Newly redesigned "year on site" badges

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Shidira

    Shidira Well-Known Member

    I love these, thank you very much!
  2. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Well-Known Member

    Loving the sakura motif! :love:
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  3. YuuKiDBlazer

    YuuKiDBlazer New Member

    Damn these look dope! Also right on time since tomorrow marks my first year on anime-planet!
  4. Notaghost

    Notaghost New Member

    This is absolutely beautiful, thank you for the hard work!
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  5. Natsu9999

    Natsu9999 Member

  6. Warpa

    Warpa New Member

    Posted by Warpa on Apr 10, 2021
    Looks awesome. (◕‿◕✿)
  7. SinfulWun

    SinfulWun New Member

    They look great... Have I really been lurking and just updating my watched list for 13 years... time flies.
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  8. IchigoCake97

    IchigoCake97 New Member

    I love it!
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  9. NekroNeko

    NekroNeko New Member

    Nice little addition. I'm 13 years deep into this site, can't see myself ever leaving now.
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  10. marinoe

    marinoe New Member

    What a sweet suprise. 12 years for me. I like how this website develops over the years ^^
  11. Tsukushi

    Tsukushi New Member

    Love it :love::love:
  12. SeiyaManG

    SeiyaManG Bronze Supporter

    Here's hoping we'll need more than 30 year badges at some point.

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  13. Cheesestorm

    Cheesestorm New Member

    Oh wow! they're so pretty! Thanks for updating them. :)
  14. GuyOnline

    GuyOnline New Member

    This looks awesome!
  15. GPManga

    GPManga New Member

    Finally a fancy badge to go with my 13 years! Also, I love the idea of the 5 year growth cycle. Very pretty and unique.
  16. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    You got me to check my badges page for the first time in a while. :D

    I very much like the idea of a growing tree.

    Are the old-style badges gonna slowly get replaced?
  17. Vrixl

    Vrixl New Member

    Posted by Vrixl on Apr 15, 2021
    Just got my 7th year :balloon:
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  18. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    See the bottom of the announcement
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  19. alexthetrex

    alexthetrex New Member

    The new badges look great!

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