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  1. SpaceCowboy

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    This is without doubt my favorite manga it has everything superb story line and rock hard emotional core great character that are easy to relate to and some great comedy ^^

    Saikano has another element that i for one have rarely seen in other mangas. The superb artwork is beyond words. There are pages and pages with no script but the images send such a powerful message they dont need words. I love the way it's drawn and chise looks cute always ^^

    Anyone else seen or heard of this manga? you might have heard of the anime which was ... well pretty bad ¬__¬
  2. purplemo

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    Hmm, I'm not sure I'd say the manga's better than the anime (after all, I was thinking of selling it). The manga definitely had some high points, but also had moments that dragged on. I'm not too much in love with Shin Takahashi's art either (I like Kei Toume's and Satoshi Urushihara's art much more). I find another of his works (Kimi no Kakera) much better than Saikano.

    If you liked Saikano that much, read The Last Love Song On This Little Planet (1 volume) and Saikano: Love Story Killed (oneshot). I think I put Saikano: Love Story Killed somewhere in the lesser known manga thread. If I didn't, it'll go in there next time.
  3. Tsukiyomi

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    I havn't read the manga but the anime......I don't really wanna watch more >.< It kind of depresses me cause it's sad.

    I only watched 4 episodes.....I wonder if it gets better?
  4. SpaceCowboy

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    the anime was awful T_T

    they took out all the comedy and most of the crucial points to be honest i'd give up now if u can -.-
  5. Fireaxe

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    Don't do that, you'll regret it ^^

    SaiKano has one of best love story there is in animation form.
  6. kainbloodheart

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    i totaly agree, i was abit ify about it when i first watched it, but i decided to endure it and realy enjoyed it, i think the removal of the comedy was a good thing.
  7. mard80

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    Posted by mard80 on Dec 29, 2008
    Up to volume 3, still waiting to read the remaining vols, might start again and read in one sitting though. But from what ive read so far, this might actually end up making me shed a tear (manly all the way though!). I love the art work, just lovely sweeping images that dont need words.

    Ill post again when ive finished reading to give my final thoughts, but i do remember shouting at the book, just please let them be happy......

    have you read Lament of the Lamb - similar tragic drama, the art work is so relaxed and lush. Nicely paced, moving and with a non-convulted ending.

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