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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Well that stupid. This is My reaction this whole thing.
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    I'm glad the "hate" option was removed for people. Constructive criticism is writing a detailed review saying you dislike a creation for X, Y, and Z present in the work; saying you dislike the creator with the click of a button, without similar facts and context, is not constructive. I know reviews take time to write compared to clicking a heart symbol, but the room for dissenting opinion is still here, and I, for one, support the decision.
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    Posted by Jet on Oct 3, 2019
    There is absolutely no reason to having a thumbs up, if there is no thumbs down option. That's just how this system's worked since times immemorial. I can't believe, people talk about "constructive" reasoning here. You can't just tune down any negativity, you aren't in agreement with, by calling peeps fanboys, haters or whatever. There is always a counterpart for balancing things out. Like haven't you read Tolkien? He wrote extensively on the subject. Having no real second opinion devoids any assessment in existence of all of its innate value. Not only robbing an unwanted group of the freedom of choice, nullifies whatever you wanted to represent in turn, but leads to stagnation at the end of the day as well.

    If someone's being paranoid over people disliking them, the only thing this person can do is grow up and realize they are no candy to be adored by everyone...Hell, even cadly is loathed by a vast amount of folks lol.

    You could always say, that if others are unmarked, they are disliked, but that's a major hassle or not even realistic to begin with. Erases the grey area to boot, which is of the same importance, rly.

    To tell the truth, I got no clue what kind of drama transpired, nor do I care about the function, since it was too hard to use for me. Almost never navigate anime by animators. My condolences go to anyone, who used it and lost their valuable list for no reason though. The same thing happened to me, when the reasoning of personal tops pop-ups got deleted over a decade ago. Any of such strange occurances should be announced beforehand. Like when blogs got disabled.

    Actually I wrote exact same thoughts on the matter a decade ago xD.

    P.S. Was searching for why the likes disappeared from the forum, but stumbled on this instead.
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    Posted by sothis on Oct 3, 2019
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    I doubt the reasoning was meant to be this philosophical.

    You can always create a custom list of people you don't like, and that'll actually be easier to point to than just some basically faceless ball of usernames. You even get to explain your dissatisfaction with each of them -- so for example you can say what each person did wrong in a given work (rather than a system that records bashing with no explanation).

    I guess I do feel bad for the people who were using the dislike list for something, but then I wonder what they'd use it for...

    Also, the dislike feature remains in place for characters.

    Besides, I think hatedoms tend to be rather misplaced. To quote myself in an earlier post:

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    No it has not. It's only been a widely recognized symbol since the 20th century. Even the "roman gladiatorial arena" thing has largely been that as well, and the public perception has largely been formed by 20th century pop culture.
    The like function is perfectly adequate as a loose measuring stick for recognition without the need for a dislike to act as a "counterweight" it, especially since different people have entirely different meanings put into such expressions.

    That's a nice rant and all, but in literally no way are you prevented from criticizing a person's work on this site. You still have the choice of talking about it, and you also have the freedom to not like.

    This is overwhelmingly the type of sentiment aired by people with literally no public recognition, and are rarely ever part of groups vulnerable to targeted harassment and discrimination, so proud at their armchair display of a strength of character that they have never in their life have had to actually put to the test. Also overwhelmingly not a creative person who knows the very basic functions of human psychology even in healthy people.
    And fact is that most of the people in these creative industries have already had to weather enough psychological stress that would cause you to break down and cry. These are extremely competitive fields represented where rejection and criticism is and always has been a daily constant since before they even managed to make it pro. "Weak" people don't make it as a voice actor, director or full-time animator. It's a ridiculous accusation to make at any of them.
    But it certainly doesn't help when they then become figures of public scrutiny and straight up harassment and then have to deal with being called "weak" by people like you who seem to think that "thick skin" is supposed to mean "impregnable and eternal." As if the shit stops for them the moment you specifically quit paying attention to them.

    Why is that so important? Why is making someone feel like shit for practically no reason such an important thing? How is there even any value in that? Okay, many people see that some person has a lot of likes. And then what? What are people unfamiliar with this figure supposed to take away from that completely context-free information besides becoming predisposed to dislike the person "because other people do"?

    This just makes it more bizarre why you seemingly feel personally attacked from something that by your own admission does not and never has affected you in any way.

    Removing the hate function from people makes perfect sense. It especially has gross potential consequences if a public figure is swept up in some unresolved drama, making person entries here a potential tool for hate bandwagons. Good riddance.
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  7. GlennMagusHarvey

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    So this actually highlights the key problem with using the "dislike" button as a way to express criticism.

    Even Encyclopaedia Dramatica, with its stupid amounts of dramabombing pileons mocking public figures, is better in terms of providing context. Horribly biased, perhaps, but at least someone could read it and get some semblance of an idea why a person is so hated.

    And that's why I said, it's more effective to keep a custom list of people whose work you dislike, because then you can critique their work much more specifically.
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