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    for some reason i cant watch it. can sum1 plz help me?
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    Not even gona lie that shit made me giggle like a girl
    #BeSt GiRl!!!! LETS GO!"""

    Thank you, i know im like 2 weeks late, but better late then sorry
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    Episode 35.... I think I finally understand this universe's twisted emotional concept of Envy.
    Anyone else remember that 1 episode in the beginning of season one still in the initial save point when Emilia introduces herself as Satella? Yeah, good pay off.
    Still hate Garfiel, thought it was kind of sweet how Ram saved him, the old hag backstory was cool (weird because multiple duplicates I thought was gluttony's thing, but I guess there's not a monopoly on duplication).
    I thought next episode would be a montage of Subaru dying trying to get info out of Elsa... but instead we may get that whole episode long conversation with "the shut in".
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  4. tootalls

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    Looks like Subaru is finally past that checkpoint.
    Got to hand it to this show, it's got a lot of shit thought out in it's writing, even if I hate Subaru, I have to appreciate the work that goes into writing a complex story like this. way more thought goes into re:zero than the typical anime.
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    What the hell is up with the animation for episode for 10 some scenes are really good and others are just complete ass. There’s no way I’m the only one who noticed
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    My big takeaway, this week, is that this is still very much Re:Zero--in that, as the past has shown us, this is all headed to a point that fully makes sense. Mostly makes sense. Well, it'll make sense, certainly, which, particularly after the previous episodes of this season, is more than satisfying to know.

    I think we've confirmed that this particular arc (which I'm assuming is just one novel) is just a weird one to try to adapt. I mean, it may be a weird one to read, as well, but it's especially hard to square this pacing with the arcs that have come before it--particularly with how many plates have been spun along the way. There are too many turns and details that are necessary to the final outcome (it seems, at least) to condense or streamline any of it. Or maybe it is possible to do, just really, really hard.

    And how's about our Subaru, huh? It's only been 35 episodes, but he's finally figured out he can use his superpower to, y'know, f***ing learn information he can apply after looping back. Huzzah, he's remembered how time travel works. Thank goodness. (The "I absorbed everyone's memories!" line, though, was total bull****. Such a weaselly plot device.)

    Oh, and Echidna's gettin' harder to figure out. Or easier. I'm not sure which.

    And, once again, we're not going to talk about Petra. Because we...probably shouldn't talk about Petra.

    [checks wiki for her age]

    Yeah, we should definitely not talk about Petra.

    "Well, that was in poor taste." not the exact line Puck speaks to her, now that I'm looking it up in the official BluRay sub, the fansub, the novel, and the manga, but it is absolutely tantamount to what he says in those places: the implication being that he either thinks she's made a joke that didn't land or a sardonic response that was much darker than it needed to be.

    Regardless, you're right: it is excellent foreshadowing. Still not sure why she said it, considering her attitude towards the name, later on, but still excellent foreshadowing, regardless.

    ...okay, but just to clarify: that was Emilia, right? At the start of the episode, I mean. Like, [presumably Satella] bodyjacked her, right? They basically look the same, we know, and her collar seemed different from what Emilia was wearing, so it coulda just been that she looks exactly like Emilia that prompted Subaru to once again swear that he would save her...but it was literally Emilia, right?

    And what are we thinking: is it Satella or Emilia (freed by Satella's influence) repeatedly confessing love to Subaru?

    Also--I can't believe I forgot to say it before now: LOVED that opening sequence. Kinda made the rest seem less good, though it was good. Just not quite as cool as the opening.

    No, you're not the only one. The second half seemed to have been farmed out to the B-team.
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  7. Scalpelexis

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    Episode 10

    Ok, I gotta appreciate the show finally got some move on instead of stepping in circles. I still can't make sense of the whole picture, plots and games which are going in the background, mainly in the name of the Witches. I am also happy Subaru could form something into a weapon to kill himself and run away from the grasps of unsatiable Satella. No, her crying didn't move me a bit and I say so by being an inquisitive and resolute antifan of Subaru, who deserves the worst.

