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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Damias, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Damias

    Damias Well-Known Member

    Posted by Damias on Sep 25, 2020
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  2. InkedC

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    Posted by InkedC on Sep 25, 2020
    1st season literally finished today, and there's already a thread for season 2? That was fast.
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  3. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Sep 26, 2020
    inb4 the plot becomes rethreaded and even more incohesive and goes nowhere.

    Granted, even the whispers of the internet have said that this things goes nowhere...
    I don't know if that's true, I can't be bothered reading the manga after watching the anime's ''plot twists''
    ( sorry for using ''plot twists'' for ''garbage poorly justified incomprehensible actions done by the characters for moving forward the plot'', but it's shorter )

    I'll probably still watch it, though... I think... In spite of itself the first season was at least entertaining when I wasn't groaning at how stupid some occurrences were and how badly it flows.
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  4. KirihikoAzuma

    KirihikoAzuma New Member

    I can’t wait for season two they left quite a few things unanswered.
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  5. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 3, 2020
    I was going to say shit about this show, but I mistook it for another show. The name of the other one doesn't matter but this one should be good. Rent-a-Waifu is a high quality concept that is essential to life itself.
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  6. Sturilzel

    Sturilzel New Member

    Please don't make another garbage season.
  7. EverythingFreezing

    EverythingFreezing New Member

    This better be good as the manga.
  8. TatakaeEREEHHHH

    TatakaeEREEHHHH New Member

    The manga has gone to shit recently.
  9. EverythingFreezing

    EverythingFreezing New Member

    Fair Enough.
  10. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member


    we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back we're back


    So first off...this has been the happiest Friday surprise ever. I love this series so so sooooo so much.

    Second--this is not how I would have started the second season. I mean, nice hustle with the "I'm so-and-so!" intros as a way of recapping and also letting us get sorta reacquainted with the girls, but the first half of the episode that followed it up was...not the strongest. I don't think there was anything wrong with it, from a storytelling perspective or anything, but...this just didn't have the oomph to pull you into the story again after two years of being without.

    Now, I've been reading the manga, in the absence of the anime, so I know that this is very much the story that immediately follows where we left off at the end of S1 and, as such, why they went right into a somewhat placid event rather than something meatier. But I've also never been a fan of the "but that's where the book goes" as an excuse for these kinds of things. If you're starting off a season, you should put your back into it, no matter what the source material says.

    That said, maybe [UNSPECIFIED WORLD EVENTS] pushed this back and it was meant to come along as almost a second half of a season rather than a second season (which sounds like a distinction without a difference--but I think we all understand the nuance), but...still.

    I mean, I quite liked the emotional weight of the second half, and you can't have that without first sitting through the less interesting Kazuya-watches-a-play portion of the story, but this feels like something that needed to come an episode or two later, even if it makes perfect sense--emotionally, narratively, an in terms of momentum--after the declaration that punctuated things in the "previous" episode. Because, again, it's been two years.

    ...but, whatever, my rental girls are back--10/10 #AOTY.

    And: @Madoka @Nekus

    Because lol.
  11. naterbug8278

    naterbug8278 Well-Known Member


    Hmm? It's been how long? Why did you have to bring this to my attention.
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  12. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    See? This is the kind of enthusiasm the show deserves!

    I know. It's like when you realize you haven't seen the sun in a week.

    But, yeah, almost two years exactly since the debut of S1.

    Fun fact: I didn't even think to watch it until someone else tagged me into the thread and said, "Where are you? This seems like your kinda thing."
  13. Madoka

    Madoka Silver Supporter

    Posted by Madoka on Jul 1, 2022
    I dunno... don't think i ever seen interregnum so happy... like ever, he even got so giddy he throwing out all the stops and writing "lol", he only uses that word when he is truly in his element... or at least this is what the study books on him say... not that i was reading them or anything

    Secondly, turns out my body has a allergy to this show. So i had a busted up lip (banged the head, tooth penetrated lip kind of story), just as i started writing my reply it randomly just burst... I would say i swear down its not a lie but after some thought, maybe it isn't such a bad thing, other than having blood run down my face, it has drastically reduced the swelling... thanks for staying for my bloodly lip story
    ... still a better story than this show.

    now where was I...

    ah, yes.

    thirdly, HA!
    Shock, it sucks.

