Paradise Kiss

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    Paradise Kiss

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    Now this is definitely different animation style. I mean we go from "real world"/anime mix (reminds me of Jubei-chan), to normal (not your pretty but the more realistic type) animation, to simpler comic style, then back and forth between the latter two. Not sure I like it, since it's kind of jarring for me to switch from such a serious style to the comic style, but that's just me.

    Episode 1:
    So weird group of people. Is there any particular reason they call her Caroline? opposed to something else. And omg that veiled woman is a guy! So we have everything from your normal schoolgirl to doll girl to what's up with that safety pin? guy to a bi guy to crossdressor who really looks like a woman! This series might just be a bit too weird for me .....
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    Posted by Aydan on Oct 20, 2005
    Oh wow... hmmm... I like this anime... These are guys and girls from a fashion college so no wonder there sexuality is a bit different. Considering I have the same style suit as George... It's funny to see it on screen, good taste George, good taste. I love the hat as well, although I'd use a different color, but I guess it goes with his shoe's so....

    Now, I'd like to see George and "Caroline" get together.... he's bi so it could happen. One note: the lipstick looks so weird at times, it looks like clown makeup.. Oh and I really like the opening theme. Love the car as well.

    This is a niche anime btw.
  3. wolfangel87

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    I thought this anime was so good! Especially the dress at the end.
    I was very adverse to watching it at first because of the animation style but towards the end I really enjoyed it and I think that it is a great romance story!
  4. Kenikki

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    It was a pretty good story, and the characters werent bad either. But I didn't really like the show. It made me so depressed all the time (don't know why). The only times during the whole series where I wasn't depressed was probably during ED. I loved it
  5. Escaflowne

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    ending: franz ferdinand.i'll definitely watch it.
  6. Justice4243

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    I don't want to sound like a purist, but the manga is about twice as good. (Although each volume doesn't end with Franz Ferdinand). Same story, but the manga takes longer to tell it, so it has more going on and more questions are answered.

    And to address the spoiler: The lion’s share of the anime/manga takes place at an art college/university (not sure what they have in Canada). In America’s and Japan’s art colleges often turn into a safe-haven for free expression, so you see a lot of people dressing themselves however they please. Barely-spoiler regarding top spoiler:
    ”Doll Girl” is actually following a not altogether uncommon Fashion Subculture known as “Gothic Lolita”. Her taste are defeintly more “Loli” than “Goth” as she aims for the super-cute French doll look.
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    Posted by Omurqi on Mar 15, 2010
    Okay Kira, time to start ParaKiss!

    Episode 1
    Only 20 minutes in, and I'm already in love with this anime. It's very funny, pretty realistic and incredibly extravagant!
    Loving all the characters so far. From the punker to the active fashion-girl. From the bisexual charmer to the tranny, wait, what? And of course the serious high school girl. I wonder what episode 2 will bring us :D
    And oh my eargasm, Franz Ferdinand as ED? I was laughing, smiling and being happy throughout the ED. It won't be skipped for all 12 episodes!
  8. KiraRin

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    Wow. Just wow.

    The animation is stunning, and having to watch it on a crappy laptop screen did nothing for the astounding beauty. I *will* be commandeering the 50" plasma to fully appreciate the artistic beauty tomorrow. I love experimental stuff like this, ever so Kemonozume-esque.

    Story is nothing like I was expecting, and I love the mini romantic interludes. Jury is out on the characters at the moment, but they are starting to grow on me. Even the loli one :p

  9. Funkgun

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    What is cool, is the full face looking characters (well that minus the chibi madness that happens at times). I mean, they have lips and noses! omg!

    George always looked like a member of one of my favorite britpop bands of the 90's. This would be my guy if I was a girl.
    and yeah he is as jerky at times as a real guy just like him. Why am I drwan to the bad boys ;)

    Have you guys seen the show this is somehow connected too?

    I can not say I ever had. It looked nothing like PK. I was kinda hoping somone could tell me was there anything majorly important to that other series that would be worth seeing it?

    Anyhow, ciao.
  10. Zed60K

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    Episode 2

    I can't say much about the story or the characters yet, I can certainly say that the show is really well made. The animation and the sound track are both superb. I find the artsy visuals to be especially great, I didn't expect a kinda abstract style from a romance drama, it's just damn pleasant to look at. As for anything else, nothing major happened so far so it'll have to wait.
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