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    Posted by tigian on Apr 6, 2020
    Hi there!
    First let me say thanks for the amazing work in creating and maitaining this site.

    Maybe there is some threads wich are appointed for this points but since i didn´t find them, I shall enlist what I think this Site can get better.

    - Top manga & Anime should also factor the number of views, not only the average score. For example i still havent read Solo Leveling Warrior but I still think is pushing a bit to say it is the very best. So I think that getting an average calculated something similar to MAL would make way more sense to get a true top.

    -When we enter a anime or manga and we get to the related anime&manga nowadays it only shows the square with the name instead of the regular window with the synopsis. It should really still open that window, because for example if i´m trying to find a specific related anime i nedd to open all of the related to read wich one i was looking for

    -in the user profile like there is a total episodes in anime there should be a total chapters in manga

    -When the pop up window appears when you hover the mouse over an anime title there should be something like a symbol or a tag even that said if it was available in crunchyroll.
    I may not be the biggest fan of crunchyroll but since at least for my understanding seeing anime here helps the nowadays when i see that it is available i try to see it here (correct me if i´m wrong regarding the part that it helps this site)

    -On the video section the part for the coments should be the standard bellow the video, its easier to see and coment and it makes litle sense that to coment on episode X I need to get off the page of the said episode.
    Also on the Video section there should exist a next episode button (I know I´m lazy but) it makes for more user friendly interaction in my opinion.

    -When a manga is "read" or a anime "Watched" it should have a finished date,either put the date to when was this change or allow for the finishing date to be put manually.
    I find this super usefull since i´m getting old and sometimes its hard to remember a said title so by having the date it gets easier.

    -The badges wich counts for an amount of titles from a saga (like Gundam or Ghost in the shell) it should update with the latest titles. for example when i finished watching GITS I had the supposed 6 title but since 2 of those were from newer it didn´t count and made me watch tachikoma days.(I really wanted that badge)

    Bellow i put a list of badges that I think should really be created.

    -Hajime no ippo (Timid Schlong?)
    Both this series have a really strong fanbase and so much time rolling they really deserve to get them badges

    -Time spent in manga reading
    I know that reading manga is different as each person takes its own time, and some mangas have bigger chapter and even with the same ammount of pages per chapter its impossible to say that it takes the same amount of time to read an episode of bleach as it takes one from HxH.
    Still the same way I get some for watching anime I think the manga community also deserves.
    Also there needs to be more badges manga related (for what i remember i think there is only 20th century boys).

    -some tags like delinquent, BL/yaoi, sports, etc..
    Yep some people just fall in love with a kind of stories and keeps going throught it again and again, so it should be nice that this niches of market to feel valued.

    -frequent customer
    for those people who keep using this website for example a person that in a year or 6 months logged in and inpputed changes in his profile more that X ammount of times

    For those who watch a lot of anime like "grave of the fireflies, a silent voice, the wind rises.

    for those with a great record in stuff like japanese Ghost Stories

    -Anime tamago
    I know that these 2 exist as Tags buts both of them normally deliver such unique stuff that they should get it
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    Posted by Grizz on Apr 6, 2020
    Half of this stuff already has threads made by others

    Badge suggestions should go here

    There is a seperate filter for most watched ( one for read also exists
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    Please put separate requests in separate threads, having all of it in the same thread makes it difficult to keep track of.

    Views is not a good balancing act for ratings, we can do things to make the averages better but they come with their own downsides.

    Anything marked "read" only has volumes unless the manga itself only has chapters so these stats would be very confusing to most people.

    It is stored, just not currently visible or user editable.
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    Posted by sothis on Apr 21, 2020
    moving this to completed. We're already tracking the ability to mark start/end dates, other things have been mentioned above. If there's anything left, please open separate threads for each item (with descriptive titles for each thread)
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