    It's okay to say it sucked, we expect nothing less!

    Can i make a guess, see, I am like a future telling prophet and to prove it, i predict within 3 episodes (1-3) Kazuya will get himself off to imaging one of the girls being screwed by some random blank faced dude, because, Kazuya.

    Thanks for confirming I'm a prophet (In advance). I would of predicted the show would be bad or Mizuhara would be the focus despite being the definition of boring but that would be unfair... season one did that for me.

    (Sorry, you summoned me, we all knew where i would go with this post).

    Rent-A-Girl and "Fun" don't go together without a negative between them.
  14. Madoka

    Madoka Silver Supporter

    Posted by Madoka on Jul 1, 2022
    After reflecting on my actions for 5 minutes, maybe i shouldn't ruin this for you, I see you are happy, maybe I should let you enjoy your questionable AOTY... sorry Kaguya, you never had a chance.
  15. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Jul 1, 2022
    I don't even know why I watched episode 1. I hated season 1. And I also hated this. Guess I had just forgotten how much after it's been..
    HOW LONG???? Ugh....
    Anyway, here's my thoughts:
    Once again, I hated this. Not just because it was shit, but because for once I could vaguely see a way this episode could have been pretty good.

    It does actually start off pretty strong, the recaps from the 4 girls might not be the most interesting way in a narrative sense to handle it but each of their dialogue was filled with each character personality and you could tell their version of events was skewed with their own bias, which was pretty cool to see. Also the OP was cute. And that's it for the good stuff.

    The whole theater part of the episode... holy shit Kazuya is just the most insufferable protagonist I have ever seen. Like, this show miraculously managed to actually make the play appear interesting, funny and cool to see and instead of watching bits of that we had to absolutely SUFFER through the CONSTANT and INCESSANT pathetic mental ramblings of the protagonist commenting on each and every fucking thing, repeating himself multiples times. I swear he must have said variations of "I'm just here for Chizuru tho" like six times. For the first time Chizuru in her element seemed cool and she was having a great moment and it was just ruined so thoroughly.

    And Kazuya of course also ruins the second part. Chizuru's sadness at not being picked and her acting (heh) like it wasn't a big deal while it was soul crushing was really emotional. And for a split second it was also cool of Kazuya knowing her well say through the act.... but they everything came crushing down the second he opened his fucking mouth and started screaming in public about renting her like a crazed maniac. I've never hated someone so much.
    So yeah, not watching any more of this.
    I wouldn't be surprised in any way, but maybe they'll keep kazuya's jacking off for later in the series.. to, u know, have an emotional climax.
  16. Madoka

    Madoka Silver Supporter

    Posted by Madoka on Jul 1, 2022
    haha you might be right there... this actually genuinely made me laugh.

    not watching S2 but yeah this was S1 (or more to the point...Kazuya) in a nutshell for me, more insufferable MC ever.
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  17. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Definitely a sign of giddiness. Well done.

    Actually, that's usually reserved for sarcastic derision. Though, here, I was just being playfully meanspirited.

    Either way: update your dossier, you hacks.

    Sure it's okay. Just incorrect. Which is why I didn't say it.

    I'm nothing if not accurate. And 100% right about this series being awesome.

    Which you know is true because I'm nothing if not accurate.

    That scene's not going to be until approximately S4, so ha! Bet you two feel pretty silly!


    Too far.
  18. naterbug8278

    naterbug8278 Well-Known Member

    Man this whole thread is a treat to read. This is going to be a fun season.

    Damn maybe a year later and you would have realised the inherent genius behind this story the likes of which Shakespeare had never seen.

    Ayo hold up now, what did you just say about second best girl of 2020? The first being Mami of course. :)
  19. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Yeah! See? I'm not the only one who--

    ...I'm sorry, what?


    It should be, because this show is amazing. But it'll be way less fun without the seething of our compatriots to niggle at.

    Still--we'll do our best! Just like Sumi-chan!


    ...whose spin-off series isn't terrible!
  20. naterbug8278

    naterbug8278 Well-Known Member

    Not gonna lie it felt somewhat wrong to type.
    I actually might check that out, she cute, I'll accept more Sumi.
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