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    Posted by sothis on Mar 9, 2016
    Anime-Planet has three privacy levels for your reviews and custom lists.

    Share with:

      • People visiting my profile
      • No one
      • Everyone
    The privacy level you should choose depends on the type of review or custom list you're creating. Moderators might also change your privacy level (and will notify you) if it doesn't meet the criteria for 'public' content.

    Share with people visiting my profile

    With this option, your review or custom list is visible to anyone who visits your profile. Also, people who follow you will see it elsewhere on the site, such as linked from the anime or manga entry the review is associated with.

    For custom lists, this option is great for when you want to share a list of suggestions for a friend, are taking part in a group challenge, or when you have a list idea that isn't helpful to the broader community, but your friends might be interested in seeing it.

    For reviews, this level is the default. Use this level for reviews of any length that dont fit the review guidelines. We especially encourage you to use this level if you just want to write a quick impression or short summary of what you thought of the series. This way, people who follow you will see your impressions (similar to how Goodreads works), while leaving the site reviews to those that are longer and fit the guidelines.

    For current season titles, moderators will change public reviews to this privacy level if you've added an initial series impression and haven't updated the review once a decent chunk of episodes have been released.

    Share with no one

    These lists and reviews are 'private'. Only you will see them in your own profile; the public, and your followers, will not.

    Most custom lists that are created end up being for personal tracking. Examples include:

    • Anime watched last week
    • Rewatch list
    • 2014 anime goal

    The above examples could potentially be marked "people who visit my profile" as well. It depends on if you think your followers might be interested in seeing these lists. If just for your own use or to remember your viewing patterns, keep this privacy level when creating a list. All challenge lists or "what I watched in x season" lists will be set to "people visiting my profile", even if reasons are attached, because they are still personal tracking.

    For reviews, use as a personal notes feature. We hope to add a search option in the future, so you could use this as a way to jot down notes or short impressions that you don't want to share with others.

    Share with everyone

    These 'public' lists and reviews should only be marked as such if they're helpful to the wider community.

    For reviews, this means it needs to fit the review guidelines, or have a good reason for not doing so. Moderators will generally change all reviews that don't meet these criteria to 'people who visit my profile'.

    For custom lists, only use this option if the list helps the community. For example:

    • Best anime for beginners
    • Anime with fantastic artwork
    • Best series to watch with your parents
    • Top horror anime
    • Anime that are so bad they’re good
    • My favorite anime **(with caveat; see below)

    Basically, an ordered list that will help people make decisions on what to watch or read next. They can be funny as well, or educational. For example, one of the most hilarious custom lists I’ve seen on another movie-based (non-anime) site is a list of all movies that including someone pooping on the toilet. It’s crude and ridiculous but also is hilarious. You could create your own lists based on factoids or info that aren’t taggable with our current tags.

    These lists should always have a reason for each item, because the person reading will want to know why it’s good (or bad). Titles should generally have “best” or something indicating what type of list it is, rather than just being titled “Artwork” and it’s about anime that have great artwork (better would be “Best anime artwork”)

    My favorite anime is a special case, and one that should be used sparingly if set to 'everyone'. For example, it’s useful to have a ‘my top list’ for all anime or for all manga if you also have descriptions or reasons why, but it should be set to 'people visiting my profile' if it’s just a list without reasons. If someone is looking at Naruto custom lists and sees ‘my favorites’ with no other info, that wont help them know if they should watch it or not, nor would they have a reason to look at the rest of the items in the list.

    You also could create ‘my favorite [insert studio or tag here] list”, but with the same caveat: you should add descriptions/reasons so it’s helpful to users.

    Note that very popular custom list titles might be edited for spelling/grammar if there's a minor typo (and it's clearly not stylistic), such as capitalizing the first word in the title. This is because top voted custom lists display in the entries.

    Custom lists that have things like numbering (such as: 2. Best shoujo anime - which you added for the sake of ordering in your profile) will be set to "people who follow me". This sort of numbering looks bad/like a typo in the anime and manga entries. Please leave titles "normal" if you'd like them to be public.

    Lists that have obvious spoiler titles (such as "characters who shouldn't have died") should never be made public, with no exceptions.

    If you have any questions about the privacy options, feel free to post them here.
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    Posted by sothis on Sep 2, 2016
    Added a few notes in here after moderating some more lists:

    1. Any lists that have numbering in them will be changed to "people visiting my profile", because it frankly looks terrible in the anime/manga entries. While you might choose to use this to "order" your lists in your profile (such as: "2. Best shoujo anime"), please note that these will be changed to "people visiting my profile". Instead, leave off the numbering if you'd like the list to be public/to display in the anime/manga entries.

    2. Clarified that any "challenge" lists or "what I watched in x season" lists will be set to "people visiting my profile", as these are not helpful to the wider community. Changing the focus to "Best [season] anime" is fine as it's more generic - personal tracking (what you watched, as the focus) isn't helpful to the wider community.

    As always, please reply if you have any questions, ^_^
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    Posted by sothis on Sep 12, 2016
    Added a note that spoiler title = should never be public, with no exceptions.
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