ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me?

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Zed, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Aug 4, 2019
  2. Kosenki

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    Posted by Kosenki on Sep 6, 2019
    This seems like a pretty sad anime
  3. Ebonyslayer

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    It sounds like a typical romance without its own identity, but it could end up being quite a surprise. Never hurts to be cautious though.
  4. Kosenki

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    Posted by Kosenki on Sep 7, 2019
    I think it's gonna Toradora us
  5. lonewulfninja

    lonewulfninja New Member

    wow, biggest loser MC ever.
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  6. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 2, 2019
    Episode 1

    It reminds me like Masamune-kun no Revenge, but the MC doesn't go out of his way to look good and it has the tag ''drama''

    oh well, it could kinda work, I guess... it wasn't boring at least...
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  7. Aldrich606

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    I would kill myself tho
  8. Teophan

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    Posted by Teophan on Oct 3, 2019
    Still watching EP1 BUT
    I'm only 9min in and I had to go back and rewatch it again cause I just realized how many times the girl from the opening scene was hiding in the background the entire time. It's a where's Waldo and I'm loving it.
  9. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    It got me to laugh a few times with the random english he speaks when he gets mad or surprised. Also when he just flipped his switch from generic beta MC to a cynical bastard. Not sure how long this bipolar personality schtick can last or how long I'll find it entertaining, but it's enough to keep me here for now.
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  10. apoc9

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    Posted by apoc9 on Oct 9, 2019
    Episode 02
    Let's do it over there. Looks at the bench. Imperial march starts to play. LMAO
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  11. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    I can't tell if this show is clever, too clever, or cloyingly smug. But...I'm on board.

    For now.
    The bit with Sun and the bench was hilarious--but...did he need to hit all the same beats as the girls, last week? Wouldn't only one or two of them have been enough to keep the absurdity of the situation afloat? After the duplicate-gag that set the whole show off, I felt like this was a liiiiittle on the nose--but I can't tell if it's indicative of a "too much" trend in the writing or a "cutesy" hiccup.


    That she seems to have had 40% of her DNA converted into game theory tabulations is...fine. It sort of strains credulity, but it's still safely within the bounds of the tone of the show, so no problems there. But that things have escalated to the point that they have, by the end of the episode, seems--at least for the moment (because we don't know how things are about to unfold)--a bridge too far.

    I only just barely believe that Joro wouldn't immediately throw everyone under the bus and explain the who-likes-who of it all (which, incidentally, offers the opportunity to guilt the two girls he's actually after with a little "and you got close to me just to USE ME!!!") as a means of imploding Stalkbrarian's plot and resetting his own status quo. He's both too...let's say reserved and too inexperienced to jump to a move that bold. That she could count on his reticence to break character--even under duress--is a gamble I believe.

    But Sun over-interpreting (because Joro could not possibly have genuinely thought he was asking about baseball) Joro's reassurance at the tail end of his "confession" conversation could not have realistically been part of her plans or her manipulations. That she knew Sun liked her...I'd buy that, if she didn't seem so annoyed by the outcome. Because she wouldn't have pushed Joro to ask Sun about already having a crush if she thought it would put her in a weaker position--which is what it does: Sun liking Stalkbrarian gives Joro a reason to stay away from her (which she doesn't want).

    That the entirely unknowable over-interpretation issue blew up Joro's connections to Himawari and Cosmos (and let's just not with the nicknames, 'kay?)--which, in one form or another, would be part of her goals--can be chalked up to serendipity. And, okay, she's rolling with it to make herself look like she's in control of the situation.

    Her blithe reaction to everyone showing up at the library would seem to indicate that all is going according to plan, but...for that to be the case, the serendipitous outcome of the over-interpretation issue would have to not be serendipity but, rather (and along with her stern reaction to his attempt to get her interested in Sun), a 6D-chess move that would baffle the cast of Death Note. Which, as I've mentioned earlier, strains credulity and moves us much closer to the "cloyingly smug" marker.

