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    Could not find a thread about this manga

    Great manga, Im at 59/64 atm
    Lots of gore, an interesting story and altough a little bit oldskool a very great artwork.

    But the last chapters are getting chaotic it seems, Ive lost track a bit, especially the following was weird
    The sex scene between Shinji and Satomi, was that a dream?

    Edit: Just finished the manga, not a dream.

    Just finished the manga.
    Great manga, but the ending...Im not sure...chaotic...rushed? Its strange, or Ive been reading for to long today, btu I doubt its that ;p

    Because of that it didnt get higher as a 4,5 star
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    I was hoping to get all ten volumes, I got up to 8, went to ask the lady at Barnes N Noble to order the other two to the store, said she didn't see them...the sadness that fell on me when I say that the english distribution was stopped, like really you only had 2 more volumes, hadn't felt this upset until after I learned the same thing happened to the Zatch Bell manga at chapter 25. I guess I'll just have to finish it online
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    That's a shame...i wanted to get all the volumes in English.

    EDIT: THERE is 8 volumes and it is complete. I double checked it's just 10 in Japan but 8 everywhere else. There is no cut of content as far as I know. But it is 8 volumes in total.
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    I really should just buy myself the manga, but 'spensive!

    I could borrow it from someone perhaps. But honestly, I get too nervous with borrowing books.
    But I guess let's say I oops and ruin one somehow, I buy [ONE] new copy and no one has to know?


    Parasyte is one of my faves; and I was told to indulge in it for far too long before giving in. ​
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