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    Hey all, this is my first post on this site so I hope it is received well! I have always been an avid anime watcher (I will give almost anything a try within reason); but six years ago I became bed/wheel chair bound and have really ramped up my anime watching. I have watched about 277 shows, which this site says is over 7000 episodes. I wanted to look up online how much is a good number to have watched and these sites are claiming that they have people who have watched over 1000 anime easy! Are there really a lot of people who have watched that many anime, or are they just talking big? I mean I can imagine maybe one or two big otaku peeps getting close to that, but MANY? Anyway, thanks for letting me intrude on your time if you actually read this. I would gladly accept friend requests in the hopes I can see your lists of anime, and find some new ones to watch.

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    according to my list i've watched almost half a thousand anime, which is bonkers. But to answer your question, it's not likely most of those people actually watched 1000+ full length anime series. Even an anime music video or TV special counts as a watched anime here, as well as second seasons of things, so it could be piles of fluff on top of the series they're watching.
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    Going by 'total watched' or 'total episodes' isn't a meaningful metric as Turkey pointed out there are a lot of shorts, specials, music videos etc that can inflate both of these. You can always check someones "life on anime" as that will give you a better indication exactly how much time they've spent on anime.

    Now, there are a lot more than "1 or 2" people who have legitimately watched that much anime. You have to keep in mind that some people have been at this consistently (or close to it) for decades now. Whether that's 'many' or not depends how you define many, but it's certainly not unheard of. I mean I've spent 5 months of time on anime (more than 3600 hours watched) and I can name at least a two dozen people off the top of my head that exceed that.
  4. niotabunny

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    seen over 8k with what this site has to offer up per list wise (however once it's added I tend to add it). got to remember some of those are just music videos, short episodes or even shorts to begin with. so, those can really run down pretty quickly. some anime have episodes that are less than 5 minutes, some that are less than a minute. you can watch a lot of those for free right here on AP. but I use anime as an escape, always have. when I'm stressed I turn to binge streaming. as I've progressed I'm able to simulcast a lot per season. my list isn't fake, but many consider it as such.

    also, sorry about your health related issues. but I'm a major otaku of animation from anywhere. if it catches my attention I'm going to be watching it sooner or later. Korean, China, Japan, America and beyond, I prefer animation over live action. I don't have cable so that can seriously help in my streaming. I rarely watch anything else. I'll game and play online, but streaming animation of some sort is basically my passion. always has been, I didn't even realize it was anime until much later in my streaming/watching. I was researching and wasn't even aware I was watching something from another country. then, after that, I went wild with the opening and haven't stopped. I'm also an avid speed reader so that could probably help with the subs. and yes, I have been at this most of my life, animation of sorts has always appealed to me more than live action has. and I do rewatch things but I don't bother with the xnumber, I only do first watch.

    bit of advice: just pace yourself, don't become overwhelmed or feel you must force yourself to watch it if you don't like it, or feel like it. if it doesn't interest you, don't feel bad about this. if you do enjoy it, then watch away of course. just remember, losing sleep (sleep deprivation) is a bad thing, so don't doze off while watching you might miss something! just have fun, some have a short list, others don't. don't let this bother you none, go at your pace, that's what matters most.
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    I am at 1,999 here at the moment, though my MAL list is up to 2,311 which is the more accurate number. This was all accumulation from over 22 years of watching stuff though. I'm 37 this year and I've been watching anime since I was 12. The longer you watch, the more your list grows, so those with larger lists are probably just older veteran fans who have been at it longer.
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  6. BurntJelly

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    861 watched
    654 dropped
    1506 total

    Awe... now I'm sad. My drop rate has decreased to 43% (was 45%) :crying:
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  7. GrendelSilmarillion

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    im 43 and the first anime's i watched as a kid (about 4 or 5 years old) were Vicky the viking and battle of the planets, tho at the time i had no idea what anime was.
    in short iv been watching anime for nearly 40 years.
    according to my watched list i'm at 200 anime's (films and shows and there following seasons mostly. i don't go in for the music shorts, tho there is 1 on my list for bohemian rhapsody)
    i'm very strict about my watched list so there's nothing on there i haven't legit watched, however i don't always remember to add rewatch's so my time watching anime is actually less than it should be (iv watched GitS stand alone complex seasons 1 and 2 atleast 10 times each but have only got it down for 4) , same goes for the studio ghibli films.)
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    Thank you all for the replies! Great to hear from you!

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