OR/NOT option for the "other" tab in search

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Do you want NOT and OR options to the "other" tab of search?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. MissOne

    MissOne New Member

    It would make my life easier, if I could just click either
    A( NOT Unreleased
    B( Completed OR Ongoing
  2. MonsterDream

    MonsterDream Well-Known Member

    That option is already there:


    All you need to do is to click on the plus sign to include those things, it will turn green then and what you want to see will be included in the list.
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  3. MissOne

    MissOne New Member

    Not quite, If you click Completed AND Ongoing, then you get nothing, because there is no anime, which is completed AND is still ongoing
  4. MissOne

    MissOne New Member

    for reference
  5. MonsterDream

    MonsterDream Well-Known Member

    Ok ... yeah ... if you want ongoing you only choose ongoing and if you want to see completed you only see completed. My phrasing was wrong, sorry ... they are not included in a sense that they can be seen together. But it is still possible to sort them as you like.
  6. MissOne

    MissOne New Member

    I would like the option to press NOT unreleased, like how you can on the tags, or choose more with OR, not AND gates
  7. MonsterDream

    MonsterDream Well-Known Member


    Isn't 'not unreleased' basically the same as ongoing? And if you don't want the unreleased ones to be shown then you could just not click on 'unreleased' maybe... ? Just a friendly suggestion.

    I mean I'm sorry, I don't really see the need for that option but it's for the developers to decide. Hopefully one of them can give you a more satisfying answer than I can ...
  8. MissOne

    MissOne New Member

    not unreleased means both completed and ongoing

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