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    Posted by Guest on Aug 20, 2019
    I have some lists I think would be nice to get featured :)

    Manga available for free from public libraries in Denmark - A list of manga titles you can lend for free in my country. I update now and then when I discover something new or if more volumes of ongoing manga is added.

    Canon LGBT+ characters from non- yaoi or ecchi series - I know there already is a featured list with LGBT characters, but most of the characters on it are from yaoi and it also has a lot of crossdressers, which doesn't inherently make you LGBT. I tried to make a more safe list for people who maybe want to enjoy LGBT characters, but without having to see them in a overly sexualized content. I also add to every character what their sexuality and / or gender identity is :)

    Non-japanese, american or british characters - Just a fun list I made to show some less represented nationalities in anime and manga
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    A non-ecchi LGBT list seems like a good idea, and it's very well-organized. However, I see there are some entries on the list that are unconfirmed, like how Hange's gender remains a mystery, but has never been confirmed to be non-binary, for instance. With lists involving LGBT tagging, we have to be extra careful, so if we were to feature it, we'd have to hold you to the same standards as the mods, and only feature the characters that we also tag on the site.

    Sidenote: Shannon is from Umineko, not Wandering Son. ;)
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 20, 2019
    They reason why characters like Hange is on the list, is because, yes they might not be "canon" canon non-binary, but they are in canon a genderless human, which very easily can be interpreted as a non-binary person:)

    In general alot of canon LGBT characters is not tagged as such here on AP, as they proof might not be as explict as wanted, which I to some degree think is fair.

    Here is the other list I was taking about - I don't think they are up to the standards for being featured, if I understand correctly, as it even includes characters like Kuranosuke Koibuchi, who is a crossdresser, or Kashima Yuu who is a bifauxen, both characters who have never even been hinted as being LGBT.

    (The Shannon one was a mistake, with so many characters it's easy to mess up haha)
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    However, your label says "gender identity", which insinuates it is the identity the character chose. Characters like Hange are ambiguous / unknown, versus them seeing themselves, canonically, as a non-binary person

    We can follow up with @AnimeJunkee about his lists if there's potential inaccuracies
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 20, 2019
    Hmm I have just used gender identity to not use to many labels, but I think I'll maybe work to find something else for characters like Hange (and not because I want to get featured that badly, just to clarify, I know now that because you have to be a bit strict with the guidelines ><)

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    I think there is definitely a difference between ambiguous gender (like Hange) or someone who actually says "Yeah I'm neither male nor female", if that makes sense. In Hange's case, it's ambiguous gender (but only in the manga -- Hange's female in the anime), rather than the character themselves identifying as non-binary.

    Also, for these lists, I'd leave out some of the massive spoilers. Shannon counts as a pretty big spoiler, imo. Plus, if we were to count Shannon as trans, then surely some of the other Umineko characters would need to be tagged, which involves more spoilers and it's too messy lol.

    Btw, I see you've listed Anonymous from Shimanami Tasogare. Anonymous is referred to as a woman in the official Japanese descriptions of the manga, and the official English translation uses feminine pronouns. I'm not sure if that counts or not, but I thought I'd just point it out.

    A couple more things. I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but I thought I'd bring them up:
    eventually starts presenting as female, and at the end it shows older/adult Dororo is living as a woman.
    Apparently it's more ambiguous in the manga, however.
    -I don't know if cases like Hatsuharu count, given that Yuki was a childhood crush. Not to say people can't know their sexualities when they're young, of course, but it came across as a half-joke to me about how pretty/feminine Yuki is given how the series treats Yuki's looks.
    -Ruby Moon is genderless, and they have no physical sex. I don't know if that's enough to count as non-binary. If it is, I think it's important to say they're genderless/sexless rather than nb, for clarification purposes.
    -Syaoran's crush on Yukito is due to
    magical powers
    , so it's a borderline example. (Btw, I don't think "both genders" is entirely correct, but I don't know how else to word it. "Multiple genders", perhaps? "More than one gender"?)

    Some of these are from series I'm not entirely familiar with, but I did look them up before commenting. I think several are just down to different cultural interpretations, unfortunately (not that that's your fault)!

    These were the only ones that stuck out to me. Overall, I think it's a good idea for a list, but as other mods have said, we do need to be careful when it comes to LGBT+ lists. And, as we tend to not feature lists with spoilers, it's probably better to leave some of those out. Maybe.
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 21, 2019
    Again, I'm totally fine with it not being featured as it does contains spoilers. I hope it's okay I clarify some things though :)

    Anonymous - I don't speak japanese myself, so I am not aware of the gender pronouns they use in the original manga >< Yes, Anonymous is AFAB, but it's very noticeable that they creator of the manga, Yuhki Kamatani, themself identifes as both x-gender and asexual, and it has been speculated that Anon is a representation of the author themself. Not to mention it might be a part of Anonymous whole mysterious characters, that they are neither male or female.

    Dororo - Not once have Dororo refered to himself as female and I don't think we can really assume that he no longer identify as a boy, just because he looks female in the ending. I mean he is AFAB, it can be really hard to hide the traits of your birth gender, especially when you no longer are child and I don't think there were hormon treatment or gender surgery in feudal japan. And yeah I haven't read the original manga, but Dororo's identity as a boy is apparently much more evident there.
    Hatsuharu - I don't really think there is a any reason for Hatsuharu's crush on Yuki to be seen as a joke (though it might be treated as such by other characters) and I certainly don't think he had it simply because Yuki looked feminine. It's very clear that Yuki had a big impact on Hatsuharu as a child, and he clearly seems to mean a lot to him.

