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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OmegaYami, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    What are your sources of infos and news on the anime world? I'm really curious to know...
  2. Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin Well-Known Member

    This place right here because I’m lazy AF and don’t wanna use more sites than I have to
  3. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    yeah I'm lazy too xD though I like to learn, and maybe there is lots of stuff I don't know about out there...
  4. Taek

    Taek Well-Known Member

    Posted by Taek on Jul 29, 2020
    anime news network, mainly.

    I often don't like their opinion pieces, but they're pretty on the ball with posting actual news.
  5. Vuh

    Vuh Gold Supporter

    Posted by Vuh on Jul 29, 2020
    I just read whatever people post on AP and go from there. If it has the @Gens or @ZetsubouKaiji or @Starletka, etc. Seal of Approvalthen I know it's going to be a decent work. I'm already overworked and flush with information overload as it is, so I kinda just go with the flow and use the folks on AP as pseudo-curators.
  6. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter


    And same tbh. The forum is a good source for news and opinions.
  7. femcore

    femcore Well-Known Member

    yeah AP tbh

    I don't really look up anime news except I'll occasionally be like "oh I wonder whats up with the next season of x" and find out whatever I was thinking of is never getting another season

    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    i mostly use AP database with a cross reference of whats been English dubbed (i prefer dub due to dyslexia).

    however there are a few anime youtubers i occasionally check out.

    the main youtuber i follow for anime is rageing golden eagle hes a mostly culture war and political channel and his views are pretty close to mine and so it works out that his taste in anime is fairly close to mine.
    tbh my only gripe with eagle is hes a massive ecchie fan and i'm not tho i did find inter species reviewers kinda funny
  9. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    Japan seems pretty isolated, almost "insulated" in a bubble... I have yet to find a (virtual) place in which Japanese, speaking English, directly communicate with "Westerners". It is PhD research worthy material...

    JEKYLLnHYDE Well-Known Member

    i'v spent all week trying to remember the YT channel name but there is one youtuber that is Japanese and has an English language anime channel.

    if i remember rightly he is a Japanese Australian that splits his time between the 2 counties.
    i was subscribed to him for a while but i unsubbed because his taste in anime is very different to mine.
    if i remember the channel name i'l post it up.
  11. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    thanks, that would be useful :)
  12. Jet

    Jet Active Member

    Posted by Jet on Sep 13, 2020
    There are 3 anime sites I use all the time:

    A-P obviously, coz it's where my base' at.

    Anidb, when I want to check out translation. Some upload straight to nya without notifying anidb though, but that's an extremely rare occurrence. Russian site I've been using since 03, when I want to check out absolutely ALL anime that came out ever. In a year, season or whatever else. It got a proper design and much more info than ANN too. Used to check out Japanese calendar back in the 00s too. It's the same, but they added stuff even faster (coz it's the Japanese analogue, duh), but it died ages ago apparently. Wonder, if Japanese got a new source hidden somewhere?
    I come over to MAL very rarely too, but that's to check super obscure stuff at the clubs usually. Or add something to A-P, I guess. Don't remember when I logined there last time. Must have been close to a decade by now.
  13. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    thanks, I didn't know this one
  14. InkedC

    InkedC Member

    Mainly A-P now, but sometimes I also check Anime News Network. I honestly don't have as much free time as I'd like, so I can't be looking up that many things. It's usually when something catches my eye that I look into it.
  15. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    here and CrunchyRoll is where I get my anime news. so I'm thankful to be part of a site that is updated and friendly community. it sure would be a sad day if CR deleted their forums like Funimation did.
  16. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    that's scary. To be honest, the move that some major players in the industry did (creating a Youtube channel to stream their content) is a double edged sword for similar reasons. and I am crossing fingers for things to to in the best way for us anime fans.
  17. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    one of my lawyers is an hardcore anime fan. Can it be a lawyers thing?

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