Recommendations for 'Isekai' with female protagonist

Discussion in 'Manga Recommendations' started by Incontrovertible, May 3, 2019.

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    Posted by sothis on Jun 2, 2020
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    Posted by Gaw11n on Jul 9, 2020
    I recommend
    1. Beware Of the Villainess, this woman is fearless has no magic and she plans on doing good deeds, because she became the villainess in her favorite novel and she plans on living good life. But also she is physically and mentally strong and also plans on getting revenge on her cheating fiance.

    2. Cheating Men Must Die, because she is badass and doesn't take sh*t from no one and always gets revenge on b*tches and cheating bastards in novels and always gets happy endings for the women who didn't get good endings.

    3. The Crazy Adventures Of The Mystical Doctor, as a modern female killer she was reborn as the loser and had to act like boy for some reason. But she trains a lot and becomes a badass, you'll see you will love it.

    4. Miss Not So Sidekick, about a girl who became a minor villain in her favorite novel, she tries not to stand out, but sometimes it does not work. She decides just to make her own books and make popcorn to watch the drama.

    6.The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower, about college student who had the knowledge of modern weapons, but she was reborn as the villianess in a game that her friend showed her and trains herself to become a badass. I I suggest you guys to read it on
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    Beware of the villainess!!!

    Shes amazign and BDE very vereyrevryver good
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    Posted by dbr on Jul 29, 2020
    I recommend Mahou Tsukai no Yome and Flying Witch. These aren't isekai, but more like Harry Potter where there is a magical layer to the world and we learn about it with the protagonist. Flying Witch is a fun slice of life without any real plot and Mahou Tsukai no Yome is slice of life/ action mystery. There is also Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta... It's male lead, but no harem, and the protagonist continually has to make difficult decisions as he has to push people away in order to protect them.
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    Seconding the recommendation for Fiancé's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess. Arguably, it's from Cecil's perspective, but Bertia is just so endearing.

    The Savior's Book Cafe in Another World
    isn't too bad either. A 30-something gets summoned to another world, but instead of becoming the saviour, she sets up shop in the forest and catches the eye of a knight.

    If you're looking for a more traditional isekai with a female adventurer, there's The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash.

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