    On the contrary, the writing of Garfiel is more and more terrible. Is he schizophrenic? I feel he himself doesn't know what he is doing? I cannot grab any reason behind his decission making, on which side he stands, what he protects, loves and despises. One day he is ok, next day he is there to hinder anything Subaru wants to do no matter he doesn't know what Subaru is up to. I hope someone cuts that gem off his necklace so he cannot be threatening anymore.

    Don't care about the origin of the loli hag and still don't really understand why she exists.

    Subaru going back to the manor satisfies me, though I don't know why he didn't take Rem too. We know she would go and she can be of some help if it would come to the attack again. Also not asking Roswaal about anything this timeline? Weird. I presume Subaru might be in this timeline on a "scouting" mission to learn more about the assault and to return there 1 or more times again.
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  8. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Well-Known Member

    THAT'S IT! There must be more than one Garfel too! He's also been cloned!
    He died before being consumed by Envy so Subaru wouldn't have seen his memories!
    He would have never left the trail in the timeline that he killed Otto and the villagers!

    There is 2, maybe 3 of them. I should go back and rewatch some episodes to see if sometimes he has the the around his neck or not to differentiate.
  9. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt that is the case. I won't claim the writing on him specifically is brilliant, but to be fair, every time he does something different, the circumstances of Subaru's actions are different than they were before, no time line has Subaru been 100% the same as any other.

    With that said, Garfiel's personality is very reactionary. his reaction changes by the details of what he sees, because he's honestly very neutral in the grand scheme of things and thinks Subaru COULD be an enemy while at the same time thinks he COULD be an ally, and he's constantly watching him to decide which it is, and the subtle sometimes drastic differences to Subaru's approach alters Garfeil's reactions as if balancing a needle on your finger. eventually, it will drop, but which direction is basically unpredictable.

    I believe Subaru could say the same words to garfeil and get a different result solely because of Subaru's expression and tone of voice, I think he's THAT fickle. The last obstacle I'd look forward to getting pass every reset.
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  10. interregnum

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    I'd love if he turned out to be another twist on Subaru's death loop power: where Echidna (etc) knows and can see every time loop Subaru goes through, perhaps Garfiel is the one non-constant, and it's literally a different Garfiel every time? Like, rather than clones, he's got a series of personalities or versions of himself, and each one sheds when time resets.

    I mean, I don't think that's true, but given that Subaru calls this out, I have to imagine that Garfiel's definitely got a secret that explains his behavior perfectly. And did we not learn that Garfiel is also connected to Echidna? I would put money on that being a cause. Somehow.

    It's got to be a part of the overarching plot of the series. Like, that Echidna was looking for a way to live forever inside witch-created life could correlate to Satella being able to bodyjack Emilia. (I mean, what if Emilia is a witch-clone? What if Satella accomplished what Echidna could not?)

    It's a weird time for him to stat doing it, this many episodes into the season, but at least he's remembered that this is something he can do.
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  11. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he's died enough now, and he's breezing through without any deaths, and is about to form a contract with Betty, which will give her an actual directive reason to fight back against the invasion.

    I wouldn't say he won't die again.......I mean dying is sorta his thing, but I think he'll clear the checkpoint waking next to Emilia in the current time line. next time he dies, it will be somewhere else that he comes back to......that's my bet.
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  12. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Just to say...

    I have the novels on my bookshelf (unread (yes, another series where I have the novels but haven't read them yet--it's a sickness, okay?)), so I thought I'd check the back covers for a description of the books, just to see what's up--and the Sanctuary stuff seems to be at least 4 light novels long, so...that's some context.
  13. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member


    Why did I have faith in Subaru to complete the task? Dude, you like 17-18 trying to rationalize the feelings of an immortal fairy that's been staring at empty pages for hundreds of years hoping some shit would randomly pop up.....

