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  1. Gakorak

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    How can there be no topic for this show? I'm at episode 20 and loving the hell out of it. A must see for anime fans, it has everything we love. I'm drunk too, so spread the love baby!

    But really, awesome show, it might be dated but it takes away nothing from the enjoyment of the series, if anything, it's animation is amazing, they look cheap, but the movement is legit.

    at episode 20 this gets 4/5 from me. :drinking::drinking::drinking:
  2. Gakorak

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    at episode 33 now. The series takes a change of direction from being less slice of life to more fighting at season 2, but the core of the slice of life runs strong and there's still no loss of enjoyment from romance taking too long to develop, since all the characters constantly poke at it and keep it fresh.

    I've been watchin' it with family and friends too, not something that usually happens, but they enjoy akane and ranman a lot and the rest of the cast has found places in some of our hearts. I'm surprized no one jumped on this topic and went, "Oh Oh, I know dis show, it so good, it so good it did me good. oh, yea." -chinese accent-
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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    Heh, myself I made the Manga thread for this recently since there was none. I'm only at ep 64 in the anime, but I've read the entire manga, so I already know what will happen, so I'm not too inclined to finish the anime.

    Also, you might want to get someone to correct the title for the thread ;)
  4. jugemxjugem

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    i remember some of the show when i watched it as a kid before.
    Thinking about watching it when i finish xxxholic.
    how many episodes are there in total ?? around 100??
  5. Gakorak

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    whoops, hopefully an admin will notice and be kind enough to fix it for me <3

    And I believe there's over 150+ episodes. yay :3
  6. Habhome

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    I think there's 161 episodes in total in all 7 seasons. That's as many as I have at least.
  7. Schizm

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    Posted by Schizm on May 24, 2012
    Re: Ranman 1/2

    It's actually my favorite out of Rumiko Takahashi's works, even though I mean the manga. The show is fun and decent too but also has many filler episodes (some of them are surprisingly entertaining). Don't forget to watch the OVA episodes once you're done, SoTa.
  8. Gakorak

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    Getting in the 60's right now, and I will make sure to watch the OVA's too.
  9. Garyuu

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    Posted by Garyuu on May 24, 2012
    Re: Ranman 1/2

    The fathers were the best characters on the show, and I thought Happosai should have been just a character that appeared in a few episodes. His panty stealing got old. I just wish there was more of Tofu and Ukyo.

    That's right.
  10. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    Re: Ranman 1/2

    The dads were great. They made awesome banter. And Happosai did get old, so did the Kuno man-servant. He was ultra annoying. (Luckily not a factor for the manga)
  11. Garyuu

    Garyuu Active Member

    Re: Ranman 1/2

    What confused me about Genma and Soun is their ability to transform into giants. Did they explain that one episode, and I forgot? I don't remember. I just remember that they could suddenly grow a hundred feet.
  12. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    Re: Ranman 1/2

    It was the aura they could make. A battle aura. They could concentrate and the strong aura would appear. Sometimes it could intimidate. Soun did it to Ranma, Mostly a fatherly one that intimidated.

    Sometimes the Aura did nothing for the actual wielder. I seem to remember a stand off that involved Happossai where there was giant aura from both sides, but nothing came of it other than them passing out.
  13. Zeaig

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    Posted by Zeaig on Jun 3, 2012
    Re: Ranman 1/2

    Ah, This used to be my favorite anime back in the day. It has tons of good episodes but due to its size. It has a even larger amount of filler episodes that aren't so great but i guess that's to be expected.

    I always liked the concept of characters switching gender due to strange circumstances in animes. Such as kasimasi did with the aliens.

    As mentioned the fathers are probably the best characters, But i also liked Ukyo Kuonji a lot.
  14. Gakorak

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    Re: Ranman 1/2

    someone for the love of god tell me there's an ending to ranma 1/2 that isn't him just abusing Akane. o.0
  15. Schizm

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    Posted by Schizm on Jun 6, 2012
    Re: Ranman 1/2

    Ranma abusing Akane? In what world? He's too busy running away from the abuse Akane and the other females in the show threaten him with.
  16. Gakorak

    Gakorak New Member

    Re: Ranman 1/2

    He's running for his life before or after his barrage of insults? Though I'll admit it all started because of akane, but he does say waaay to much against her for almost nothing.