    HOWEVER...it's also possible that this latest finger-steepling "Well now..." is all just facade, the proverbial duck paddling furiously where no one can see, with Stalkbrarian simply hoping the chaos that's befallen the cast will land more in her favor than not. After all, of the most predictable outcomes that can arise from the situation they find themselves in, only the absolute worst one (wherein everything explodes and she no longer has leverage over Joro) leaves her worse off than when she started. In all other (more predictable) cases, she is left as his only ally--which is basically what she's driving for.

    Of course, we won't know until next week. And I am certainly quite keen to find out.
  12. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    Glasses-girl looks psycho...
    ...and here is our scared-of-girls MC...
    ...and cheerful loli childhood friend...
    ALBATROSS! (pretend I wasn't so lazy and found a Monty Python gif to put here)

    Ya know how all those reverse-harem are crap... well this is reverse reverse-harem... it's the SAME CRAP!

    4 minutes in... nope
    (skims the rest of the episode to see if it gets any better...)

    Even if stalker girl is best girl and the most fun for obvious reasons... nope. The rest of the episode was not interesting to me.
    0.5/5 dropped
  13. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    I'm not saying you're wrong to dislike it or give up on it, but...it does change its tone, after the initial nod to romcom convention, if that was the problem. Were you able to catch that? (Not that it would change your mind, necessarily; I'm just curious.)
  14. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    Tropes don't bother me. Presentation is what matters. It just didn't keep my interest.
    Ok, I did watch the final conversation in its entirety... had the rest of the episode been that quality... maybe, but it wasn't.

    Now if episode 2 is 100% glasses girl doing smart talk entrapment or whatever... let me know, maybe I'll give it another chance. (doesn't look like it based on your post)
  15. RascaI

    RascaI Well-Known Member

    Hello! I'm just going to go ahead and join in on the conversation all natural-like!

    Episode I: IS THIS A DATE?!

    My first thought is "why the fuck everything so goddamn BLURRY". But I might have to just get past that for the time being. Lots of anime be looking like dishwater these days. But sometimes it isn't that bad.

    Really, it was super easy to see that first "twist" coming, and the second, of course. "This is just basically a stupid show full of stupid people!" I thought, from high on top of my very high, high horse, for whom SOMEONE had replaced his hay with five pounds of marijuana. And then the beat dropped.

    Now I know better. Now I understand that Joro is, as a matter of fact, a self-insert for an incel of sorts whose world has collapsed at the thought of two desirable women not wanting his penis and one "outlander" being interested amidst the conducting of his vengeful schemes against them.

    But don't get me wrong, student-council-chan and childhood friend-chan are very very stupid. But the contrast between them and joro's fake obtuseness which veils a manipulative, calculating piece of shit, is quite entertaining.

    And the redo if the oh-so generic intro, trading it in for a monologue of the inner workings of this unpitiable sap's dark mind, was just fantastic.

    Only entertaining one time around, though. I gotta say my eyelids started drooping when it came time for the second girls' introduction to the man they truly loved. They are. SO stupid. This author's portrayal of women is just the worst so far. But what makes this actually poor writing here is the fact that both of their sequences being set up with tall blonde sports-kun, are identical, and that's just uncreative and not really that clever, unlike the rest of the show.

    Where things really get confusing is when the third girl comes in. We can't just have another "masamune's revenge" premise or we'd be copying. Oh no, we gotta have this freak, who is obsessed with the jekyll and hyde juxtaposition of our main character thus implying we're supposed to make the same connection. Which is kind of over-assuming, don't you think?

    I mean, a lot of people are like this in real life. That doesn't mean they have two personalities just because they're fake as fuck, but. you know what, I'll buy it, sure. For now.

    Now it's time to theorize. I think sports-kun is more smarter than he lets on. I think he's going to get in on the whole thing. Like the beginning, how he was acting. Like he knew something joro didn't know. Maybe he was just referring to the fact he thought she had a crush on joro. Or maybe, a bit deeeeper. Hmmmm.

