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    Synopsis, screenshots, recommendations

    Nobunaga no chef is about Ken a person who wakes up in the Sengoku period one day and his story from there. Apparently ken doesn't remember anything about himself except his cooking skills. He is saved by a local girl named Natsu who is blacksmith and then recruited by Lord Oda Nobunaga as his head chef. Read how Ken goes on journey in order to survive in war period and return to present

    Well this was an awesome read so far, just found it by sheer coincidence after i finished shokigeki no soma.
    Even though both manga are based on cooking, the story is vastly difference. Unlike shoku , the manga is set in Japanese war period around 1550 AD(Sengoku Period) when the lord's were in constant war and shogun system was there. Its not as fancy as shokugeki and definitely not as Perverted (u know what i mean) , but a mature audience aimed manga dealing with war periods. Here cooking is not just done for pleasure, but its a matter of life and death for soldiers and Lords.

    Upto chap 12 so far in just 1 hour
    and god this series is plain awesome, i might even love it more then shokugeki.
    Lord Oda Nobunaga is a person u just cant hate, so much awesomeness.:megusta:

    So people come read this manga-especially you brad,BB,link,Thrawn,Tae ,Zetsu,naga

    It'll be a unique experience. :frustrat::laugh::drinking:

    Also instead of anime adaption, the manga has been serialised into Live Action drama show
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    Just caught up to last chap
    and gosh its pretty good, The cooking is like an added bonus to already awesome war story
    cant wait for new chapter
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    Wow, this is exactly the type of historical manga I like, great find.
  4. Anudevil13

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    Glad to find a fellow reader :frustrat:

    It's based on Nobunaga Oda story mainly and it is epic :megusta:
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    Is there action?
  6. GekoHayate

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    Does he cook bacon topless? Nothing is more action-y or manly than bare-chested bacon cooking.

    I may pick this up, seems like a 1600's Samurai Soma.
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    This does look cool indeed. If I find sometime I'll definitely check this one out.
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    This. I may try to find time for it later.
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    I like this manga and it different for all of that I have read so far but some reason I stalled for it that end of the chapter when Ken make something that have sugar on it.I think I will try to latest one that I have not read yet.
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    More then u can expect - if u consider war to be action

    :pokerface: sorry but no room for ur topless fetish D:
    But yea its as awesome as soma (better then soma for me - since i absolutely loved the lord and war :3)

    Thats great to know!:love:


    :crying: Its high time u read it ! :drinking:
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    :crying::crying: I didn't get a special mention :crying::crying:

    but I may check it out regardless
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    sorry this new noob doesnt know much people here :crying::crying:
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    Chap 60
    Burning a whole mountain to send a message to ur puny opponennts ,n capital
    Fantastically delicious :megusta:

    Anyone started it yet? :pokerface:
  14. Anudevil13

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    It will get more kickastic by chapter :megusta:
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    So caught up with this last night and it is indeed quite the ride once I got over the couple of sticking points I had with the start of the story.
    First, I don't really like the way the time travel aspect is handled in the story. The manga basically goes, "yeah, Ken traveled through time, deal with it." There aren't any hints given about what happened or how. I get that it's not really what the manga is about and there will probably be answers for this down the line, but subject isn't even addressed at all in the first 60 chapters, with Yuko's introduction being the only thing added to that aspect of the story. Of course the trade off for that bit of weirdness is one of the best aspects of the manga. Ken works great as a man displaced in time. It not only gives him a great variety in the dishes he can present, but also gives a modern perspective on a very violent time period.

    The other sticking point is something that has improved greatly over the run of the manga, and that's the kinda of hokey nature of how food can move the hearts of men. The cooking and presentation of the food is always great, but the reactions were a bit much in the start with characters pretty much deciding to for alliances and what not on the backs of certain dishes. Which also leads to a bit of a disconnect in Ken. He does have to prepare the best dishes at Nobunaga's orders or risk being killed, but there are times when he's acted on his own, like when he saved the boy, but then in recent chapters he's started to fret about making food that might change history. This is really a minor thing as most of the stuff he's cooked can be explained away in "it's a live or die situation for him," but it's interesting that it's a subject he's only started thinking about recently. However, as the manga has gone on I think it's gotten better about being more subtle in how the dishes are effecting the people eating them which is much appreciated.

    My favorite bit of the manga so far has been the chapters surrounding Mori's death. Before Mori's death flag got raised, I didn't realize how much I liked the guy, but once I realized he was heading for an inevitable death it was pretty much a gut punch. I also, thought the writing of Ken for those chapters was great as well. His desire to save this man that he thought of as a friend, even through his worries that changing history could have disastrous effects. I also, loved the bit where he made the eggplant dish to try and make Mori understand the value of his life, and Mori taking what Ken was trying to say and turning it around. It's the first time Ken hasn't swayed someone's decision with his cooking. Equally impressive was Mori's actual death with the cocoa beans and just knowing Ken wasn't going to be complete the dish in time. Then there was his presentation of the dish to Nobunaga which got through Mori's final thoughts, which was really quite moving. The circumstances around Mori's death played out like a tragedy that everyone involved knew was going to happen and no one could stop it, but that's a part of war too and I thought the manga played this rather well.

    This manga also gives an interesting portrayal of Nobunaga, since it doesn't portray him as a villain or the hero, or some mythical historical figure, but instead really tries to round out his character. A man with a grand vision willing to do whatever it takes to make it come true. He's arrogant, moody, but he also has his own sense of justice and his pragmatic brutality plays great off of Ken's gentle, kind nature. The rest of the cast is solid as well, with some decent comedy characters that don't break the rather serious nature of the storytelling. The manga has made me smile more than once with the silly Shogun (laughing at him that guy's a dick) or Saru the farmer Samurai.

    I also like that Ken is growing as a character. At first he was just trying to survive, but now he cares about the people he's come to serve. He doesn't want to see these people die even though he knows well that a lot of them are. It creates an interesting internal conflict with his desire not to fuck up history with his desire to help or try to save the people he's come to respect or befriend. I'm less impressed with his relationship with the blacksmith girl, there hasn't been enough time given to this relationship and I don't really buy it. It might have been more interesting to have him get into a relationship with Kaede the ninja girl, someone that would challenge his morals because of some of the things she has to do to serve Nobunaga.

    The art style is solid and the food always looks damn good and a lot of the time, I just sit there and "well shit, I'd love to be eating that right now," which is always a good sign when it comes to something centered on food like this.

    I only have a very cursory knowledge of this period of history, but from what I can tell from just some quick research it seems to be following the big events of the time pretty accurately. It's great to see some historical fiction like this that can both give some life to the characters, really make them feel like people without getting too far away from actual events. Obviously all the stuff with Ken's cooking fictional, but a lot of the time these were meetings that took place and all that.

    So yeah, a pretty damn good read.
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    Well that was an awesome review. Teahc me how to write like this, im serious :frustrat:

    And glad you enjoyed it :):drinking:
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    Chap 61
    This chapter was nice indeed, Oda finally gets an opponent worthy of his steel, aka The Tiger of Kai. He very well knows how oda is planning to trap him, and plans ahead to get out of the trap. :megusta:

    and *sigh* Kennyo trying to use peace negotiations to Poison Oda- Sucks ass, on other hand Ken and Youko shall meet :megusta:
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    New chapters out, finally!

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