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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by AdmiralMuffin, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    RE 2 will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first PS1 game I got back in 1998 when I was 12 and it was my first foray into the RE universe. Was hooked to the franchise after that. I collected everything RE since then including toys and those god-awful comic books published by Wildstorm.

    I was super hyped when they finally revealed the remake in this year's E3. Seeing the iconic Raccoon City Police Station lovingly recreated nearly made me jizz my pants. I've also been watching lots of gameplay videos these past few days and so far it's looking pretty amazing.

    The remake of the first RE is considered one of the best video game remakes so I really, really hope this one will live up to the hype.

    So yeah I hope I'm not the only one who's super excited for this...or am I just an old stale muffin still clinging to nostalgia?

    Feel free to discuss.
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  2. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    oh hey a remake that maybe I can actually play! unfortunately I was new to FPS at the time when I first discovered Resident Evil and I pretty much sucked big time at the gaming, so, perhaps with a remake I might look into getting it used and see what I can do with it. I'm always concerned about getting stuck with another resident evil game I can't play so I stopped buying them, but I sure did enjoy the first five minutes of game play before I ran out of ammo and died. as a bonus the graphics seem to be much more in depth than what the original was working with, so, if I ever run across it used I'll be certain to look into it and torment the folks at gamestop to see if I would be interested in it. (yes I do haunt the place so they know what I buy, return and keep)
  3. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Posted by Schizm on Aug 30, 2018
    @AdmiralMuffin mind changing the thread name to general RE Thread or something? I finally finished VII yesterday, played through it a second time immediately after that and need to gush about it :D
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  4. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    There ya go. Now gush away.
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  5. HKBattosai

    HKBattosai Database Moderator

    Same here! RE2 is the one that started it all for me in the series.
    Jizz away @AdmiralMuffin! Jizz away! Something like this is absolutely jizzable!

    I've seen trailers and it does indeed look amazing. Remakes can either go one of two ways with no in-betweens: they suck! or they are awesome! Hopefully, RE2 will be the latter.
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  6. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Posted by Schizm on Aug 31, 2018
    Thanks @AdmiralMuffin !

    So I bought the VII Gold Edition and played through the main game twice to see both possible endings and I think overall the newest entry is really, really good. It borrows a lot from two of my favourite horror movies and therefore I immediately fell in love with the art style and how filthy everything was.

    Regarding the game itself
    I fucking loved the Baker's estate, like holy shit. What an intense and atmospheric TCM rip-off with giving us the minimum amount of information on what transpired here and why the fuck everything wants to kill you. The boss fights against Jack and Marguerite were damn amazing, especially the chainsaw fight in the cellar and Spider-Marguerite in the greenhouse. The later part of the game in the ship was good as well and by that time it also started to feel like classic RE again, something 5 and 6 didn't really achieve anymore. I do tire of the scary little girl cliche and I only recently played through Revelations (which takes place on a ship mostly) so the level design felt a bit too familiar but that's the only bad thoughts I have about it really.

    Maybe a few more enemy types would have been nice but at the same time I appreciate how the Baker family looms over the entire first half of the game mostly and the Molded aren't too bad. The boss fight against Eveline at the end is pretty easy unfortunately but looks really great, like something out of Evil Dead 2.

    I also like how the game goes back to the feel of RE1, like you really have no idea what's going on and working yourself through the mystery clue for clue. The ending when Chris appears, working for Umbrella which are apparently good guys now, also adds to that like Ethan is basically a civilian outsider receiving a tiny glimpse at what has been going on in the world of RE bioterrorism for years, like the introduction of the E-Series.

    I was surprised at how much I liked the ego perspective here and the immersion definitely worked for me. Already suffered through two Gun Survivors so this couldn't be any worse anyway lol.

    This game finally convinced me to play through the RE games I still haven't really touched, namely 5, 6 and Revelations 2.
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  7. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    I really recommend Rev 2. It's a step up in the right direction after 5 and 6 despite being episodic and a budget title and paved the way for the series' return to form in 7.
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  8. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Posted by Schizm on Aug 31, 2018
    I definitely want to play Rev2 because it finally brings back Claire and Barry. I bought the game together with Rev1 and only haven't played it yet since the story is set after 5.

    Good for me that they re-released all this shit on PS4. I guess the RE2 remake is gonna be a huge hit and we'll see an announcement for Nemesis soon enough.
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  9. SpiritOfCoffeeMug

    SpiritOfCoffeeMug Well-Known Member

    This is a remake I must buy. I've been a fan of the series for a long time and it seems that this remake is going to be as faithful to the original while improving the experience like the remake of the first one.

    I played three original games in reverse order when I got them in elementary school. They were already pretty expensive since PS3 came out near that time and many people started to collect PS1 games, but I managed to buy them for about 20 euros a game. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was the first game I got and played and it remains my most replayed game to this day. I've completed it about 12 times. It got me hooked on survival horror genre and this franchise. It had an amazing atmosphere and a great story. The tank controls took a while to get used to, but are now something that I still love about the old survival horror games. And that freaking "Nemesis Theme" gets chills down my spine every time I hear it and remember how it scared a living shit out of me when I was younger.

