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    Posted by Pyhto on Dec 18, 2020
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    Posted by kiko5 on Jan 1, 2021
    How to become a premium member pleaaase
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    I'd like to feature my list, Baihe, but I'm not sure if it's considered a tag list or not. The list is in my personal order, but it includes all (30+) entries with the tags GL, Manhua and Web Novels. I made it to easily find Chinese GL novels, and I'd like to share it to promote the titles as they don't get a lot of traffic. I've listed brief descriptions/hooks for entries I've read, while the rest remain blank.

    Baihe is the Chinese word for yuri/lily.
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    Hello! This is my first rundown. I read the rules and I'm almost certain I meet all the necessities, if not please let me know. Ideally it tends to be highlighted since I haven't seen (not that there aren't) records about this particular subject but i talk about the low pressure electric shower that new anime is coming soon on technology that every one knows about it
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    peruse the rules, yet there are a few things that are somewhat muddled to me with respect to whether the rundown I need to demand is qualified. Since there are classifications for manga and light books dependent on visual books, eroges, and anime next season, I don't know whether it can qualify as something that isn't offered; besides, I figure it may engage the more extensive local area, however I sincerely don't know without a doubt who might really be keen on having a rundown like this convenient other than myself. In any case, I might at present want to attempt to demand for my "Manga/Light Novel Adaptations Of Visual Novels Without Anime Adaptations" rundown to be added as an included rundown.

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