[REQUEST] Ability to mark reviews as NOT HELPFUL

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  1. NekoObito

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    So I have watched quite a bit of anime, and sometimes before/after I watch one I read the reviews that people have left on them. Some reviews are good, while others......not so much. I just saw a review for an anime where the person #1 tried to use our irl timeline of events in an anime timeline, #2 doesn't know how war defense works (aka keep the enemy as far from your home as possible.....DUH), and #3 uses a piss poor rating system. Giving ratings like 1 out of 2. Obviously they didn't like the show. It was also a very lengthy review where they went needlessly on and on about how bad the show was. This also isn't the first review I have read like this. I have read other reviews that were clearly biased against the show in general and I'm pretty sure some of them never even watched the whole show before writing a review. I would write reviews myself but I suck at doing it. I just feel there should be some way of moderating these and giving the community the ability to say if the review is actually helpful or ISN'T helpful. Only giving the ability to mark things as funny or helpful seems stupid to me. Also, in order to mark something as not helpful or poor, maybe you should have to be a member of the site for a certain length of time. this way reviews by someone who didn't like a popular show aren't downvoted just because it's a popular show.
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  2. Zed60K

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    This kind of stuff is up to the site owner, but IMO I don't agree, people tend to not read a review, but rather upvote or downvote based on just the score, if they like the show and you rated it low you'll end up being downvoted to hell, and that can be very demotivating and might stop people from writing reviews entirely. Personally I would upvote a review if the writer articulated their points well, regardless if I agree with its content/score or not, being too negative or positive shouldn't matter.
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  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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    This would just be toxic to the site.
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  4. Melicent

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    Nope, thanks. Didn't like the review? Read another one or, even better, write your own even if you think you suck at it bc you obviously have opinions about what a good review should be so there's nothing stopping you really, read/ask questions in the discussions thread, etc. Non-constructive criticism like downvotes is never helpful. It also facilitates toxic behavior, trolling,...
  5. Kari5

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    fyi, marking something as helpful does 'upvote' the review higher on the list. So the community's favorite reviews appear first.
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  6. Grizz

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    @sothis has already stated in discord that such a feature would not be added when it was being dicussed eariler today.

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