    RE2 was kinda the same thing for me as the third one, but it featured my favorite character from the series (Leon) and in my opinion a little bit better story. I just can't wait to play the remake and see how one of the best survival horror games might potentially get even better.
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  10. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    Posted by Vega on Sep 1, 2018
    As far as my experience with the series goes... I only really got into RE4. I've tried the original 3 games (and the remake of the first) and just could not get into them due to the absolutely terrible controls that made the games more frustrating than actually scary. The remake of the first game at least nailed the atmosphere and visuals. RE4 pretty much nailed it for me with it's at least decent controls (they weren't the best controls ever by any means but at least I could actually progress and play the game) and somewhat challenging gameplay. Only played a little bit of 5 but that game was kinda meh, it's been years so I don't really remember much. When I played the demo for 6 I largely had the same opinion that I had for 5.

    The demo for RE7 was pretty good. I remember the atmosphere being especially well done and the gameplay was a nice change from the previous ones. Need to get the full game someday...

    I'll probably check out the RE2 remake at some point as well, from what I can tell it's going RE4 style third-person? Should be pretty solid IMO (and I'll be able to actually get to the first save point most likely...)
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  11. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    RE 2 Remake Ada Wong revealed.


    Eeeeeh not a fan of the glasses.
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  12. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    My guess is that she doesn't wear the trenchcoat and sunglasses throughout the entire game. This might be her first encounter with Leon in the remake (looks like the parking lot from 2 at least).
  13. smileJB

    smileJB New Member


    So I noticed the remake coming out and I'm debating pre ordering. I think normal gets you some swords and deluxe gets that plus costumes. If I do, I'll spend the extra 10 bucks, but I kind of want more than just a remake.

    RE1 remake was successful imo cause they did more than make it pretty. They added to the story, extra bosses and rooms, etc. Plus that first running zombie was scary and answered why the janitors didn't clean up right away.

    Also, I'm actually a fan of those tanky controls. For one thing, auto aim was nice in one and 3. 2 I had to watch where they were looking. I've played nearly every RE in the series regardless, but I'm having trouble beating 7. I'm not a good shot and waste most of my ammo on the molded. Not a fan of hiding games or unkillable monsters.

    Despite all this, 7 is a fun game and I'm glad they brought the horror element back. And while 2 wasn't my favorite, it wasn't far behind. Sorry Leon, but Barry kept it awesome. Saved Jill a couple of times while keeping her stocked on ammo/first aid :-).

    Anyway thoughts?

    Btw, I've read most of the RE books and thought they weren't terrible. Didn't know they had comics.
  14. StarsMine

    StarsMine Database Moderator

    Considering 2 is being remade in the same engine that 7 was made in. Its gonna be alot more then just a remake.
    Also 7 turned out to be my favorite RE game so I am super hyped for that.
    But I will wait for the gold edition cause I dont play those pre order games, fuck that nonsense
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  15. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    New REmake 2 gameplay videos were shown a few days ago. I feel like Capcom is showing a bit too much but it's nice to see some familiar monsters. Mr. X or the T-103 Tyrant model is a lot more relentless in the remake.
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  16. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    So yeah, don't really feel like writing up a huge review for RE2make but let's just say it brought a tear to my eye and made my heart pound more than once. It's an excellent remake of the classic and so much love and care went into recreating these iconic locations and characters while revamping the gameplay for the modern age without sacrificing what made the original great in the first place. Also, Mr. X is now officially the Michael Myers of Resident Evil (until Nemesis gets the remake treatment I guess).

    I played the game with the original soundtrack (DLC, go figure) and that just upped the hype even more. Gonna have the remake soundtrack on when I play through the other two scenarios to see how that one fares but for the first playthrough it just had to be the OG music.

    ...Also jeez Capcom, I just finished Scenario A and B and you're already announcing DLC content for February? The Ghost Survivors will consist of three side episodes that play out before or during the events of RE2 and you'll get to play as Kendo, the gun shop owner, Brian Irons's daughter (!!!) and a U.S.S. soldier (not HUNK).

    You know what's best about this DLC though? IT'S GONNA BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  17. SpiritOfCoffeeMug

    SpiritOfCoffeeMug Well-Known Member

    I thought that I'll wait for a little while before buying this, since I've played the original countless times already, but this sold me to buy it asap. Have to pick it up after work tomorrow.
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  18. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry but the RE fanboy in me must correct you. That's not his daughter. It's actually the Raccoon City mayor, Michael Warren's daughter, who Irons has a weird fixation on.


    I won't gush much since Schizm did all the gushing for me but yeah. This has exceeded all my expectations and more. Resident Evil 2 is very important to me and I'm just so so happy Capcom did a phenomenal job remaking/re-imagining it. The nostalgia blast during my first playthrough was so so good. It was 1998 again and I was back to being the annoying 13 year old that I was.
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  19. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Man, now I feel stupid. Irons even mentions it in his memoir how he intends to kill the mayor's daughter and stuff her. My bad xD
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  20. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    It's the giddiness, man.

    I'm pretty hyped to play as her in Ghost Survivors. I hope they incorporate some elements only seen in supplementary materials like how her prick of a dad left her to die in Raccoon City.
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