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  1. commonxreaction

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    The opening part of 3 with the Galaxy Standard seemed to be playing in that ballpark. :pokerface:

    I guess I didn't fully grasp it before, but it's kind of cool how they "pass off" in order to progress. I guess it was hard to tell because they were just practicing with the two guys and I didn't realize that a race would be with five people.

    I don't like how a lot of the obstacles are glazed over. Like, we don't see them and by the time they are show it's like a still shot of the runner already overcoming it. It would be nice to see some more action. I enjoyed the bridge jump scene.

    4 & 5
    I do like how they race atop of obstacles and not just in a straight line.

    So... Ayumu's dumb stunt isn't a problem? Don't they need 5 people to race?
    Riku Yagami's voice reminds me of Favaro from Bahamut... I've noticed it a few times now, I should check that after this episode.

    Not much to say about these episodes. They go pretty quick.
  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 5:

    Bleah, this was some stupidass, shitty, forced drama.
    The whole logic behind Kuga taking the blame to save the club is tenuous at best, but then the fact that Heath doesn't say anything to clear up the misunderstanding after the third years are long gone is facepalm worthy. It just keeps the club divided for no good reason other than to make Kuga out to be the tragic misunderstood hero. There's a lot of bad blood here that could have been avoided if people didn't keep stupid secrets from each other.

    Also, fuck protecting those asshole third years. The relationer fucked up and kick an injured Heath while he was down. I get people are passionate, but that guy can just go fuck himself.

    This was the bad kind of melodrama and the everything surrounding Kuga was corny as fuck.
  3. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Everything about Himemiya confuses me. The fuckin' hairstyle most of all.
  4. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 9, 2016
    Now, I'm not saying trap guys with twin tails can't be hot, but half black and blonde hair? That's fugly as shit to me.
  5. Tents

    Tents Forum Moderator

    Posted by Tents on Feb 9, 2016
    Didn't one of his teammates call him a princess or something? Is he supposed to be a trap because that voice gives him out and gets my brain in a mush due to cognitive dissonance.
  6. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    I was afraid the relationer guy for the other team was
    literally going to shit a brick in his anger. His rant was so damn histrionic that I just had to roll my eyes.For a guy trying to play mind games he lost his cool hilariously fast. He would probably rage flip the chessboard the very first time he lost a pawn. If he keeps it up he's going to die from a heart attack in a couple of years.

    The whole connecting emotion thing is so damn overdone and saccharine that it makes me feel a bit nauseous. If I want this level of melodrama I'll just go back to watching Ace Wo Nerae because that show pulls it off muuuch better with characters I actually give a shit about.
  7. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    I'm glad the jacket didn't fit on Kuga, lol.

    I hate people like the relationer from Ichijokan... I hope he dies. I had to deal with people like that in high school, and it's like, how are you going to be an instigator and then call someone else violent for reacting to your actions. I hope he dies. :pokerface:

    Wow, I hate this whole Ichijokan team. That didn't take long.

    It's like, every episode now, "Are you Yagami's brother? That's cool." And, opposing Relationers be like, "Mind tricks all day. They might collide, your group be dumb."

    Man, the Relationer of Ichijokan has rant skills out the ass. I haven't seen someone so hysterical since Light Yagami when N was like, "Nah, you just a murderer." This guy could be Light reincarnate.

    Chapter 2 begins? Didn't they say Chapter 2 started at the beginning of this episode...? :pokerface:
  8. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 18, 2016

    A complete and total waste of time. There really is nothing else that needs to be said about this.
  9. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Literally forget I watched episode 7 until Gen posted about it. I'm having trouble recalling anything specific from the episode, but if I had to guess then
    the Haru knock off probably inappropriately drooled over someone's legs and I vaguely remember him spreading white sticky viscous fluid on food, but I don't remember why he was trying to feed everyone his "special protein goop." Bad news Haru wannabe but semen doesn't even contain that much protein.
  10. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 18, 2016
    It doesn't? Well shit, guess I'm going to have to change my daily diet then.

    Also, this comment was probably funnier and more memorable than the entirety of this show put together for me.
  11. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    We need a machete version of this show. Much of it could be a short OVA.
  12. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Pretty much. The problem is the show has decided to just focus on the sport part of the game and leave out all the reverse harem stuff, but there's not really enough meat on the bones to make a full on sports anime out of it. The racing parts are pretty cool, but they're so short because they're not the real focus on of the game. Really making a cool series of OVAs with a nice budget for the races would be pretty enjoyable, but as the full series there's not enough of it so it has to throw in a bunch of fanservice and other stuff to stretch out the content. It doesn't help that the show wants to be Free so damn bad, but it doesn't have the character depth or strong enough dramatic writing to make it work.
  13. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    I don't know why there is a break in the running, I pretty much agree with what's been stated that this show is one that would really benefit from less fluff, more action.

    The one thing I can say that I liked was the cool training track, it reminded me of a Mario Kart track.

    Otherwise, I don't really care enough about the characters to want to see moments outside of them running. Although, I do want chicken teriyaki after that eating scene. I love me some chicken teriyaki.

    There was a ton of phallic imagery at the end there, just saying.
  14. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Feb 23, 2016

    The good:
    Well at least an actual race happened this episode.

    The bad:
    Everything else, it took way too fucking long to get to the race and the drama was complete rubbish again to me that I could not give a single fuck about it.

    Also, looks like a beach episode is coming up next, man, such terribly exciting stuff......right guys?
  15. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 8:

    Kiss him you fool!

    That pink haired guy is super creepy. Funny this was the first time I got a rape-y otome game vibe from this anime.

    The only other thing I have say about this episode was the Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan/Kentaro joke was actually pretty funny.

    The rest of the episode was pretty forgettable, though.
  16. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Mar 1, 2016

    Yeeeeeeeep, this was mostly just a dreaded beach/pool episode. My favourite thing ever in anime.
  17. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 9:

    This show wants to be Free so bad it hurts to watch. It just doesn't have the character depth to pull of the drama. The first season of Free had plenty of drama, but it developed the characters first and didn't step into full on melodrama in the second season after the character had already earned the sympathy of the audience and the audience could relate to even the over the top emotional displays. This show tried to jump right to the melodrama and failed.
  18. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    You say that a lot.
  19. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Because it's true. Free was a huge success and it's not surprise that there have been several imitators. This episode makes it especially blatant. They even have the guys doing swimming races.
  20. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Mar 3, 2016
    Pretty much, Free not only had the sexy man abs but it actually had good characters too. It's pretty depressing watching this show when I keep thinking every time "I should probably be watching Free instead".

    I think I'm going to cheer myself up now by watching police man rin do some hip thrusting:

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