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  1. PockyCandy

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    Has anyone seen the movie? I liked the first season :love: and am about to watch the second season.
  2. originalbonbon

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    Since it was only released on January 9th in Japan I'm not expecting to see it for a little while unfortunately :( It still has to be subbed and released to all of us lousy english speakers.
  3. PockyCandy

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    I hope that it doesn't take too long to get licensed /dubbed.
  4. originalbonbon

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    You like dubs more than subs Pocky? I've never really been able to get into dubs because the voice acting always seems to be "sub-par." Are there any anime you'd recommend where the english voice actors are particularly good?
  5. PockyCandy

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has a great dub. Ouran Highschool Host Club is another. Fate Zero has a good dub as well.

    As for your original question, I really don't prefer one over the other. If I start a series though, I can't switch between subs and dubs though while I'm watching the show. I get used to the voices.
  6. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Jul 26, 2015
    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    Just got around to seeing this. It was pretty meh overall I guess, here's some loose thoughts regading what I thought worked and and what didn't.

    +Very little Mika, and what little there was of her reminded of wasn't nearly as terrible as in the 2nd season .She just has a very strong difference of opinion and a lack of respect for her senior officer which is just a tad annoying but not completely dumb at least, harsh but never given the chance to be the complete fuckwit she was in season 2.
    -New villains were very shallow and forgettable
    -Still don't really know much of anything about the new members of of the Public Security Bureau (except Mika, and again FUCK that awful shit-stain). The new tall black haired dude didn't even say anything
    +Maintained decent pacing throughout
    +Great action in spots
    -The goddamn Engrish, jesus fuck if you thought Terror in Resonance was bad enough to not take certain scenes seriously then you haven't seen anything yet. It made up like at least a quarter of the dialogue. Worst of all it had no reason to be there since unlike Terror in Resonance which had Americans involved, this movie was set in Southeast Asia. Not once is there any reference to Anglophone nations so what was the point?
    -Doesn't show in detail the societal effects of Sybil's presence in the region, which is what the point of the movie should have been. All it did was say DEMOCRACY GOOD SYBIL BAD
    -Ends with Akane talking Sybil into changing it's mind again
    -Final twist rendered much of what we saw pointless
    Seemed like it was Psycho-Pass's take on the Individual Eleven storyline from GITS: SAC 2nd Gig but with a worse script.

    EDIT: Eh, on second thought this probably doesn't deserve a pass. 4.5 it is.
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  7. Lpu8er

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    Posted by Lpu8er on Jul 27, 2015
    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    From someone who isn't native english speaker like me, it sounds, well kinda fun, but also not so bad. South East Asia Union is a messy patchwork of countries in war; approximative english has some sense.

    I really liked the two seasons (first reaching 5 stars for me...), but the OAV was not a good idea, excepted for those who wanted Kogami back. As a fan of Psycho-Pass, but not especially of Kogami, I liked the show, but not as far as I hoped to.

    (I know, my english, etc. Hi, everyone. Ow, and 7.5/10 in my mind. Could be better, really.)
  8. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Posted by g3data on Jul 27, 2015
    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    The problem was how they chose to go the hard way by having characters attempting to speak English when none of the viewers would have raised an eyebrow if the people of SEAUN just spoke Japanese or something. It's a made-up Nation so who gives a crap. I can't really buy the excuse you offered just now because of how everyone was speaking it, even that kid in the car asking his dad about what Han was saying on the air. Probably would've been better to just ignore language barriers all together.

    I actually think the idea of Sybil trying it's hand at forging foreign relations is an amusing idea, was hoping it would lead to seeing the concept of the system being applied on a macro level. Shame that they only used it for an sci-fi action b movie. I brought up GITS SAC 2 since it not only decided to look shift focus from futuristic domestic crimes to overseas conflicts with a fictional nation like what this movie did, it also set out to not make a complete joke of it's script (again, like this movie), but that was a full series on it's own and thus had more time to be, well, good. Maybe this idea should've been what Psycho-Pass 2 was all about instead of the nonsensical battle with super surgeon/hacker Frankenstein and the world's biggest mama's boy.

    Also felt like Kougami's return was a bit underwhelming. I was kind of hoping that their would be something of a more cathartic moment between the two of them besides "eh let's just talk about what's going on and leave each other alone now". A fight scene involving the two of them whupping mercenary ass would've been swell too.
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  9. Lpu8er

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    Posted by Lpu8er on Jul 28, 2015
    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    Mh, indeed, good example. Even if I really think they wanted to bring a feeling of "foreign land", I hereby agree with such a good example; children should speak better english in such a context of united nations.

    Maybe; but that would remove the "collective psycho-pass" idea.

    In fact, Season 2 and the OAV may be a good introduction to another season, using ALL of new concepts (collective psycho-pass, individual collars, fake "sponsored" data entries...). But I didn't hear anything about it, so I really fear that this is just the end.
    And such a statement is really bad for me; bringing this as the classic "OAV which should never be aired as-is"... As you said; a good B action-scifi movie, but that's all.

    Probably made for fans, probably deceiving for fans. A little shame.
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  10. RoyalOss

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    Is it best to watch the movie before or after the second season of the series?

    Hellsing Ultimate - JP is also great.

    And Dragonball + Dragonball Z, acting not so sure, but I never got used to the sound of the JP many others.

    Im a sub guy btw
  11. g3data

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    Re: Psycho Pass Movie

    The film takes place after the 2nd season, but it doesn't reference anything that happened in it besides featuring some of the Public Security Bureau members for a few scenes. You won't be lost at all since they're mostly a bunch of nobodies and watching s2 won't help.
  12. Blaxe

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    Posted by Blaxe on Apr 2, 2018
    There are some references to 2nd season, like the fact kogami doesn't realize that the sybil system can replace people from important roles, but tsunemori did... and that moment when kogami asked about gino and tsunemori said he's an executioner now, etc. etc.
    Without 2nd season you wouldn't even realize why shimotsuki acts like that and why tsunemori was able to do something to stop sybil
  13. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    That Akane vs. Kogami wrestling match was pretty cool.

    Again, just like the series, it was a very intense action thriller.

    But... it felt more like a side story than a sequel. The original was definitely a step above the rest.

    I enjoyed it for what it was.
    4.0/5 (very good)

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