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    Posted by Zed60K on Feb 9, 2019
  2. Zed60K

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    Posted by Damias on Jun 3, 2019
    Watch trailer here:
  4. CluelessGamer

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    Count me in based on the trailer
  5. Franconator

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    In the story, Yuu is a high school student, and his best friend is Haru and his childhood friend is Kotona. Through a certain incident, they travel back and forth between reality and Ni no Kuni. When Kotona's life is put in danger, the three must make "the ultimate choice."​

    Is the "ultimate choice" going to be a threesome? 'Cos you count me the fuck out right now if it isn't going to be a threesome.
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  6. kclyaine

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    Isn't this the video game that made by studio ghibli?
  7. ivoryline

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    Ghibli animated the cutscenes in the first Ni No Kuni game.
  8. commonxreaction

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    It's on Netflix, but based on the "Netflix Preview" it really looks like it has nothing to do with the actual game... like it's just "Ni no Kuni" in name alone. Has anyone watched this yet?
  9. majerror

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    There are many nods to the first game. Based on how everything played out, I'm guessing we're being led to believe that something on the order of 60-80 years have passed since then?

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