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Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Damias, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

    Posted by Damias on Nov 21, 2019
  2. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

  3. TruceKalispera

    TruceKalispera Active Member

    seems good... kinda like scooby doo, but anime
  4. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Nov 12, 2020
    Ignoring studio and director this looks like legit trash. But alas, I will give it a shot for those two reasons.
  5. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    Looks good. I mean, director is honestly most integral with anime

    I think it's more that pretty boy shows often get bad staff than being inherently bad

    Looking forward to it
  6. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    This 100%
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  7. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Nov 13, 2020
    Those are the most gay short-shorts I've seen on a questionably aged pretty boy.
  8. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    Hajime Ootani is finally making his Simbo debut
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  9. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Feb 15, 2021
    I JUST DISCOVERED THAT THE LIGHT NOVELS ARE BY NISIOISIN??? I take back everything I said. This is the show I'm the most looking forward to this spring now.
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  10. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    rest of the staff was announced
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  11. TeddytheBear

    TeddytheBear Active Member

    New Shaft Anime!!!! New Nisio Isin adaptation!!!!! I'm more hyped for this anime then I should be, considering that this type of anime really isn't my type. I'm hoping the direction and subversive writing will bring it up a notch, but it'll be an entertaining show regardless.
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  12. shortcircuits69

    shortcircuits69 New Member

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  13. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    the heroine's VA for OHSHC is voicing the heroine for this show too lol
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  14. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Apr 10, 2021
    The first episode was absolutely fantastic, I loved literally everything.
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  15. Theshadowswinger

    Theshadowswinger Active Member

    Great ep. Characters are beautiful, liked the music, it gave off this retro disco vibe which was a welcome feel for me. I don't see any underlying progressive story so far but like that's pretty common for light anime. But it's still the first ep. And I hope it eventually leads to a finishing climax. So no complaints so far!
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  16. glowingyoonie

    glowingyoonie New Member

    What a cute first episode- i loved the visuals especially, everything is so vibrant, detailed and sparkling. looking forward to learning more about the individual characters!
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  17. Yudesei

    Yudesei Well-Known Member

    There's only one episode aired so far, and the anime has my full attention already. Great start.
  18. TeddytheBear

    TeddytheBear Active Member

    I don't wanna spoil anything but this slaps. I'm not telling you what happens, watch it yourself
  19. neocow

    neocow New Member

    Pretty weak, but really solid aesthetics, the sky especially.

    I'll give it another chance, and episode 2 a watch, and and see her new dream of becoming a Bishounen come true
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  20. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    It was interesting. Cute characters. Interesting visuals. I feel like the first episode was all set up though, so there's not much to say yet

    Didn't know the cast was mainly middleschoolers before watching, but not a big surprise, that's the prime age for a lot of shows (the 14 year old protag is probably one of the most common anime ages)
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