    Oh my Got.
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  16. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Technically, we'd have to wait until Ep 3 to see if this is the case (because of where things stand at the end of Ep 2), but I feel like the answer to your question is going to be no--or, at least, not in the way you'd want. So, perhaps your gut was right all along.

    For a character like Joro, I think it's much more logical for him to shift to this "bag the spare" plan than to have come up with a complex vengeance scheme. (As he sort of eludes to in his one-sentence consideration of "revenge," the best he would probably do is be mean to the girls, let them know how little he thinks of them.

    Now, there's always the chance that the rest of the show turns into a cat-and-mouse battle of wits between Joro's machinations and Stalkbrarian's machinations. I'm not super-hopeful for it, but...could happen.

    I mean, at this point, I don't think I have any clue what this show is going to be about. So...maybe it will.

    But to your other point about Jekyll/Hyde: 100% agreement. It's such an unnecessary reference--not to make off-hand, like when she finally gets him to drop his facade ("I want to talk to Mr. Hyde" is a good line, in my opinion), but to have it so obviously be a kind of framing of his character is overwrought. Because, no, I didn't jump to "He's like two separate peeeeeeople!!!" when he showed his true colors. If he were more two-faced, I wouldn't say, "Wow, he's just like the Roman god Janus!!!" I would just say, "Geez, he's two-faced, huh?" He's a misanthropic douche who is selfishly posing a nice guy to get a girl to like him. You don't need to get highfalutin about calling him such. He's utterly recognizable as a character without invoking literary canon.

    Is it? Himawari and Cosmos are character archetypes who are basically just narrative devices, at the moment. You said they're stupid, but I didn't find them to be anything particularly more than exaggeratedly awkward for comic effect. It's trope-y, as people are fond of calling it, but I don't think it's anything to write home about when Sun is in a similar camp: little more than a narrative device (for now).

    And then there's Joro and Stalkbrarian, who are two sides of the same a**hole coin.

    Is anyone coming out looking good, so far?

    I'm not quite ready to throw it into the "bad writing" category, just yet. But the author is treading on veeeeery rough ground with the repetition. I've mentioned it already, so I'll just paraphrase, here: it's either an instance of being too cutesy, or it's indicative of a larger problem with the overall writing.

    I'm hoping it's just a running gag that overstays its welcome (because of bad execution) rather than a sign of the level of storytelling prowess we can expect from the author.

    Oh, buddy...that grammar...


    (Sorry--I just found it hard to resist pointing out in a sentence that is literally about being smart.)

    But to your theory: I would be absolutely shocked if that turned out to be true.

    Now, it's possible that, because this was at the start of the first episode, this is another thing we, via Joro, are meant to misinterpret (because it looks like he's just hinting that Himawari likes Joro), but I have a hard time suspecting Sun of being any kind of strategic manipulator, here.

    I suppose he could be part of Stalkbrarian's plan, a secret conspirator hoping to help them get together, but...he'd have to turn out to be a real prick, too, if that was the case. One way or another, whether he's screwing over his supposed best friend or toying with Himawari and Cosmos, he's being needlessly mean to someone for...some kind of selfish goal, I assume.

    But, like I said before, I haven't got a clue where this is going. So...maybe!

    And just to put this out there, apropos of nothing: I love that Stalkbrarian walks with that little hunch-forward. It's a very effective detail.
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  17. abuabdillah

    abuabdillah New Member

    Not really that great, but at least it gave me a lot of laugh, entertaining.
  18. RascaI

    RascaI Well-Known Member

    II: Benched

    What a small world! Seriously. How small is this world. It's... it's tiny. There are only like... five people in the world. Five people who are all intertwined by some kind of scheme, interest, or repulsion. It makes for a tight story, but also makes it feel kind of strange that the only interaction outside this group so far that I've noticed has been "hey, look at that guy talking to that girl. How weird!" and "holy shit a girl hugging a guy in public. Let's all stare as if this is out of the ordinary!"

    The world revolves around them.

    Theories may be incoming.

    So the lid is off the proverbial shit jar of shit and nonsense, and it's discovered from the bench (o accursed bench, we offer you yet another soul... the wellspring has run dry so it's really just the same soul again but this time extra depression), that tall sports-kun has the hots for the only other unclaimed character in the world, glasses mcglassesface.

