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  1. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Apr 26, 2017
    Moderators are currently looking through the backlog of custom lists to find folks who have created custom lists that meet the featured guidelines. There’s a lot to look through, so if you’d like to request faster consideration, post about it here!

    Before requesting, please ensure:

    • For any would-be featured custom list, you’ve added reasons, updated titles and other content as needed to meet the guidelines.

    • You’ve set any custom lists that don’t meet the guidelines to “people visiting my profile” or “no one”

    Reply with confirmation of the above, and a link to your custom lists profile page, and we’ll take a look.

  2. Morikochan

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    Please feature my lists, ONEGAI!!! WHY ARE MY LISTS NOT FEATURED? WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I spent so much time completing all of my list but but... (- _-)
  3. Kari5

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    Posted by Kari5 on May 19, 2020
    Lists aren't featured by default, they only get featured if the site owner personally features it. You didn't do anything wrong.

    For your lists, I'd recommend capitalizing the tiles.
    Ex: "Learn Friendship From These Attractive Boys" instead of "Learn friendship from these attractive boys"
    (your reasoning for a lot of the titles in this particular list aren't very clear either)

    "MC boys after useless girls" is also very unclear at a glance. Perhaps change it to "Anime with a Lead Male Who Falls for Useless Girl"

    There are a few grammatical errors in your item descriptions as well. Its not required, but could help, getting your list featured.
  4. NingenJanai

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  5. StarJoon

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    This is my first list! I have read the guidelines and adjusted my list based on what I've read. If there are any mistakes please tell me so I can fix them!
    Ranking based on unique plot, art style, and characters!

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  10. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Jun 7, 2020
    Hi all, please bear with us as we catch up with this thread. We'll have dedicated mods to help keep an eye on this in the future for faster feedback. thanks!
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  14. KeyAndKyoAniLover

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    I read the guidelines, but there are some things that are a little unclear to me in regards to whether or not the list I want to request is eligible. Since there are categories for manga and light novels based off of visual novels, eroges, and otome games, I'm not sure if it can qualify as something that isn't offered; furthermore, I think it might appeal to the wider community, but I honestly don't know for sure who would actually be interested in having a list like this handy other than myself. Regardless, I would still like to try to request for my "Manga/Light Novel Adaptations Of Visual Novels Without Anime Adaptations" list to be added as a featured list.
  15. VongolaUndici1196

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  16. AnnaSartin

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    Sorry for the long delay in getting back with you. These lists are great! Just a few minor requests:

    For "The noble stories of reincarnation and romance", I notice #1 doesn't have a descrip. is this a mistake? If not, could you fill that in?

    "An adorable list of adoption and childcare" (love the adoption theme, btw) Is the list only for adoption/fostering/randomly finding yourself caring for a child that is not your own? The description sounds that way, but Sweetness & Lightning is on the list even though the little girl in the show is not adopted, she's the MC's actual daughter.

    Is "Anime for every interest!" meant to be ranked like a 'best of' list? It doesn't seem like it, but if it is, please put a note in the description about the order. Otherwise, alphabetize this list.

    Your "Definitely Different Romance" is a great idea as well, could you fill in reasons for the three titles that don't have them? Then we can feature it as well.
  17. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    These lists have no reasons listed for why you feel those titles are "top" stories in their genre. If you want to come back to work through them we can look into featuring them at a later date, but for now these are denied.
  18. AnnaSartin

    AnnaSartin Database Moderator

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, your lists are great and have all been featured. A few minor tweaks you might consider is finishing filling out the reasons for "Most Underrated Anime" (why are they good even if they are underappreciated?) and making the description for 'watch it before its too late' more a bit more obvious. Users might not be entirely clear when reading it. *why* are these titles great specifically for newbies to consume "before it's too late"? I assume no reasons are listed because of spoiler reasons or something?
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  19. AnnaSartin

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    Thank you for being patient with us, two of your lists have been featured. Could you finish adding reasons for your "Back on Track" list so we can feature that one as well? There's only five blank ones left to fill out, and it would be very helpful for users since this is broad and subjective list.
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