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Do you believe Luffy dies at the end of One Piece?

  1. Sadly....yes...

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  2. Hell NO!!!

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  1. char1422

    char1422 Guest

    One Piece

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    hey, im new so i dont know if im posting on the right board. so i just want to know if i should waste my time watching one piece in eng subs. i watched bleach and naruto and d grayman so i am just wating for the new episodes. and i watched other things too, like yuyu,hxh,euki,kiba,dragon drive,recca,whistle,pot,striker,slam dunk,kenshin, and other stuff. theres nothing else to watch that has a lot of episodes, so i want to know if this anime is worth it. thanks!:sweat:
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  2. gin

    gin New Member

    Posted by gin on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    depends on what you are into.
    its entertaining...
    and i guess if you can stand the obnoxiously long staring contests in naruto and/or bleach, you can handle the eternal recurrence of the same in one piece.

    its always somewhat like this:

    source: some guy on the good ol tvl forum
  3. mrgasbag

    mrgasbag New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    IT is entertaining if you like long running comic adventure and personally I love it, sometimes the filler can be annoying but you can always skip them and lose nothing. :)
  4. Icey

    Icey New Member

    Posted by Icey on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    If it helps... as you can see I have Bleach and Naruto in my top 5. I didnt like the look of One Piece initially but finally decided to watch it and although I don't consider it to be as good as the other two (personal preference) I'm still enjoying it and have watched around 70 episodes so far.
  5. gerdo

    gerdo Guest

    Posted by gerdo on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    I absolutely love One Piece, sure some fillers are awfull but compared to the ones in Naruto and Bleach they're nothing.
    as gin quoted yes, it is a typical shounen and yes, if you don't like shounen you wont like One Piece, you will prolly think about it the same way as the one gin quoted.
    I like One Pice couse 1) it's loooong.. 2) it's funny, you never grow tired of "Harahetta!" ^^ 3) Usopp's in it 4) Good but different character style.. and some more :P
    what I mean is that if you liked Naruto or Bleach you'll like One Piece too, or even as I do.. like One Piece even better ^^
  6. desterion

    desterion New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    If you liked the other stuff you all listed, you'l like one piece. It starts a bit slow but gets good
  7. pyro

    pyro Guest

    Posted by pyro on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    Well it depends to much in your points of view; if you really treasure your friends, you'll love it.
  8. mrgasbag

    mrgasbag New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    Ha ha...I agree with pyro.
  9. v16

    v16 Member

    Posted by v16 on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    In general, I don't think so. [Watching BtVS season 6 AtM]. But if you've watched Naruto and Bleach, why not One Piece.
  10. ingrey

    ingrey New Member

    Posted by ingrey on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    lol, yeah, if you can stand Naruto, there is a good chance you'll like One Piece.
  11. Otaku108

    Otaku108 Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    I'm going to play the part of Devil's Advocate here.

    I honestly didn't like One Piece (dubbed) or more to the point I just couldn't get into it. I can't remember the total number of eps I watched but I think it was near 20-30. I thought some of the characters were a bit on the anoying side, the guy with the long nose for example Oosa was his name I think. Or maybe some Japanese writer thought it'd be cute to spell it Usa with his anoying additude. *shrugs* who cares either way... point was I wished he wasn't in the show.

    To be fair, I'm usually more tollerant and even tend to switch to subbed versions of animes like this that I know are probably better that way, less edited. Indeed, in the end I may do that for this anime to my ultimate suprise and satisfaction. Right now it's so far down my list it's in the stalled or dropped section until such a time as I care enough to dig it up.

    IS One Piece worth watching? I'd say there's a deffinate possiblity, but not a probability. ;p ya... no help at all lol
    even though I did actually like both bleach and naruto to a degree... one piece just didn't sink it's teeth in enough I suppose.
  12. mrgasbag

    mrgasbag New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    te guy with long nose nose....his name was ussop...yes some characters can be annoying sometime especially him...but I still like One Piece.
  13. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    i dropped it pretty quick. really didn't want to get too deep into a kind of kiddish anime with hundreds & hundreds of episodes. who has that kind of time?? i'm satisfied with the 12 eps and 2 movies i saw. i'm over it.
  14. themasteroffools

    themasteroffools New Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    Quite simply, whatever you do do not watch One Piece dubbed....especially the 4kids'll make you wince and cry...

    Watch One Piece though, it is one of my favorites. It's funny, entertaining and can be quite sad and emotional. I love it with a passion. I think you can describe it with the word, "Charming." (incidentally thats the same word you can describe me with!)

    Watch One piece, you won't regret it!
    (note, it's a bit slow at the beginning)
  15. Dontais

    Dontais Member

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    I watched maybe 2 or 3 episodes of the dubbed its not recomended but the subbed version I just recently picked it up and me and a friend are at 156 in about 2 weeks. After watching bleach and naruto for the longest time I don't know how I stayed away from one piece.
  16. pyro

    pyro Guest

    Posted by pyro on Jan 4, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    This was the first anime I got addicted to...
    It took me about 6 months to finish Inuyasha
    after that I started One Piece
    I finished One Piece first 300 episodes in a month...
  17. argona

    argona New Member

    Posted by argona on Jan 5, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    wow I'm glad to find this topic.I was also wondering if I should waste my time watching an anime with this many episodes.specialy cuase I hate the art
    my friend is exchanging some of our animes to get this one and I was all scream and kicks!even now I'm fighting with myself.:ramen:

    white argona:there must be something about this anime.look at how many people favor it!
    black argona:the hell!so what?this damn art is realy ugly and childish.people have different tastes!
    white:yeah but many naruto and bleach fans r watching it!
    black:dont compare it with these too!the only similarity is the number of episodes!dont get on my nerve!!!
    white:why not?after the first ep of naruto u were going to drop it casue u didnt like the art.but u decided to watch more and now its your top!

    well seems white is winning:...:
    .*black keeps kicking and screaming*
  18. Fyrex

    Fyrex Member

    Posted by Fyrex on Jan 5, 2008
    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    Well I first left it alone because of the art and it looked like a kids show, but i'm damn glad I decided too give it a go. Now I can't get enough of it, even with almost 330 eps watched. (the episode count in the DB doesn't go past 325 tho :P). The art and design has really grown on me and I must say it should never be changed, along with the one piece style humor :D
  19. char1422

    char1422 Guest

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?

    Thanks to all that posted, i really appreciated it.. i started watching this like on my winter break right after i finished bleach. Im on episode 88, (i skip like most of the filler episodes) its starting to get good i guess, but after readign all your post, i will stick to this anime. Thanks again!:smile:
  20. char1422

    char1422 Guest

    Re: IS one piece worth watching?


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