    Which means literally anything could happen! But it turns out going in a very particular direction. I think it's clear to see.

    But side-note, can we once again roast a trope here, because last time it was underdone; the fuck is up with glasses == ugly in anime? I just... what. what?

    Tall blonde sports-kun is just the most virtuous guy ever. Unless my theory is correct, of course. hmhmhm.. hmuahahahaha... yeeess.... unless...

    That seems like it's where things are going. opacity 100% goggles-chan's motives so far seem extremely posessive. what better way to get her beloved mr hyde all to herself than force him to cut all the rest of his bonds he has in life and give up on his aspirations with the other three people in the world, by setting up a series of misunderstandings leading to his social downfall and public unveiling of his "true" self?

    I get that it's meant to be tropey, and they're even called by nicknames to lampshade that, but also, i say they're just dumb because they aren't really much more than just these tropes. Less so than bulletproof specs over there, even. One-dimensional, i guess is the word i'm looking for.

    Weather that's a bad thing or not, remains to be seen, so far it's been very facepalm-worthy but also leant itself to genuine entertainment. It was more of an observation than a dig at the show when i said it earlier to be honest.

    That was le joke :}

    I'm just going to assume for the moment i'm wrong about baseball geek, but if i'm not

    ho boy

    this show will turn out to be really something else.
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  19. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    This is what I wound up running on and on about in my post about Ep 2.

    While I agree that isolating him benefits her (and, just so this out there, would make her an absolute monster) and, as such, is a totally believable tack for her, it's a really big narrative problem if this is the case given how the episode played out: Joro making an attempt to get Stalkbrarian to consider Sun as a romance option was very clearly depicted as NOT being a part of her plan. And if that is true, then she's just reaping the benefits of chaos and did not try to isolate him from the girls.

    However, if being upset over Joro pushing for a Sun x Stalkbrarian resolution is meant to be a deliberate misdirect on her part, then (by my metrics, anyway) her strategic manipulation skills are too unbelievable. If it is not a deliberate misdirect, then the start of Episode 3 is going to be even more important than it would already seem to be.

    [shrug] It comes and goes. For every Stalkbrarian there's also the dominatrix chick from Prison School. Sometimes it's shorthand for unattractiveness, sometimes it's to imply intelligence, sometimes it's a sign of prudishness or earnestness or villainy.

    Or, in the parlance of youth: shorthand gonna shorthand.

    With anime, though, there tends to be another feature or two to help get the notions across, right? (Because they're all drawn so similarly.) In this case, it seems less like "glasses = ugly" than it is "glasses + braids + hunch + library = lack of concern about attractiveness-based attention." (Which, for all we know, may be a deliberate disguise to garner said effect.)

    And, of course, we do it all the time, as well. Or used to, at least. (Nowadays it's the type of glasses you wear that tend to be more of a shorthand.) You're too young to remember perhaps the most egregious modern use of this trope: 1999's She's All That, in which they threw a pair of glasses on Rachel Leigh Cook to convince us she was a big ol' uggo who could neeeeeever turn into a hottie! And let me assure you: none of us was buying it.

    Ah--then yes. And so are the first two episodes, really. However eventful the three confession "twists" seem, they aren't actions so much as setup for what I assume we're going to get in Episode 3. That is, I assume Episode 3 is where we'll get some idea of what both the plot and the emotional core of the story is supposed to be.

    Heeeeeeey--internet rules state that you need to be extra winky about those kids of things! How else can one distinguish a single, sarcastic misuse of grammar from the literally thousands of identical non-sarcastic misuses of grammar on the internet?

    I mean, does the "A" in "A-P" now stand for "anarchy"?!
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  20. dimm

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    Posted by dimm on Oct 15, 2019
    Well i think anime didn't follow manga(well i think in manga he didn't said any english shitty word also) does that mean follow LN.
    And also ending of 2nd episode.
    Without glasses she reminds me of Yukino.

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