    Compromise: they're both idiots, now where's my ending? >: O
  17. Thrawn


    Bump, and I'll be here tomorrow.
  18. AngelBeatsYui

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    Just started this series and so far I am way too confused, but that's just me.
    Episode 1

    Panda, why a panda...no idea why but I enjoyed this randomness. However there are so many bath scenes, why?!

    Episode 2

    I am so growing to like this series, I think that I have just about gotten used to this weirdness.

    Episode 3

    Well that escalated quickly, and only a few episodes in. How entertaining.
    And seriously, who laughs like that. (Well Kuno obviously)

    Episode 4
    Well, wow...that was slightly weird. That opening though, can't wait for tomorrow. This is going to get interesting.

    My updates are so short
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  19. Thrawn


    You can never have enough bath scenes :megusta:

    Episode 1
    This is so retro. The animation, shaking booty of the OP, animation, the OP is charming in it's own way and it has the Rumiko Takahashi style. Unmistakable.

    A red-haired chick is being chased by a giant panda. And then they fight. Classic. And she just throws him! Claaaaasic!
    *Whap* with a sign, and the panda- the reaction to the Panda picking her up is just hilarious.

    I should mention now that I read a dozen or so of the manga, years ago. A decade ago. I know what's gonna happen like I judge stuff based on a scene.

    Akane is too strong and all violent for boys to like her much. Back then, it was all about chicks who were all feminine. It was a very sexist time back then.

    Haha! I love the dad.

    Ranma is really cute as a girl. Cuter than Akane.

    I love how the father is just trying to determine what's wrong. So jokes that it took that long.
    And the Middle Child squeezing her breast as a test. Comedy!

    It'll be violent gal way before violent tsundere.

    50 quid on Ranma.

    Ranma's so awesome that she can just dodge like gangbusters.
    Seriously, this art is classy good.

    Geez, both of them crying in the sunset, gold.


    Ranma is innocent here.
    Paaaaause. And Akane is all chill until she gets out. Just loving this.

    I literally thought she was gonna flip a bitch instead of picking it up.

    God this is so Rumiko Takahashi. Makes me think of Maison Ikkoku.

    Ranma's dad is also pretty great.

    The travel guide and the pool grounds!
    Frigging hilarious how every pool there, all 100, have had someone or something die in it.

    Ha! Been waiting for the better built part. And the signature hand gesture.

    Good stuff, enjoyed the first episode.
  20. markofcold

    markofcold New Member

    like Yui, I found this series really weird at first. But still at it and I have to say it's grown on me quite a bit. I mean the idea of a gender-bend anime about romance and Marshal arts is ridiculous! However somehow they pulled it of for me.

    I watched episodes 1-8 so I'm just going to give my opinions so far...

    First of, I'm really liking the romance element of the story. Its defiantly not the best or cutest, but the story itself is really interesting. I think the opening really helps contribute to the genre but in a childish way. You get the impressions that they hate each other but like each other. This also makes it quite funny how other characters view their relationship. Be it your average school kid who thinks their engaged or the sisters poking fun at Ranma or the panda who is desperate for them to get together and keeps relating it back to his past.

    Second thing I'm mixed about and that's animations. Yes I know its supposed to be retro, but still in my opinion the panda character is really ugly. Well really all the adults look ugly... Also fight scenes are rushed and already certain elements are getting pretty repetitive...
    On the other hand the characters look cute at times and I like that. The way they move is also a lot better than most modern day anime. Considering how old it is it is quite impressive. Not even original pokemon episodes can live up to the quality.

    Next is voice acting and that's probably one of the best parts. It gives each character its own sense of character.

    Overall its a very good start to a very good anime. I admit it is pretty weird at times and characters never behave how you want or expect them to. I really wonder where they are going with this...
    My only concern is that it is already getting repetitive...
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