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  1. Taek

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    Posted by Taek on Aug 1, 2020

    Definitely didn't realise how much the speed of this narrative played such a big part. The Grand Paladins are all but done, Souya (wonder if there's a play on soya with his name considering he's forced into vegetarianism?) reveals his past, and the final battle is already happening.

    I forgot that Nezuya got sealed like that, he doesn't get the chance to break out of his illusion, and as a result, becomes a bland isekai harem protagonist.

    Something happens to the old man in this fight, right? Or have I totally forgot everything that happens in this show?
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  2. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Aug 1, 2020

    what a wild fucking ride that was. If this was the final episode, I would not feel cheated out of anything at all.

    Yet we're not even half way through yet, and we got some awesome battles, a great character death scene, and just some genuine awesomeness.

    Some of the exposition was a little heavy handed when talking about the death of the dragon, and I think that was sometimes true for Biscuit Hammer too, however, it never bogs you down and makes you feel bored by it.
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  3. MistLiigh

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    Episode 6:
    I have to agree with @Taek: some of the exposition about the Dragon's death was too blatant, but with everything around it, it wasn't that big of a strike against the episode. But between the implications left from that exposition, Takeshi's power, and the way he just kind of dissolves into dust... you kinda have to wonder if his dad's story about finding an alien baby was really a joke...

    Yeah, this could easily have been the end of any other series, or at least the end of a season, and been satisfying. But nah y'all, Planet With don't play like that, we're only halfway there bitches, the real story is only just beginning!

    I'm already pretty much just repeating others in new words now, so... yeah what y'all said :p
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  4. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Aug 1, 2020

    You have to admire honestly how virtuous Ginko is, you have this destructive race wreaking HAVOC on your people yet still want to save them. I find it ironic Ginko is a princess but she's dressed like a maid lmao. A lot of information/stuff gets dropped with that flashback and it was just all great and really tragic too for neko-sensei. Generalissmo seems more like a blatant and cowardly opportunist than anything to me, waiting for the dragon to destroy the race first before punishing him. Neko-Sensei as the pacifist is absolutely courageous on the other hand to fight tooth and nail in wanting to prove a point and raising Souya to be a good lad.

    Souya being burnt out is also pretty understandable and complications arise with defectors from the Grand Paladin, joining up the sealing faction and the people of paradise. Nozomi can't even be hypnotized either. Such an excellent episode. This is what TRUE ambitious story telling is.
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  5. g3data

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    You wanna know what I live to see in a good scrap? Too incredibly powerful opponents beat each other down to he point where their too exhausted to use any other means to finish a fight but their bare hands. So this totally slaps.
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  6. MistLiigh

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    Episode 7:
    C'mon Shiraishi, it's time to move on and just admit already that you're not young anymore, and no amount of schoolgirl cosplay is going to change that.
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  7. Gens

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    Shiraishi meddling in kid's affairs smacks of being pretty DESPERATE. Tsk,tsk.........

    Yousuke suddenly knowing how to speak dog is also quite impressive. I wish I knew how to translate dog.

    There is no exposition better than random ass hot spring exposition. Benika's story is sad but then she gets up from the hot spring and the simultaneous KYAH from Yousuke and Dogomoto covering their eyes makes me laugh out loud pretty hard honestly. As well as the oppai part where Souya is like oh my god, the boobs are in the wrong place!

    Souya's total break down was very well done and Torai jumps into cover for mentally damaged Souya, such a nice guy there.
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  8. g3data

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    Tbh I never noticed up till now that Ginko wore such an adorable little crown. Speaking of whom, I don't think she'd be particularly fit to speak of the Evolution of Love if she wasn't willing to act with such magnanimity towards the race of her planet's oppressors. Of course, judging people as some collective is always intellectually lazy and results in more babies being thrown out than actual bathwater. General Wakamoto doesn't seem to care either way since even though he knows what the dragon did was fucked up, it still meant one less troublesome species to deal with.

    The remaining Grand Paladins (minus the judo girls maybe) are now alongside the Sealing Faction. An extreme shift, but an understandable one. The Sealing Faction hadn't yet had the chance to explain the motivation behind the devices, and seeing the destructive potential of their own psychic abilities firsthand lends credence to their approach.

    Shiraishi also seems like an entirely different person with no glasses on.
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  9. MistLiigh

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    Episode 8:
    Misplaced boobs, the best conceivable way to uncover an illusion. And let's be honest, the reality is much better :lenny:


    Also we can't forget that glorious Ghost in the Shell homage by Ginko, slippin' in those good little references.

    "Homemade gun." I'm sorry, wat? That sure has hell didn't look homemade to me. I think I remember being weirded out by that last time too...

    And uh... our Person of Paradise dropped a bit of a bombshell there... the Dragon lives, sleeping on the dark side of the moon together with Pink Floyd. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's prooooobably a bad thing...
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  10. Gens

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    Honestly, the fucking powerful impact this episode has on me is still pretty unbelievable. From the creepy, chilling sealing of the entire world and sound being drained, to Souya finding the strength in himself to fight. Going from revenge to protecting the things important to him with the bonds he's formed. That character development. I love all of this, and one can't help but smile at dogomoto wagging his tail furiously in delight.

