New features: "related content I haven't marked" and manga suggestions!

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A few days ago, we launched the first iteration of a new 'personal suggestions' feature, which shows you titles you might enjoy based on your anime list and recommendations other users think you'd like too.

Today, we've launched wave 2 of suggestion features, with more to come soon!

Related anime you haven't marked

Something you've requested for ages is a notification if related content gets added to the site. Now, on the anime homepage and your profile, there's a section that showcases anime related to stuff in your personal list that you haven't marked yet. Like with the other suggestions content, you can one-click 'want to watch' from the info tooltip, or can click 'not interested' to not see the anime again in suggestions content. And you can still opt-in in your profile if you'd like us to auto set status to 'won't watch' if you click 'not interested'.


New recommendations landing page

Up to this point, clicking 'Recommendations' in the main navigation for anime or manga linked to the 'recent recommendations' page. We wanted to launch a 'homepage' of sorts for recommendation content but didn't have the time before V4 went out the door.

Today we've updated the 'Recommendations' navigation to link to a new landing page - the top has a few recent recommendations (with a link to see the full table of recs - and we plan to redesign this in the future to be more visually interesting), followed by the two current types of suggestion content. Coming soon, we'll have a bunch more content here, such as random 'top loved tag' content you haven't marked, and default sections for people who aren't logged in yet or might not have a list. Also, we plan to style the landing page better in the future.


Manga suggestions!

We've also launched the corresponding manga suggestions pages for both the personal suggestions (based on your list and user recs) and 'related manga I haven't marked'! Even if you don't read much manga, check out the related manga content for anime you watch, as well (and the same is true for the related anime section - we showcase anime that are related to manga you've marked, etc)


Not many people add manga recommendations, so there might be fewer suggestions displayed on the 'suggestions for me' section. If you read manga, please help by adding manga recs! And remember that you can now add cross recommendations (anime to manga and vice versa), all of which will help fuel the personal suggestions people see!

Also, you'll probably notice that many of the manga tooltips don't have synopses - we're working on a way to get these written and filled in as quickly as possible (with the exception of current season anime, we hand-write all synopses here to ensure they are accurate, spoiler-free, and high quality)

More to come!

There's tons of stuff on the horizon, including:

-Random anime or manga you haven't marked for your fav loved tags

-A possibly redesign recs page and profile because there's starting to be a lot of content in there

-Weighted tags factoring into your personal suggestions

-A "do you agree with these recommendations?" section that shows you user recs for series you've seen, with a quick way to add your own voice to the pair

-And more!

I hope you enjoy the features! :megusta: :drinking:
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As I 'started' this thread earlier today as a placeholder, bumping so people realize this is a new post :)
Well it's not just manga,. it's also the 'related anime I haven't marked' :)
I know you said you were working on this but I didn't expect this to come out so soon. It's great! I think I'll use the "related anime you haven't marked" quite a lot (I wouldn't be surprised if my wtw list gets more than 1200 series by the end of the week xD)

It would be nice to show all the 'Related anime/manga you haven't marked'. Just put the page number and how many titles to show per page. So we don't have to refresh just to see the other titles.
Hey! Miner here! Shouldn't "related manga I haven't marked" show mangas related to marked mangas? Now it shows mangas related to anime. Maybe as an option in profile settings. Would be much more useful for me.
Hey! Miner here! Shouldn't "related manga I haven't marked" show mangas related to marked mangas? Now it shows mangas related to anime. Maybe as an option in profile settings. Would be much more useful for me.

That seems odd/like a bug. We'll investigate
We aren't able to reproduce this anymore. If anyone is still having this problem open a bug thread (locking the announce)
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