    Just finish the fucking task.............
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    prico211 Member

    Most (All?) the major players in this loop have some sort of vow which robs them of any sort of free will/thought... Why?

    Are each of these vows to different people or, since things need to be connected, are these vows to a single person?

    Who is this person? Satella, Echinda, or a third party? The same third party that hired Elsa and loli beast mage? Or is that also a different party?

    Have these questions already been answered but I've been too distracted by Subaru's continued failure?

    Possessed-Emilia is a freaky girl...

    I like her because her actions make sense. She's hired to kill someone and she does it. Great work! Subaru should take some notes.
    Also, Subaru, did you forget she pulled the same magic ice dodge on Puck back in the Capital...
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  15. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Well-Known Member

    Episode 36... turn up the horror to 11.
    Got my long conversation with Beatrice, got more info out of Elsa and her partner Maylie... great call back! We never did find out what caused those animals to be evil last season and I forgot about that fact, and she dropped a "Who's Rem?"! Got creeped the fuck out by "Emilia", got even angrier at Roswaal, actually felt a tiny drop of sadness for Garfiel.
    But, we now know who will lure the Great Rabbits in one place!
    Can't wait to see how 1. Subaru recovers from all this. 2. Implements his plan, because no where around the mansion is safe. 3. Will want to do this test run 1 more time.
    You can feel the climax about to break... almost taste it.
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  16. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    He was too busy being a bitch to think about that. Retarded can't kill a child morals after that child killed your friends.........And he doesn't have the greatest memory or problem-solving abilities when you consider how surprised he looked when Elsa said she found Beatrice by opening every door. I mean Ram literally told him that's how you find her, and it never occurred to him that's why all the doors were open in the 1st time loop until now.................little shit like that is why Subaru needs way more loops than the average thinker would.
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  17. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Oh for f***'s sake.

    I am convinced that, much like with The Walking Dead TV series taking place in a universe where zombies aren't a cultural reference of any kind prior to the "walker" outbreak, Subaru must be from a version of reality that never had a single time travel story in it ever.

    What an absolute, calamitous buffoon.

    So...confirmation that #BestGirl Betty is tied to(/is a minion of?) Echidna. Which...okay. Echidna is apparently the Nick Fury of this universe, her fingerprints are smudged all over so many different aspects of the story. (I'm strongly starting to lean in the direction of Satella not having earned the reputation she has but, rather, is the victim of a vicious gaslighting campaign. I mean, she's undoubtedly some kind of monster, but she might not be a plotting and scheming monster bent on world domination/destruction.)

    And confirmation that Roswaal...good heavens, Roswaal...
    1. sussed out Subaru's secret
    2. believes the thematic lesson of the season is that Subaru needs/"needs" to be more like him*
    3. is trying to bring [probably Satella] back (which...okay, isn't strictly confirmed, but I think it's pretty clear it's what he wants)
    Now, the interesting bit about this, I think, is that Roswaal's version of this and the one I had discussed for a few episodes, weeks ago, are different, which I imagine--should this turn out to be more significant than just a matter of revelation about Roswaal's character motivations--would be the key to this theme in the narrative:

    Roswaal views the similarity in terms of Subaru's obsession with (...well, notably devoted concern for) Emilia, specifically hoping that Subaru will further this tunnel vision to the extreme and use all talents and resources and cleverness at his disposal in pursuit of...whatever it is that obsessing over her would result in. Whereas I suggested that he be more like Roswaal in terms of seeing the big picture and, rather than taking it on faith that Emilia's awesome Emilia-ness would see her through to success, taking more direct action to (by acting indirectly) aid and support her in her quest.

    Which...look, it's late and I'm fighting off a head cold, so I think those are two different things, right? 'Cus the goal (Emilia vs Emilia's intentions) is different?

    I'm not sure what to do with all of this, honestly. I mean, I can put things together and make guesses, but...