    Also, that HUGE ASS cat mecha upgrade was pretty damn sweet too. Show's escalating in the best way possible.
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  11. Taek

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    Was with Nitro this weekend so I'm a little behind

    They could have used this episode to take a breather, but that isn't how this shit goes down. Instead we get some awesome backstory, an entirely new faction of people telling Souya his fight isn't over, humans joining the sealing faction, and Souya himself unleashing psychic ppwers. Fucking love this show.
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  12. MistLiigh

    MistLiigh Well-Known Member

    Episode 9:
    This was such a good episode. I appreciate when we get to see the antagonist (note that I specifically chose not to use the word "villain" here) win temporarily, especially when we can see and understand where they're coming from. Yosuke's feelings here are unhealthy and misguided, but totally believable in his position, and it's especially interesting how there is actually a strong parallel between him and Souya, but with different results. Overall, there was a lot of strong emotion here.

    And then let's not forget we got some awesome Gurren Laggan mech-within-a-mech shit, except with less drills and more cat vore.
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  13. Gens

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    I love how dogomoto gets doped on energy drinks along with cat-sensei in this battle, ahahhahahahaha. This episode is basically all just one gigantic epic showdown as everyone else watches in awe. You can really feel the sheer weight and scale of this battle when those hulking giant ass mechas are moving so slowly. It's all incredible and there was really no better way to end the fight than Sensei using dat clog.

    Also old man FTW with that save.
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  14. g3data

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    When you think about it, the fact that everyone will eventually gain psychic makes taking the bottles from the Grand Paladins kind of pointless in the long run doesn't it? I guess they weren't supposed to know.

    At least Ginko gets to cool as all hell doing it. Nice GITS reference btw.


    And Shiraishi should get a bf around her age.
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  15. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member


    Man this is some good shit.
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  16. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member


    Based Sensei dabbin' on them sealcucks.
    I thought the sealing would essentially mean lobotomizing people into boring, personality-less automatons, and I guess sending people to pleasant dreams isn't as bad by comparison. It's more of the "reality vs dreams" conflict we've already seen most famously in Neon Genesis Evangelion and towards the end of Naruto but it factors in reasonably enough for Planet With as well since this has always been a story about whether or not humanity should be trusted with its own future, considering that their at a point now where countless things could go horribly wrong. It's an easy decision for detached aliens and for people fraught with despair to want to eliminate that kind of uncertainty, and the very least the sealing factions idea of doing so isn't simply killing all the people that MIGHT use their powers irresponsibly. The Sealing Factions will always have that over the dragon at least
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  17. MistLiigh

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    Episode 10:
    I find it really fascinating how, if you really think about it, Sensei and Generalissimo have a lot of overarching similarities, but the details are all specifically polar opposites. Cat and dog, black and white, open eyes and closed eyes, even the titles of Sensei and Generalissimo are basically exact opposites. And it all carries into the mech designs really well too: Sensei's seems to take a lot of Eastern sensibilities from ninjas and samurai where the Generalissimo's feel more Western (though it doesn't come through as strongly), blue eyes vs red eyes, big traditional hands and feet vs very narrow pointed ones, the three thin blades vs the one thick one, the wings vs the cape... It's really interesting when you look closely as all of that.

    And now we get a time skip!
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  18. g3data

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    The sealing faction in every facet has been beaten in an ideological sense as of the last episode, so there was nothing left to do but beat them in a literal one. They lost the moment the moment humanity proved capable of breaking the seal they wanted to impose all along, but the conflict here feels more like personal one between the two pet mascots.

    The battle was about on par with the rest of the show's one on one duels, only longer and it ends exactly how you'd expect (the results I mean, definitely not how Sensei clocks General Awesome-o in the face with a clog). That said, it wouldn't feel right for the two sides to put asides their differences to deal with the dragon without settling them first.

    I think it says a lot about how this series handles its payoffs when all of its major climaxes (6, 9 and 10) feel like they could function as a proper ending for a series with a few tweaks.
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  19. Gens

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    Time skips I'm usually wary of and think they're mishandled a lot. Not with Mizukami though, because he is such a BOSS.

    I'm quite jealous of Souya, being thrown about in a dojo by Miu and Haru is the dream right here and relentlessly teased. Also Nezuya is the biggest chad that ever existed, having scored some alien booty. The whole theme of forgiveness is really brought to the forefront as Souya and Ginko have a moment on the roof. Their family relationship is something truly special and man, warms my heart so much to see how Souya's grown and where all the other characters are at. Shame gramps died though, but the way he died was pretty amusing.
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  20. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    9 & 10

    What a great couple of episodes

    The sealing of humanity was a great scene, and I like how by the end of 10, the consequences of it are still there.

    It is very much dream vs reality as @g3data said, and it has been explored in more depth by other shows, I don't think this is the philosophy the show is going for however. It is far more around Souya's personal philosophy of wanting to fight for those he wants to befriend, rather than for any percieved notion of good and evil.

    The climax of the fight between cat and dog was great, Sensei takes a fist to the face so that he can land a clog to the last sealing device. And then we get a time skip. The next 2 episodes are going to be awesome
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