    Syaoran - Never once did I get the impression that it was beacause of magic, and I am generally curious of why it should be that. He acts the same way around Yukito as he did around Sakura, when he realized he had a crush on her. I mean, Syaoran was shown heavily blushing, acting all flustered, and even giving several gifts to Yukito. CLAMP has written several LGBT character, inculding a bunch in Cardcaptor Sakura, so it wouldn't be out of place either for Syaoran to be bi. https://fluffynonbinaryfox.tumblr.c...res-almost-all-the-moments-syaoran-blushes-in

    Gender - When I write both genders I by no means mean that bisexuality is exclusionary of nonbinary genders. In for instance Syaoran's case, he has shown attraction to Yukito and Sakura, whom neither (appear to) falls out of the binary gender spectrum, that why I wrote "both". When I write NB to some characters it's because I use it as a sort of umbrella term, not only to make the list less messy, but also because I simply lack a better term to use.

    Unfortunately as things currently are, characters will as good as never actually explicity say "yeah I am bisexual" or "I identify as a trans man." We can always hope for more representation in the future. They main reason why I made the list, is because as an LGBT person myself, I am desperate for the representation in media, not only in anime / manga, and I personally love to see in shows that doens't fall under the LGBT genres having LGBT characters, hence why some characters might also be considered spoilers.

    I also only have Shannon and not others, on the list from Umineko, as it as you know, a very complicted affair. Hints for Shannon being trans, is less extreme(?) such as her breats being fake or not being able to carry children, and doesn't necessarily give a direct connection to her true identity
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    That's fair, but I personally took it as more a commentary on how society sees gender rather than how Anonymous identifies. The pronouns are a bit more vague in Japanese, but the synopsis uses 女性, or woman, to refer to Anonymous. I'm not saying you're wrong (and Anonymous still counts for the list since they're asexual), I'm just stating my personal interpretation.

    To be fair, I'm not familiar with Dororo, so I could be wrong. My one concern, however, is that Dororo's still a kid, and as they were raised as a boy, it would come as a shock to find out they're AFAB. Also, as you pointed out, it was a different era, so I'm wary of that too. Given when the manga was written, though, I'd say "the protagonist is actually a GIRL!!" was used as a twist, rather than them being trans, but Tezuka was (apparently) pretty damn progressive, so hey, maybe that wasn't his intention. Too bad he died before finishing the story so we'll never know.

    The problem with Haru is that it's hard to tell when he's being serious or not sometimes, lol. And Fruits Basket can be kinda iffy with some of these jokes (see: Yuki wearing a dress) which is why I'm kinda on the fence about it.

    It's been years since I watched CCS, but I looked it up on the Wikia, which says it's magic-based. If Syaoran was explicitly bi, it would probably be noted (given that Ruby Moon's article uses they/them pronouns).

    I get you! I just thought I'd point it out in case. I'm not trying to be rude about it, I just know it's something that people are sensitive about (understandably) and I didn't want anyone attacking you over it (hopefully they wouldn't, of course).

    Totally understandable! I want more representation myself. I guess I'm just trying to see things from a Japanese perspective and what the creators may have intended, rather than through a western lens. Not that Japanese perspectives are entirely different, of course, but Japan does sometimes see gender and sexuality slightly differently. Then again, there's also the issue of what the creators intended vs. what they're allowed to actually show in things...

    Also, please be aware that I'm in no way against LGBT+ people when I discuss these things with you (or anyone else)! We just want to be careful about fanon interpretations vs. what's actually said/implied in canon. I really do wish it was easier, and that creators clarified more things rather than leaving them ambiguous (but I assume that's because of publishers/sponsors sometimes), but oh well. As you said, I also hope it gets better in the future. I feel like there's definitely more LGBT+ representation in anime/manga nowadays, so that's something.

    I mean, there's a trans woman in a series marketed as a male idol franchise, which is honestly something I never thought I'd see (at most you get crossdressers or very feminine male idols, usually).

    One of these days I'll actually play Umineko beyond EP2 (I like it, I'm just lazy)... Then again, I'm more likely gonna end up reading the manga. The franchise needs a lot of work on AP.

    Btw, I'm all about your idea for this list! I'm just being nitpicky because I'm a mod, lol. Sorry.
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    Yeah really the only reason why this is tricky is because our tags are so specific/tricky, that if we have official-looking custom lists that contradict, it will make the situation even trickier.

    Animejunkee's list having some issues is being sorted out by him now to ensure it too is inline with how we tag
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    Posted by Guest on Aug 21, 2019
    Tbh I think we are in the same boat, when it comes to discussing the LGBT issues lol, I especially want to be a careful when talking about gender identity since I myself is cis.

    I had also heard about Tezuka being ahead of his time. I had no idea he was dead, but he has been so since 1989 :^0

    (Btw I added Arashi Narukami to the list! :))
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    Obligatory "is it meant to be ranked or random order" post - if not ranked, change to alphabetical. if ranked, make sure to put sorting information in the descrip
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    Hi, great to see this forum finally active again. I've posted a couple of my lists previously (the first post on this thread is me). Please do check them out, would really appreciate it.
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    Please don't bump this thread - replies will occur as there's time to look at them
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    Posted by Kari5 on Oct 9, 2019
    I think including actual reasons as to why they are in that specific order and what makes them good is required, versus vague statements you currently have. You basically need to make it so its useful to the community at large. I'd also fix up the grammar to make it look better overall, but that's just me personally (not sure how required it is).

    Also, "my opinion and i'm not someone who likes popular and plain s***" is hilariously juvenile and should probably be altered to be a more clear description of what the list is and/or why its important to the community.
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