    Still, I did genuinely chuckled in horror when I saw Beatrice had (once again) sent Subaru to a snowy version of Sanctuary. "Oh no!" I exclaimed, bringing my hands up to my mouth with a despairing laugh. "Oh, f***, you gotta be kiddin' me. That suuuuuuucks..."

    And then, in the end, THEY DIDN'T KILL HIM. did that happen?!

    I'd be more forgiving of this particular hiccup, even at this stage (though it's silly he's still this stupid about looping back), if we hadn't had 6 or 7 episodes of Sanctuary nonsense prior to this very recent run at trying to actually (finally!) use time travel to his advantage. I just...what the hell is going on?!

    I'm really very torn, right now. I kind of love how twisted up and turned in on itself everything is, how sprawling and obtuse it all is, how none of the rules quite seem to be holding up like they used to, how events aren't sticking to their regular patterns...but I'm also really bloody tired of noting making any frikkin' sense. (Or, rather, nothing making sense yet.)

    Even so, I'd be totally down with it if I knew we were headed towards the absolute endgame of the series. Things are desperate and seemingly impossible enough, as well as--crucially--mysterious enough, that a resolution here could very much feel like EVERYTHING has finally come together and worked itself out.

    But a quick glance at the number of light novels past where we seem to be that have already been published would seem to indicate that this is not that case.

    ...unless the Sanctuary arc is going to run for, like, 14 novels.

    Oo, well noticed.

    I wonder, though, if it robs them of free will, or if they simply see no advantage/reason to diverge from the path set before them.

    But it's a good counter to what Subaru (per my previous thoughts) could be meant to learn: that he needs to consider that the "right answer" isn't what he thinks or believes it is.

    Regardless, it's fitting that a guy who can timeloop and adjust actions to being about the good/Quantum Leap ending to a given scenario seems so inescapably foiled by a handful of people who are utterly against deviating from a set path.

    For my own self-confidence, I'm going to assume they have not.

    Once again, it's almost baffling that Subaru can be this incompetent. Failing, fine. I get failing. But to be so consistently stupid about failing, given his history, seems almost deliberate.

    He's got to be smarter than he's ever been, here, honestly. As in, he's got to either somehow figure out what's shifting all the spinning plates, from loop to loop, or he's going to have to get incredibly granular about seeking information/doing recon in a specific area before suiciding himself to move on to the next piece of the puzzle.

    Like, for instance, what happened to the letter he left for Emilia???


    I mean, he had a point about wanting to interrogate her, if possible, about her employer, but COME ON, Subaru, at least have our Betty disintegrate most of her limbs first, so she's less of a threat.
  18. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    It seemed like he did everything right and with a purpose up to the point he got to Beatrice, and then just like that he became dumb ass Subaru that forgot the shit that happened in other timelines. He went there to form that contract with Beatrice, but what he ended up doing was having a nice long chat about nothing. I said rationalizing with it was stupid, but honestly, I think if I was stuck in one room staring and a book with empty pages for 400 years, I'd want to die too......shouldn't be so hard to see why. Anyways last time he went there and chatted with her, blade lady opened the doors and fucked shit up, same shit happened basically, he forgot why he even came.

    But it's dumb luck, even if he contracted Betty, he didn't know about beast girl who killed the maids he sent off. So the decision to send them off was rational, but not the correct choice, he's gat to keep them there and contract Betty before the attack happens. I think it's clear Betty has the power to kill the intruders, so long as dumb ass Subaru doesn't distract her, just let her kill kill kill.......
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    RascaI Well-Known Member

    i wish i was bingeing this instead
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  20. MisterDapper

    MisterDapper Well-Known Member

    EP: 11
    Does Subaru not remember anything Roswaal told him in the last timeline or so? He's supposed to say "I am the one" or w.e. to make a contract with Beatrice. He was told what to do, but still acts like a dumb.

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