Red Garden

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by kittenbitten, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Red Garden

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    I just started watching this series yesterday and I'm really enjoying it. I was totally hooked after the first episode. I think only gg has released it subbed so far. I didn't notice any huge translation errors in the first episode, but I wasn't reading them all that carefully either.

    There were some mildly annoying comments in there that I'm not sure were supposed to show up. Like a {+1yuri} or something below a line. I was using vlc for the mac. I think it sometimes picks up things that are supposed to be commented out.

    Still, the series itself is really good. I totally forgot to turn on the subtitles when I was watching episode 2 and 3, so I can't really comment on the fansub but no other series this season has grabbed my attention like this.

    Highly recommended.
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  2. kittenbitten

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    It's a sort of horror/mystery type thing, so I think it would ruin it to give away too many details. Plus since I'm only three episodes into it, not a whole lot has been revealed yet.

    Basically four girls who don't have anything in common except for one friend are brought together because of her death. And lots of scary mysterious stuff happens to them. No more details for you. Go watch. I'm sure you'll be addicted too. It slightly reminds me of Boogiepop Phantom, which was absolutely brilliant.
  3. VnTB

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    Posted by VnTB on Nov 26, 2006
    yeah, great serie,

    but why are the girls singing, uhm I think it's weird.
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    I think the singing part is kind of dumb and I could have done without it, but I'm enjoying the rest of it too much to let that bother me very much.
  5. VivisQueen

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    I wasn't quite sure about the singing either. I was like 'Please God don't let this be an anime musical! >_<' However, am on episode 4 right now, and it's interesting.

    The 'borrowing lives' thing I bet has a lot to do with why the guys turn into monsters. It's THEIR lives that the girls are borrowing! *Gasp*

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