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Discussion in 'Feature Requests, Bug Reports, Site Questions' started by sothis, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. MissYuri

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  2. UrBoiRAD

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    it would be pretty pog of you to feature my list
  3. matrixen

    matrixen New Member

    Hi!! I've read the guideline list, my title is properly capitalized, I have detailed descriptions, and my list is relevant as it is about animes with Black characters, listed in order of relevancy with shows with Black main characters being listed in the beginning while secondary characters follow after. Please feature my list:
    Thank you
  4. NeiJuzzuo

    NeiJuzzuo New Member

    Link to all my lists:

    It would be nice if some of my lists would be featured. I know not all of them are good enough, but I hope some are. Thank you in advance for your time!
  5. Kari5

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    You have to choose specifically which list(s) you'd like to submit, I recommend choosing a few at a time. Make sure those lists fit the guidelines outlined in the first post.
  6. Goroy

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  7. GrondXIII

    GrondXIII New Member

    Please feature my lists. They were featured a few months back, but the ability to create featured lists got removed. I Thought it was a temp bug as I could not edit or delete lists at the time. I checked again today, I can edit and delete again, but newer lists are not featured. Thanks!
  8. Killua122

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  9. matrixen

    matrixen New Member

    So.. how long do we usually wait for our lists to be featured or to be told that something is missing from them/what needs to be fixed?
  10. arnexks

    arnexks New Member

    Did not see such a list while browsing, thinking of giving list making a go. I will be able to add to the list later correct?
  11. Raatnysba

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  12. TheGlowingMoon

    TheGlowingMoon New Member

    This is a more personal list for anime, but it's also like a recommendation list. I'm still adding onto it but it's my favorite shorts/music videos. Then I also explain why I enjoyed it so much for most. :)
    I thought it'd be helpful since most people don't go actively looking for shorts/mvs. They're more into popular anime, so I thought I'd raise awareness for the shorts/mvs that are actually good and deserve attention.
  13. Gaia1103

    Gaia1103 New Member

    Hi! Can you please feature this two lists? The first one contains an anime that isn't categorized as BL but I've explained in the comment why I put it in that list. The second list is in alphabetical order and doesn't have comments because is more like a collection than a list of "Top"/"Best", but it doesn't include every single short manga I've read, just the ones I liked more in general.
  14. knoxyal

    knoxyal Database Moderator

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