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    Oh, a thread to share the gospel of the great pope?
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    It's a thread to share the glory of Runecraft™ weapons.

    Impressions up to vol 13
    This is probably just me, but I really liked Neia and her role in the two-parter about the Holy Kingdom. In fact, she was the first character that made me feel something about their untimely death. And regardless of how cliched it was, I was actually glad that she got resurrected. And while vol 13 covered a lot, I felt that the meeting with CZ was introduced somewhat late, and that it should've been done at the beginning of the volume. This way it appeared to be somewhat rushed, and her relationship with Neia seemingly developed while missing a few steps.

    Next up is probably Slane theocracy. Since the stage is getting set up in the Re-Estize kingdom, and both the Holy kingdom and Empire are a done deal, the only alternative would be the Dragon kingdom, because they seem to be slightly wary of the dragon's role in the Council state. And this is just a random tidbit I've read somewhere, but apparently, Maruyama plans to wrap up the story in less than 5 volumes. Would be a bummer if he only focused on the regional side of things
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    Posted by Rince on Oct 21, 2018
    How does the light novel compeare to the manga and anime? I have only seen the first anime season and not read anything yet. But I like it so far.
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    There is a lot more detail compared to the anime, especially when comparing the backstories and pieces of exposition for worldbuilding or and descriptions of what things look like (the Death Knights for example are described in a way that makes them seem a lot more menacing than the ones you get in the manga/anime). The manga is some kind of weird middle ground between anime and LN when it comes to details, but leans more towards the anime side.

    For the full experience I'd really recommend reading the LNs, although I did feel like reading them ruined some of my enjoyment of seasons 2 and 3 - so you might want to watch those before reading them, although I'm not sure if watching the anime first won't have any effect on your enjoyment of the LNs.
    If you only choose one, definitely go for the LNs.
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    Pretty much this. The novel expands on the inner thoughts and worldbuilding, with the story being pretty much the same, although somewhat barebones, up to volume 10. So if you want to read purely to see how the story unfolds after the third season, you can start with the 10th volume, though, you might find the transition to be weird, so ideally, you should start from the beginning.
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    Very interesting..

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