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  1. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    One Piece

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    Amazingly, I was just looking and didn't see a One Piece manga thread. Despite it being like, the most popular manga series in Japan.

    So who else here is a One Piece fan? lol
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  2. Holychrono

    Holychrono Guest

    I like the one piece manga better than the anime but GTO still has it beat for #1 on my top manga list.
  3. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    Have you seen the latest chapter yet?

    What'd you think of the new bounties? :p
  4. Holychrono

    Holychrono Guest

    "Looks up last chapter read"

    The last chapter I've read was Ch. 438 (i've gotta catch up) but I was speaking, as a whole entity, I enjoyed GTO over one piece. But hey, that doesn't mean I won't change my mind if One piece becomes more epic =D

    Oh, and my friend told me what the latest bounties were. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  5. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    Oh One Piece never ceases to become more epic, in the latest chapter they're at the Red Line, about to cross into the new world.

    New World = Worlds strongest Pirates IE Shanks, Whitebeard, and the rest of the Yonkai

    That can't not be more epic :x Sadly I heard though One Piece is going on a 3 week break before the 500th chapter comes out :(
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  6. Holychrono

    Holychrono Guest

    Damnit, now you make me want to skip studying for my bio final to catch up on one piece =D
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  7. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to tempt anyone to skip Biology revision for One Piece xD
  8. themasteroffools

    themasteroffools New Member

    Love one piece manga with a die-hard passion,

    It's getting really interesting right about now too...though the last one is late in being posted online T_T
  9. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    It's not, there's no new One Piece for 2 weeks due to Golden Week in Japan lol.
  10. themasteroffools

    themasteroffools New Member

    ya, I figured it that was the case but I get so emotional when I loved one doesn't show up :laugh:
  11. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    Yeah, it was very disheartening for me too lol

    Though, it explains why the last OP chapter was so long, it was nice of Oda to give us that before taking his vacation off :P
  12. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    One Piece fans post some cool pictures of Zoro:


    Manga scans or renders fan art or anime screen caps, just as long as he's looking cool!
  13. Xaravir

    Xaravir New Member

    I love watching and reading One Piece. It's #1 on my anime list and usually I think of shounen anime as being crappy. But, I love One Piece. Maybe in the newest chapter there will be some romance between Bonney and Zoro and Sanji will get jealous. ;)
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  14. Nearol

    Nearol New Member

    One thing I really love about One Piece are the occasional pieces of weird humor that almost drop me off the chair. A few that come to mind from somewhat more recent arcs:
    Luffy's priorities, a lot of times..
    Robin's "fruit grab" move.
    Why Usopp is immune to the negativity ghosts.
    Sanji's bounty-poster.. and the punchline of the dude that looks like that hand-drawn picture.
  15. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    lol romance with Zoro? Unlikely :P

    It'd be one sided on Bonny's side anyway, as for the latest chapter though, it was awesome.

    I thought the beginning of it was kinda dull, but would be nice to see in the anime, but the part with Zoro was awesome.
  16. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    I sat looking at that picture and ranting to myself for 5 minutes how cool that was.

    Bastards though, I wish it had told us his bounty, though it totally doesn't make sense.

    Gold Roger's first mate would've undoubtedly been like, the number 1 most wanted person in the world after Roger was executed, yet he's been on that island for years no problem.

    Unless he actually betrayed Roger for the government to get his bounty removed or something... hmm that's interesting, that might actually have been the case.

    (Anyone who has read it knows what I'm talking about, btw congrats One Piece for making it to 500 chapters and not even being halfway complete yet!)
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  17. themasteroffools

    themasteroffools New Member

    I suppose it depends on if he did anything worth getting a bounty for. I mean he could be really powerful but nice and cuddly right? (I'm jk) Truly though, Luffy only has a high bounty cause he takes out the Shichibukai. Remember in one of the more recent chapters how that one guy had a high bounty for just being especially cruel? just a is odd though...
  18. Duomaxwe

    Duomaxwe Member

    He probably murdered thousands of civilians, that's what they mean by cruel.
  19. themasteroffools

    themasteroffools New Member

    Exactly, and that would raise ones bounty. The last chapter was a bit meh, nothing is really happening yet.
  20. cassiesheepgirl

    cassiesheepgirl POPEE BELIEVER

    I've not long started watching the series, and I'm considering picking up the manga.

    I was wondering, how does the manga compare to the series? Is it any different? Better? Worse?

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