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    I'm getting major sk8 the infinity vibes from this so far!
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    I'm surprised this doesn't get more attention here, it's a quite good show. Great characters, decently good animation and story is enjoyable.
    Only thing that keeps it stuck between just good and great, is that although it's about a minor sport, it's still a normal sports anime with some of the story beats it entails. But it at least gives a decent effort to shake things up.

    Episode 4:
    I have no idea how I missed that the kuudere in the background is the brother.
    Also, I find it hilarious that they get rekt by elementary students.
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  3. samguine

    samguine New Member

    I agree with everything you said. I'm really enjoying it!
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  4. OshiriPenPen

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    Episode 5:
    The animation during the match itself could be a bit snappier, with a bit more of a punch. Some quicker cuts or stronger sound design. But this was more like a quick summary of them getting curbstomped by a bunch of children, so I think the actual sport is more like a framework for the character drama.
    Yeah, glasses boy getting close to amnesia boy by tricking him is kinda creepy. Love how polite amnesia boy is while being direct:
    "Wow, that's creepy. Oh, sorry, I don't mean you are creepy, but damn, that's creepy."
    Although the reaction gets mitigated when they delve deeper into why he's acting like he does. It's as cute as it's creepy how he is fanboying for senpai.

    Also, all of them have some serious baggage. I wonder what captain boy's deal is with his father that he is avoiding him like that.
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    Posted by Nekus on Aug 9, 2021
    Why even fucking bother hiding the coach answer and then 3 minutes later acting like you are making a reveal when saying "my special talent is... hard work!" Like... come the fuck on. It's the same in almost every single sport show.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate that it is that. It always makes sense thematically. But don't act like it's a surprise, it only makes me annoyed.
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  6. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Aug 16, 2021
    I'm dropping this, I'm just bored of it. Nothing terrible happened this week (well maybe except that suicide joke being in very poor taste) but when sport anime get into the rhythm there is hardly more hope of them doing suddenly something interesting.

    Also, while I would usually love characters being honest and open with their feelings to their friends... they way they constantly do it in this show makes them see more like people in the same therapy group rather than friends. It's weirdly off-putting.
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    OshiriPenPen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that was really unnecessary.

    Sports-anime need some cheesiness, but there's a difference between a sprinkling some well-aged cheddar on it and smothering it in cheap American cheese. And this episode was definitely the latter.

    Episode 6:
    The episodes can be kinda hit or miss, but this one was rather a miss. Not well-paced and kinda hamfisted. Some groaners, too. Like the suicide joke and stoic boy throwing the sudden exposition out of left field.

    Not gonna drop it, but I understand if people are less patient with it. I'm going to continue watching it for the speedos. Putting the cheap drama aside, I like anime about less represented sports like Water Polo, so I hope the actual game is gonna be put more into focus in the future.
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  8. OshiriPenPen

    OshiriPenPen Well-Known Member

    Episode 7:
    The plot flows along as expected for a drama-centered sports anime. It lives and dies with the characters and how stale the story beats are, but so long I can say it's nothing that blows me away, but the characters are sympathetic and they put some effort into mixing up the plot with new-ish twists.

    That the MC apparently was a major dick before he lost his memories is interesting to me. It'll probably be resolved within the next episode, but that is one of the new-ish twists that are quite good for the show. I like it.
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  9. vudujuju

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    Episode 7
    The drama in this show is pretty crazy. I mean two brothers who are outright proclaiming rivalry is one thing, but a dad and brother who refuse to speak to each other for years because the son won't eat the food is insane. Like... ok the dad doesn't cook anymore... so what does he eat?? Does he eat instant ramen as well?? If so why doesn't he eat with his son? Like I'm usually all for drama but that was just laughable.

    Side note: the ramen looked great, kinda jealous of Jo. Also the fact that he can make gains solely on ramen.

    I agree this is definitely a compelling enough twist for me. It seems like something they should have brought up or at least hinted at way sooner though.

    Kinda impressive also that the episode was able to tie the teamwork issues, the two brothers' rivalry, and Jo's dad problems together into one ep. I'm not fully convinced they've gotten better as a team just by getting new jerseys, though. I'll believe it when I see it.
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  10. OshiriPenPen

    OshiriPenPen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I like the freshness of the twists, but I can't deny that the execution is a bit..

    I don't think the jerseys will change the team by themselves, it's that everyone wants to change which will bring the team together. But yeah, now that you mention it, they brought a lot different plot points together in a good manner.
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  11. Dhaifz

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    Posted by Dhaifz on Sep 6, 2021
    Ep 8:
    The best episode so far, kinda curious what happens next.
  12. Cobaltseas

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    I have to admit I didn't expect this to be one of the few anime I'd still be watching at this point. What I mean Is that I didn't expect that I would end up dropping so many of the rest, not that this seemed in any way bad. Despite that the focus seems more on the drama rather than on the sports.

    This episode though seemed to pile on the twists- almost too much so. I felt like I was getting as much mental whiplash as the MC. I kept wondering if all this was really necessary for plot development. Sure I had thought the reveal about him being a jerk was interesting, and had looked forward to how he would deal with that, except now he doesn't. Well I suppose he will eventually in someway, but given we have, what, 4 episodes left for him to regain last years memory and personality and integrate those (get knocked on the head again), get the team in shape, and win something, it seems there's going to be a busy schedule ahead.
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    Episode 7:
    Really good way to put it.

    Seriously, they had to do all this without any foreshadowing? The annoying glasses kid even admired Minato soooo much to go to the same school as him, even though he was straight bullied. (I guess he's a masochist?) In the beginning they even made comments about how Minato always had a good relationship with his sister, and their relationship essentially picked up where they left off. Sooo I guess in the past he was nice to his sister but an asshole to everyone else? By the way, his angry reaction to waking up was kinda hilarious.

    Also, not really sure what this will do for Minato's character development... I guess they'll have to end with a weird merging of the two personalities?? I hope this doesn't go the route of Golden Time... D:

    Lastly wow that girl was hella manipulative, guess toxic people attract toxic people lol.
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  14. Sajonji

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    Show starts off with an interesting concept: MC being top player in middle school but loosing his memory and physical form through an accident. Now we watch him getting back into the sport.
    I liked that, haven't seen a show featuring a concept like this before.
    The team cast is likable, though quite stereotypical: shy silent guy, easily enraged guy, stoic focused guy, etc.
    However, what i didn't like was the 2nd time MC lost his memory, forgetting the story we witnessed so far, but remembering his middle school experiences. With that comes a complete change of character, the before happy-go-lucky MC turns out to have been quite the asshole before the accident. Though we get a certain kind of character development, i think i would have prefered the MC to remember without forgetting the newer memories and having to deal with remembering being this asshole and move forward with that.

    All in all a good show, 7 / 10.

    i know this post is almost 6 months old, but if you still get the notification: check out The Room with the amazing, the fabulous, the one and only Tommy Wiseau. Director, Producer, Writer and Main Character, everything done by Tommy Wiseau. And what a masterpiece & all time classic that movie became ;)
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    6/12 and I may be looking at my all time favourite sport anime
  16. Twinkietaem

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    Ngl, after finishing it, it kind of upsets me how much people joke about the water polo coach

    It's mentioned that not a single teacher wanted to handle the water polo club and the coach took on a second club to ensure Jo could actually train for an entire school year on his own. He runs two clubs, purely out of respect and adoration of his students following their dreams and what the want to do, and gives himself extra work to do just to allow the team to flourish.

    I get it's somewhat funny he doesn't know, but give the man some respect. Definitely a teacher/coach I'd adore to have

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