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  1. JasIruka

    JasIruka New Member

    I don't know if this has being asked before but I would like to have the same that "Total episodes" counter have for anime in the manga section, just to know how many chapters have I read in total.
    Is it possible?
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  2. AmeagariHime

    AmeagariHime Well-Known Member

    Although it seems like a cool feature, it would be hard to apply in manga/webcomics which are only listed as volume or only as chapters
    Ex; Aku no Musume manga only haves volume count, and most webcomics have the chapter option only
  3. JasIruka

    JasIruka New Member

    And then how do the web count the Life on manga bar?
  4. AmeagariHime

    AmeagariHime Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, you got me there
  5. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Posted by sothis on Nov 10, 2018
    Thanks for your enthusiasm, but it would be helpful if you didn't reply to these feature request posts with your opinions/ideas about the features. It can be misleading for the user who posted the request, as if it is an official answer.
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  6. JasIruka

    JasIruka New Member

    Then again, it should be a cool feature to add to the web if possible even if it's split in readed chapters and readed volumes.
    If someone official could answer me the question I would be glad, thanks!
  7. Yola13

    Yola13 New Member

    Hi i am New and i dont know How to star reading a manga i search the name but i dont know where i have to clic so i can start reading it What can i do?
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

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