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Discussion in 'Anime Recommendations' started by kinderheim, Jan 10, 2022.

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    what the title says I like, sci-fi, mystery, philosophical, iyasheki, and psychological genre's
    no ecchi,harem,hentai, please
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    no comment huh damn
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    Posted by arladk on Jan 13, 2022
    I love Sci-Fi movies and series, but generally not a fan of that genre in anime so I probably wont be of much help. Here's some recommendations though:

    Cowboy Bebop - Highly recommend! Sci-Fi anime goat imo. Don't let the year of release scare you away.
    Hyouka - Light-hearted slice of life mixed with mystery.
    Re:ZERO - Great psychological watch, although not a big fan of the second season.
    Btooom! - Gets a bad rep, but I enjoyed it. The manga is better though and features two alternative endings (light and dark).

    Lastly I'd point out Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have never watched it, but have heard many great things about it. It touches on mystery, psychological and Sci-Fi. You could check out the reviews and decide for yourself. Hope this helps!
  6. Kathseiko25

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    I'm hooked on isekai/fantasy, romance, slice-of-life and magical girl series, but actually these anime watchers so I needed a situation for that. Recommended for anyone to watch:

    Sword Art Online - A science-fiction fantasy that takes place in a video game world. You'll like it or not.
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Definitely my favorite, I'm truly obsessed with a good ending.
    Remake Our Life! - An anime about everyone's own creations and leaps into time-travel.
    The Detective Is Already Dead - This is a heartbreaking story turns into a mystery.

    Hope this helps, these animes are recommended for you to watch them. Good luck.
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  7. Kathseiko25

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    This show brings me a lot of nostalgia.
  8. Kathseiko25

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    I love harem, it's kinda good if you like it.
  9. automotivated

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    hi there! ill be listing some anime i think might be worth watching. each one will be tagged with some of the genres you listed. hope you find one worthwhile. if i recommend anything you've already seen, feel free to disregard those (:


    • dr. stone (also: shounen, survival, isekai vibes)

    • one punch man (superpowers, satire, comedic)

    • cowboy bebop (space! bounty hunters! noir!)

    • ghost in the shell (cyberpunk, noir, action)


    • full metal alchemist: brotherhood (shounen, fantasy, adventure)

    • erased (time travel, serial killers, thriller)

    • bungou stray dogs (superpowers, action, supernatural)

    • dorohedoro (dark fantasy, psychological, demons, magic, curse) ((personal fave))


    • mob psycho 100 (exorcists, comedy, action)

    • death parade (afterlife, high stakes games, PVP) ((another personal fave))

    • beastars (anthropomorphic, shounen, romance)


    • barakamon (art, countryside, slice of life) ((another amazing one, very popular but worth it))

    hopefully ive recommend something worthwhile for you. best of luck.
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  10. Kathseiko25

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    Well, I only admit that I love harem that are a sub-genre associated in romance and fantasy anime. I'm enjoying all the romantic situations where the male character who ends up with another female characters. And be on your luck :)
  11. automotivated

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    Sorry, what? I didnt say anything about harems.
  12. Kathseiko25

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    Actually, it's literally my opinions are true, but why did you recommend me some kind of anime I liked? No, I'm not into these series all of a sudden, because people had a lot of tastes, and I forget about it either.
  13. automotivated

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    I dont understand what youre trying to say, but to make it as clear as i can, those recommendations weren't for you, they were for kinderheim. sooo yeah. laters
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