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    Posted by chii on Jun 29, 2016
  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 1:

    Well that was a fantastic first episode. It hit the right balance between off kilter and cute. While watching Tents commented that it was a bit like Fallout moe edition and I can definitely see the comparison. The Planetarium is just the kind of half working relic that you would find in Fallout. It's still trying to serve its original purpose, but the rot and decay have come too far and everything is familiar, but wrong at the same time. The creepy bouquet is a good example.

    It's a pretty depressing episode and it nails the atmosphere of a decaying civilization. The entire thing is highlighted by gorgeous art and some damn nice animation. It's a talky type of VN adaptation, but there was still a lot of effort put into the animation.

    As for being talky, the dialogue and banter were entertaining and interesting.

    I guess this is why they make robots cute girls. Even if they don't act remotely human and won't shut the fuck up, the guy still ends up feeling some pity for her making him hesitate even though he's been warned not to talk to her.

    In short I thought this was the tits.
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    this looks pretty kool
    think i shall watch this tonight
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    Episode 2
    Another sweet episode, but I think most people can predict what's probably going to happen.
    Another episode came out tonight so probably will check that out now xx
  5. chii

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    Posted by chii on Jul 21, 2016
    lol of course! it is a KEY work after all XD
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    Episode 3
    She does look supremely cute, even with a rain poncho on. Always falling over, even when pointing out the dangers on the ground. I hope that she doesnt end up sitting in that one spot because the bloke dies in the blast or otherwise cant move. That would be the sads.
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    Posted by g3data on Aug 4, 2016

    A bit of dramatic overreaching hurt this a bit (the scene with Yumemi commenting on how she would cry if it all possible for her, only for rain to start falling immediately was a bit much) but otherwise this was good because the rest of the series was good and earned this ending. Treat her well, robotto kami.

    Though I imagine the other survivors were quite surprised by what Okyaku-sama said at the end. "Starteller? the fuck is he on about, did he get hit in the head?"

    Looking forward to the film follow up. Would be interested in perhaps knowing why this world is so broken.

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