwatch

    I liked the concept, but the anime is very average. It also focused more on the yakuza guy and not thenpolitic guy, I would've liked it more if they'd focussed on both if them an equal amount. 3/5.

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